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Thank you, Mark Robinowitz! Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tuesday, in the afternoon, here is the photo of Bush singing "My Pet Goat". Everyone around him is laughing. He is having a great old time with everyone fawning on him even as his polls are plummeting. He knows, they go up during disasters even if he is a total goof off! The press will cater to him, as always! Just four days earlier, he ordered Frist to tell everyone the number one issue this fall is tax cuts for the rich.

Murdoch, owner of Fox TV, is a dual citizen which means he tends to be a traitor, not an American. He conspires with Bush to keep people deluded. He has kids and lots of money. So he is not going to ditch Bush and the GOP despite falling ratings and people turning away from his media, he will stick to Bush like glue. He doesn't care if America burns down. He was made a "citizen" only to gain monopoly powers. But he doesn't love our country. Wave that flag!

My family came here in 1650. We created America. One thing we were very set upon from day one, being refugees from the ire of the Crown, that America after the revolution should not have British subjects running us. Anyone who came from overseas had to RENOUNCE THEIR LOYALTIES and take a solemn oath to defend and protect...America ONLY. Period.

Our system is now filled with dual citizenship people who work day and night...for other countries. This has to be stopped. Now.

Is that
ike Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows this morning. One of his themes was that the particular pattern of events in New Orleans--a major hurricane and a subsequent flood due to breached levees--was an "ultra-catastrophe" for which nobody could have planned.
On Face the Nation, he said this:

Secretary MICHAEL CHERTOFF (Department of Homeland Security): Well, this was not
just one catastrophe. It was actually two catastrophes. There was a hurricane of force 4 which
slammed into Louisiana, slammed into Mississippi, caused enormous destruction. The
hurricane started to depart the area on Monday, and then Tuesday morning the levee broke
and the water started to flood into New Orleans. So the initial operation, to rescue people based
on the hurricane, was all of a sudden complicated by the fact that we now had an ongoing flood
situation which prevented resupply operations.
SCHIEFFER: Well, doesn't this have--mean that you're going to--at the very least going to
have to start over on planning for things of this kind? I mean, the president said the results are
unacceptable. I think a lot of people around the country would use even stronger language.

Sec. CHERTOFF: I think that the lesson of this hurricane, which we will clearly look at as we
go over an after-action evaluation, is going to be very valuable in moving forward. I mean, this
was an ultra-catastrophe, but we have to be prepared even for ultra-catastrophes, even things
that happen once in a lifetime and once in a generation. So, yes, we will be studying that.
Bloggers, stepping in where whore reporters are ordered not to tread, continue to document the obvious lies this Israeli citizen entrusted with saving Americans spouts. So, just five days ago, this traitor talked about how he is aware of the dikes and has plans for if they are breeched and then today, pretends he had no idea.

Last year, Chertoff had a drill for New Orleans in the case of dikes breaking:
Terror Drill to Include Variety of Groups
Organizations from the Navy to BellSouth on Wednesday will hold the first Purple Crescent exercise, designed to test the region s'ability to protect public services and utilities, and prepare for their reaction to terrorist attacks.

Sponsored by the Gulf Coast Regional Partnership for Infrastructure Security, a nonprofit group, the "tabletop" exercise is based on fictitious attacks and the subsequent disruption of various public services such as electrical power and telecommunications.

Purple Crescent will be held in the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Information Technology Center at the Lakefront and is closed to the public. Participants include the Coast Guard, Harbor Police, U.S. Secret Service, and local, state and federal agencies and private companies.

Here is the scenario that Purple Crescent modeled, according to an article that appeared in the New York Times Magazine on February 8, 2004:
Paula Scalingi, the former director of the Department of Energy's Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection, now works as a consultant running disaster-preparedness exercises. Last year she helped organize ''Purple Crescent'' in New Orleans, an exercise that modeled a terrorist strike against the city's annual Jazz and Heritage Festival. The simulation includes a physical attack but also uses a worm unleashed by the terrorists designed to cripple communications and sow confusion nationwide. The physical attack winds up flooding New Orleans; the cyberattack makes hospital care chaotic. ''They have trouble communicating, they can't get staff in, it's hard for them to order supplies,'' she says.
They weren't caught by surprize. It is interesting that the drill was to keep communications open...but only if there were a terrorist attack. I will note that FEMA cut the communications headquarters in Mississippi forcing the parish executive to post armed guards around it to keep FEMA out!

Is FEMA a terrorist organization? Sounds about right.


From the NYT:

While rescuers were still trying to reach people stranded by the floods, perhaps the only consensus among local, state and federal officials was that the system had failed.

Some federal officials said uncertainty over who was in charge had contributed to delays in providing aid and imposing order, and officials in Louisiana complained that Washington disaster officials had blocked some aid efforts.

