Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As a joke, at Atrios, we keep saying, "where is Cheney?" Well, I just found out where the Cheneys have been: house hunting. Yes, they are buying yet another house! Nearly three million Halliburton dollars worth.

They are closing today. From the Washington Post:
They've grown used to having a secretary of defense in their midst -- the way his weekend estate is tucked behind a bend in the road, how he takes casual walks tailed by dark SUVs. Now, residents of this Eastern Shore retreat are preparing for someone even bigger to buy a house down the road: the vice president.

"I'd heard it was going to close either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week," Carroll Hurley, a funeral home owner, said Saturday, seated with his breakfast gang at the Carpenter Street saloon and restaurant.
All this is TOP SECRET. The Cheneys and their mouth pieces are saying nothing but it is pretty certain, this is what these ghouls are planning to do today, right in the midst of a terrible tragedy that they have not made a single comment about.

Babs Bush blurted out that my, oh, my---it is terrible that those...people are moving to Houston, they really want to live in old Houston, aren't they lucky a hurricane blew them there, but, please don't stay, ya'll.

Then there was the gov. of Texas refusing refugees: From Mercury News:
Federal officials have taken over the Texas airlift of Hurricane Katrina refugees to other states, but the tide of the evacuation into Texas has slowed down and no planes had left by Monday.

Gov. Rick Perry, speaking to reporters in San Antonio, said he agrees that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is the appropriate arm of the government to be in charge of the effort to relocate evacuees to other states.

But he said that if he were in charge, those planes might be in the sky sooner.

"If I were a dictator, I might do things on a different timetable, but I'm not and I understand and I respect that," said Perry, who toured emergency shelters set up on the former Kelly Air Force Base. "We're going to do everything we can to have these individuals ready to go when the call come.
You know that if these guys really were dictators, the victims of this hurricane would find themselves in concentration camps with "Arbeit Macht Frei" signs.

I am outraged the Washington Post isn't hammering the Cheneys for their Marie Antoinette attitude. Of course, the WP didn't hammer Bubble Boy Bush or Cinderella Condi or Run Away Rummy or Chertoff the Jerkoff, either! The fact that the Vice President is coolly buying a very expensive vacation mansion the same week over a million Americans lost their homes and are literally cast adrift...boggles the mind in particular since these two cannibals, Lynne and Dick, have said and done absolutely nothing. Nada. Not so much a peep!

Behold our leaders!

Bush is running around, scared, because people yelled at him in private. He is hoping to salvage something from all this mess so he can pass the huge estate tax elimination so the Cheney girls can inherit a fortune and three mansions. Gads, they need this like we need a hole in the roof of the Super Dome!

The media whore chorus, which has peeped up a tiny bit, due to alarm over what they have inadvertently witnessed, bring up this matter. The WP used this article as a "ha, ha" article. Fondly talking about how wonderful it is, the ruling elite hang out together and sometimes buys stuff from the local peons who pull off their caps and smile as they act as servitors to the powerful.

This same week, the NYT ran a three page article written by this lunatic woman who was whining that her rich mother-in-law expected her to pick up after herself when visiting the vacation mansion in upstate NY! The whinny tiny Marie Antoinette in training was miserable because after cleaning up the kitchen and helping with chores, she couldn't be the mistress of the house so long as that dragon making her do this was alive! If you want to be nauseated, here is the stupid article: From the NYT:
We had made ourselves very much at home, and even though we weren't footing the bills - my mother-in-law was doing that - we felt and acted as though the place actually belonged to us. As far as we were concerned, it seemed like a win-win for everybody. We got a lovely weekend home that we didn't have to pay for, and she got a worry-free and potentially lucrative real estate investment and a place to gather with her family on holidays.

THAT fall my mother-in-law arrived and, deciding the house needed some work, embarked upon an ambitious renovation that included creating a master bedroom and bath on the first floor (which required boarding up the center hall) as well as adding a spacious kitchen and family room onto the back of the house. It was perhaps in the midst of these pricey home improvements that she changed her mind about having my husband and me in charge of the farm. Without warning or explanation, she started calling all the shots. Of course, she had every right to do so - the farm never was ours for the taking - but we felt as if she had snatched back the keys to the kingdom.
Really, some people need to have their spoiled butts whipped.

We are seeing the death of the Great Housing Bubble. Prices are already teetering. The millions displaced by the hurricane aren't going to make things better since they have to relocate to where there are jobs. And the job situation is going to be bad. For a huge number of typhoons have hit China and Japan this year, one is raging over Japan today, we ignore this, we have been ignoring a lot lately, focused on ourselves. Even as Bush accepts aid from poor countries today, his VP is buying a very expensive mansion instead of donating to the poor, himself. What sort of example is this? Are the Cheneys going to have the people of Bangladesh save New Orleans while they redecorate which chandeliers they want hanging in the garages? Huh?

From the NYT:
Well, live by the pitch, die by the pitch. When you campaign as the man on the mound, the great leader whose arm rescues Americans in their moment of need, they expect you to deal with a hurricane, too.

Mr. Bush made a lot of mistakes last week, but most of his critics are making an even bigger one now by obsessing about what he said and did.
Noble of him to tell us we can't depend on our leaders! You know, courtiers like Tierney were put on the scaffold, too. And I can see why. Chop!

Earth to NYT editors: get rid of this man. He is obviously a psychopath. He makes Safire look sane. And Safire ain't sane.

Asia can't pay for our recklessness forever. The $100 billion needed to fix the mess this year has to come from somewhere and seeing how our government is bent on coddling themselves while killing the citizenry, people who hold our bonds in trust won't trust us much longer.

They see a sinking ship! Think the million refugees without homes, hope or money, will sit idle for the next five years? I have seen a city burn! It can happen in an eyeblink!

They really don't take this crisis seriously. One gets the feeling that they are hurrying to get over this "hump" so they can get back to work, stealing from us, cutting taxes and obligations and basically, leaving us to fend for ourselves. They want to convince us that we can do it alone! I remember when Huffington, years ago, when she was a GOP flake, giving a speech on NPR about how locals should save locals, ie, the rich people of Palm Beach will care for THEIR poor and the poor in Newark could take care of their own poor.

This anti-christian ethos has been put into everything the GOP touches. They are frantically trying to push off responsiblity for the victims of the hurricane, for example, as fast as humanly possible.

We better push them off of us as fast as humanly possible. Arrest Chertoff. Impeach Bush and Cheney!

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