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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My personal nightmare is America opening concentration camps. We now are seeing this happen, this very day. Please go to this link and read it carefully. Above Top Secret. The site looks crazy but this story is not crazy at all. It is well documented. Including many photographs. Everything rings true, alas.

How do I know?

Well, through my dad. He was an OSS/ONI officer in WWII operating in the German theater. And he ended up opening up not one but three concentration camps, in one, literally stopping the crematorium gas jets. When I went to Germany in 1968, tracking down witnesses to learn about what happened to him there, I discovered he was very famous there. I learned a great deal of what happened to him from all these former Nazis, survivors of the camps and government officials as well as Stasi agents.

On the anniversary of the liberation of Dachau, I represented my dad. I picked up a large bundle of daffodils and roses to lay and took the train from Munich to Dachau. But at the station there, I suddenly decided to enter the way my father entered: from across the farmlands. So instead of being bussed to the site, I walked. It was a lovely spring day. I crossed the newly plowed fields. "I can never eat cabbage again," one Jewish person told me once. As I approached it, the crematorium was the first thing I saw.

"There was this stream of foul smelling black smoke rising from a squat chimney," my father told me once. "I could smell it from far away and wondered what it meant. It smelled like a great battle had happened." As I got nearer, I walked around to the iron gates.

"Arbeit Macht Frei" it said.

When I entered, I fell apart. I stood in the Kommandant's office, weeping, remembering what my father went through that day. His sorrow and terror and rage.

A gentle hand on my shoulder. "Darf ich Sie hilfen?" asked a wrinkled old man. I sobbed out who I was. "Dein Vater!" He knew my father, in a torrent, he told me many things while I held onto him. He was one of the curators of the site, a survivor who lost his entire family there and lived there to honor them.

"Take me to the crematorium, I must lay the flowers," I said.

It was harrowing.

I almost couldn't make it back out. Now to explain how these camps came to be and why they became such horrors: the first camp to open was the last one my dad freed: Buchenwald. Reeducating leftists. They were "reeducated" there. Then in two years, editors and dissidents and rich Jews were interned there. Many of the Jews were allowed to flee Germany after signing over to the Gestapo all they owned so there would be legal papers. It was still not very full.

When WWII began, the camps filled to overflowing. As people entered, the Nazis had a processing problem as well as health problems so they solved them by starting the infamous "Final Solution" which was to murder as fast as possible the people herded into these camps.

It took 8 years to evolve!

One of my relatives ran such a camp. He was humane in the beginning but soon they overwhelmed him with a tidal wave of people. When they started executing them, he protested to Hitler himself, figuring he didn't know what was going on.

He was allowed to "retire" because he was a Iron Cross hero from WWI. The whole thing made him so sad, when he met my dad. The Meinel on the other side of the war. "Madness. It was all just verruckt". I tried and tried to understand how the Nazis could get all of Germany to allow this to happen.

One thing is very important here: ALL THE MAIN CAMPS WERE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. Oh, the beautiful, buccolic setting of these camps! The Nazis would tell their victims, they were leaving the cities which were being bombed or deteriorating badly and would enjoy safe, quiet, charming accomodations in the countryside!!!!!!

I feel sick.

Deep into WWII when conditions even for the best off were falling apart, all attempts at fooling people collapsed and snarling dogs, machine guns and screaming guards simply killed anyone who tried to evade the trains and they were shipped brutally to where ever.

At the end, the Nazis kept these death trains going and going even as my father arrived in his beat up jeep. The last train to Buchenwald arrived a few minutes before he did! It is all too horrible to think about but we must. I knew as a child, we must.

I lived at a military secret facility. My mother blew up one day when the military treated her, the wife of a top scientist, one of the Fathers of the American Space Program as if she were a prisoner of war. So she moved us out. But I played around barbed wire fences with German shepards and armed guards and sweeping lights at night on the perimeter (we played dodge with them!). We lived in a Quonset hut there.

Wasn't the Ritz! The real point here is the military does what they do: confine and control people. Note how harsh I am about these things. I know where this road leads!

We are in a crisis now, not just the loss of a major city, the homeless horror of a million people, amazing! We are seeing why Bush and Chertoff and that crew wanted to keep Padillo held in prison, in ISOLATION for YEARS without any charge. No trial, no visits, no real attorneys, no news, his name not mentioned. I mention him a lot because he is the canary in the mine! If they can "disappear" him like the Nazi "Nacht und Nebel" then we are screwed because he can disappear you and me and falling silent and not reading my blog won't save you.

For the only way to stop this is to yell...a lot. Call all your representatives. Make copies of this story, mine and the one I linked to! I am storing it on hard copy at my house. I once found a story about Bush going to the military training grounds four years ago to watch "crowd control" at work and what it was, soldiers coming in and KILLING EVERYONE. Bush stood on a dais and LAUGHED. I got a friend to publish this and the story was pulled by Associated Press! But we got it on the web in time.

This is how they operate: any leaks they plug. We have to leak faster than they plug! And this is a historic moment. These camps can be fine temporary places for a few DAYS while people are processed out to other parts othe country into private apartments and homes! With welfare and health benefits! But my soul knows we won't do this because we have no money unless we tax the rich.

And Bush wants to cut taxes more. comes the storm. The one I feared all my life. The battle for the heart and soul of America. I do not want to see some German fighting for the UN come into towns, like my dad, yelling, "What is this! Tell me now! How can you not know what is going on here?"

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