Local and state resources were so weakened, said Michael Chertoff, the homeland security secretary, that in the future federal authorities need to take "more of an upfront role earlier on, when we have these truly ultracatastrophes."

But furious state and local officials insisted that the real problem was that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which Mr. Chertoff's department oversees, failed to deliver urgently needed help and, through incomprehensible red tape, even thwarted others' efforts to help.
Hi ho, I remember after 9/11 when Chertoff created the monster, "Patriot Act" and then later, when he was put in charge of Homeland Security after Ridge turned it into a plum pudding for goofy right wing Republicans to buy toys, he was going to fix everything. He was going to be the point man for security. No one was going to sit at the desk, goofing off! He was going to run us efficiently.

Too bad he didn't care enough to make any phone calls or make any orders when hell broke loose. After all, he isn't a full American and although born in NJ, he really didn't love America that much and went off to get citizenship in another country which he obviously loves much more than this place.
In one of several such appeals, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, called on President Bush on Sunday to appoint an independent national commission to examine the relief effort. She also said that she intends to introduce legislation to remove FEMA from the Department of Homeland Security and restore its previous status as an independent agency with cabinet-level status.

Mr. Chertoff tried to deflect the criticism of his department and FEMA by saying there would be time later to decide what went wrong.

"Whatever the criticisms and the after-action report may be about what was right and what was wrong looking back, what would be a horrible tragedy would be to distract ourselves from avoiding further problems because we're spending time talking about problems that have already occurred," he told Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" on NBC.
NOW can we deport him? Seriously! He doesn't want to talk about what is wrong but he is all over the place...defending his traitorous ass? Why was he even on "Meet the Prostitutes?" Eh? He could have told them, he is too busy. As one frustrated mayor said, "Stop holding press conferences and get off your asses!"

I remember when Bush and Chertoff decided to go to DC finally. They held meetings that looked remarkably relaxed. Sitting there, chatting, everyone was sitting, not rushing around, doing things. Hardly any papers on the table. They then moseyed into the Rose Garden to pose for photos. Then they did more photos. Then photo ops down South, then more photo ops. I had tons of photos to use for cartoons!
In a clear slap at Mr. Chertoff and the FEMA director, Michael D. Brown, Governor Blanco announced Saturday that she had hired James Lee Witt, the director of FEMA during the Clinton administration, to advise her on the recovery.

Nearly every emergency worker told agonizing stories of communications failures, some of them most likely fatal to victims. Police officers called Senator Landrieu's Washington office because they could not reach commanders on the ground in New Orleans, Mr. Sharp said.

Dr. Ross Judice, chief medical officer for a large ambulance company, recounted how on Tuesday, unable to find out when helicopters would land to pick up critically ill patients at the Superdome, he walked outside and discovered that two helicopters, donated by an oil services company, had been waiting in the parking lot.

Louisiana and New Orleans have received a total of about $750 million in federal emergency and terrorism preparedness grants in the last four years, Homeland Security Department officials said.

Mr. Chertoff said he recognized that the local government's capacity to respond to the disaster was severely compromised by the hurricane and flood.

"What happened here was that essentially, the demolishment of that state and local infrastructure, and I think that really caused the cascading series of breakdowns," he said.

But Mayor Nagin said the root of the breakdown was the failure of the federal government to deliver relief supplies and personnel quickly.

"They kept promising and saying things would happen," he said. "I was getting excited and telling people that. They kept making promises and promises."
All dictators do the same thing: in an attempt to control events, they won't let others act in emergencies. This is a classic case. Bush and Chertoff, co-conspiritors in turning America into another country's mercenary force in the Middle East, couldn't let govenors of any American state get their hands on the National Guard who are doing Israel's work keeping the Muslims down in Iraq.

Normally, if a Govenor wanted the National Guard, the guard in his or her state would report to the Govenor and do the Govenor's bidding! So in the beginning, on a critical day, Chertoff and Bush decided not to do this because if they gave up control, the Govenor could order Mississippi's and Louisiana's NG troops home!
Israel has new homes for all the "displaced" settlers...paid by Americans who gave Israel another $10 billion for this!
The Homeland Security Department
spent the past four years focused on averting the next terrorist attack and was unprepared to decisively respond to the overwhelming devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, former officials and experts say.

The agency, created after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was still struggling days after Katrina battered the Gulf Coast to coordinate federal rescue and relief efforts and communicate with emergency workers on the ground. The fractured federal response left critics questioning whether the department is prepared to deal with the aftermath of a terror attack.

