Friday, September 02, 2005


From the NYT
Troops near stadium looking like they are in Bagdad.
Desperate father holds baby over head of crowd so child won't be crushed.
Lost boy finds a friendly face, help, at the Super Dome.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel SupkisA chemical plant blew up. At first they thought is was train cars but it is the plant itself. I looked at the cloud and could instantly see, these aren't nice chemicals! Who knows how much chlorine, for example, is in it? It is yellow so I suspect, rather some!

Toxic air now is added to toxic water. The witches' brew scientists warned the government about. Bush and his slacker fellow Marie Antoinettes all solemnly swear that no one figured these things would happen. This is an errant lie. They just make up stuff, all of them, out of the loop of reality, all thinking, everyone will believe them since they got away with lying about 9/11, pretending they couldn't imagine jets hitting buildings which is just ridiculous.

These know nothings are in charge of the complex industrial/residential systems called "The United States of America". We handed our country over to a group of snickering infants who think sucking thumbs is how you deal with catastrophes. Unlike 90% of the hurricanes that hit America, mostly blasting at tourist resorts and low density suburbs, this one nailed a top industrial city that is also a major port! If such a disaster were to hit the Port of New Jersey and NYC, half of the nation would be paralyzed.

Bin Laden has been in the news. He sits there, gloating, as Bush flails around, bin Laden warned us that putting Bush in office is part of his plan and he hoped we would vote for him! Well, he belives his god is out to get us and boy. This stinks.

Anyway, he can see clearly that far from strengthening America, Bush's Homeland Security is incompetent, stupid, foolish, lying, thieves who don't give a rat's ass about saving even major cities. He rubs his hands with glee and returns his attention to the Big Target: the Port of New Jersey. You know he will nail us there. It is laughably easy thanks to Homeland Security spending money on trailers in Texas for hauling lawn tractors and fences in remote parts of Montana and Alaska. Like they will attack Alaska!

Bin Laden attacks at the heart of the countries he is attacking. Madrid. London. NYC. DC. Think he is going to do things in strategically stupid places? Think he is as dumb as our GOP leaders?


We are so doomed.

MORE NEWS: From the NYT:

To return to homepage click hereWhile some in New Orleans fault FEMA - Terry Ebbert, homeland security director for New Orleans, called it a "hamstrung" bureaucracy - others say any blame should be more widely spread. Local, state and federal officials, for example, have cooperated on disaster planning. In 2000, they studied the impact of a fictional "Hurricane Zebra"; last year they drilled with "Hurricane Pam."

Neither exercise expected the levees to fail. In an interview Thursday on "Good Morning America," President Bush said, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." He added, "Now we're having to deal with it, and will."

Some lapses may have occurred because of budget cuts. For example, Mr. Tolbert, the former FEMA official, said that "funding dried up" for follow-up to the 2004 Hurricane Pam exercise, cutting off work on plans to shelter thousands of survivors.

Brian Wolshon, an engineering professor at Louisiana State University who served as a consultant on the state's evacuation plan, said little attention was paid to moving out New Orleans's "low-mobility" population - the elderly, the infirm and the poor without cars or other means of fleeing the city, about 100,000 people.

At disaster planning meetings, he said, "the answer was often silence."
What??? Silence???? You can bet your booties these silent doodies were all white. How dare they? Protecting the vulnerable is exactly what their jobs are, isn't it? Evacuating fucking hospitals is their MANDATE. This is what they are supposed to focus on!

And what did they do with several day's warning?

Nothing. Not one hospital was emptied out. And prepared to recieve new patients from hurricane injuries. Not one. This is beyond incompetence, this is a crime. The fact that they knew they had to PLAN for this and decided, collectively, to do nothing is a CRIME. I want all the people who attended this meeting arrested.

Yeah, right. Like on 9/11, their buddies will cover for them. Fuck the dead. They want to continue to rule us and collect our money and be an army of Marie Antoinettes.

MORE NEWS: Look at the headlines at CNN: "Bush Says Response Is Not Acceptable"! BWAHAHAHA. And who, pray tell, is to blame? Will he pull an Oedipus Rex moment and realize HE is the one who flubbed up? And maybe poke his eyes out? Oh, I forgot, he isn't an ancient Greek tragic hero. He is a clown. Anyway, this fool went outside of he den, demanding more troops, eh? Huh? He just said he will send a bracing 1,400 troops to New Orleans after the Gov. of that state begged for 40,000. Sounds like Iraq all over again, doesn't it?

Arrest Bush. Impeach Bush. Heck, airdrop him into the Super Dome and have him give speeches there to the waiting crowd.

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