"I can't tell you that we're lock, stock and ready to go," said former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Adm. James Loy, who left the department earlier this year. He called the issue "a very, very legitimate question," and said the agency's front-burner issue has been preventing and preparing a response to terrorism.
Wrong. They spent these four years building a castle to protect themselves. Bush and Cheney and Homeland Security spent millions building huge bomb shelters for themselves, preparing for the possibility of a nuclear attack! While they told us to go shopping, they were busy, digging deep holes and securing them. They now have a huge system set up to protect THEM in the case their war goes awry. I will note that Bush got the dictator of Pakistan to visit Israel to pledge alligence to Sharon and his country almost blew up in rage.

Today, gun battles rage in Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda fighting. Oil money is pouring into Saudi Arabia and of course, the fighting over who controls this rages.
The devastation left in Katrina's wake stretches over 90,000 square miles — a potentially larger area than anything terrorists could effect with anything but the most lethal of weapons, Homeland Security officials said.

"I think we have to plan for both" terror attacks and natural disasters, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said. He said the big problem with Katrina was that a catastrophic storm was followed by an equally devastating breaching of New Orleans' levees, swamping the city.

"I think the problem is we had two events that have been hypothesized that occurred simultaneously," Chertoff said Saturday. "And I guess that does, you know, indicate that at some level with all of the planning and all of resources, if a truly catastrophic event, if an ultra-catastrophe occurs, there's going to be some harmful fallout."
Yeah, harmful fallout indeed. If a nuke goes off.

Every expert said for years that a big hurricane would breech the dikes. Acting as if these two events are unrelated and couldn't be foreseen is a lie. This foreigner running our security looks like a talking skull. His face reeks of death. I joked about it when he was chosen. "So, they found Skeletor," I remarked. The sentence I highlighted makes no sense at all. His drawled, "you know," is like some bimbo from LA scratching her wig, wondering what was wrong. "Like, you know, who would have guessed this would happen, you know?" is what lazy high schoolers say.
In January, Homeland Security issued a national response plan combining disaster relief programs from at least 12 agencies to ensure streamlined assistance to state and local authorities. It also conducted several studies of New Orleans' vulnerability to hurricanes and other emergencies that would be worsened by its water-bound location and weak levees.
Obviously, there is no excuse.
"The federal government is the protector of last resort. Dispassionately, that is where responsibility lies," said Prieto, research director for the homeland security partnership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

"I think this really points out how far we have to go, even after 9/11, even though there was knowledge of this storm coming," Prieto said.

But William Parrish, who formerly held a number of Homeland Security senior positions, said now is not the time to point fingers.
Ass covered, SIR! This fool has to make sure he isn't attacked by Bush so he joins the "don't point your finger at the criminals, they are busy," crap. When a crime is happening, you ID the criminals and arrest them!

And we are in the middle of a crime. The crime is the callous death of helpless people! If a mother lets her children drown in a bathtub, she is ARRESTED. If a mother leaves a child in a car on a hot day and the child dies, she is ARRESTED. They don't say, "She has to do the laundry and cook dinner so we will wait." They arrest her!

This is why finger pointing is vital right now not next year or ten years from now! You can bet, the "bipartisan" commission will announc they aren't out to see anyone fired or arrested, they just want to fix things.

WELL...we saw the same slack jawed, goofing off, silly faced, clueless, callus, vicious indifferences we saw on 9/11. The people who need to be fixed are those who are running America. They are all traitors and criminals. They have blood on their hands and should be handed over to the Hague for their war crimes and then tried domestically for their depraved indifference.

Here is traitor Chertoff warning us on Voice of America:
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is warning Americans to be prepared for what he calls an "ugly scene" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The secretary's comments referred to the flooded city of New Orleans, where receding waters are revealing corpses of victims, which officials say could number in the thousands.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said there will be more grisly signs of Katrina's devastation in the days to come.

"I think we need to prepare the country for what's coming," Chertoff says. "What's going to happen when we de-water and remove the water from New Orleans is, we are going to uncover people who have died, maybe hiding in houses, got caught by the flood, people whose remains are going to be found in the streets. There is going to be pollution. It is going to be about as ugly a scene as you can imagine."

He spoke on "Fox News Sunday
Dual citizen Chertoff on dual citizen Murdoch's TV. Yup. Skeletor warning us things will "look ugly." Well...duh! Since our government refused to save anyone before the hurricane, the lame, the halt, the poor and elderly as well as babies, died! Incredible. I recall Bush pretending he is a Christian! Well, I suspect Jesus will have quite a few words with him when he meets his Maker. From Voice of America
"We're going to go back and look at the entirety of this experience, as unprecedented as it was, at the appropriate time," Chertoff says. "But as I've said earlier, we are in the middle of the experience. We are in the middle of the emergency. We've got a lot to do in the next hours, days, weeks and months. We're going to get focused forward because, if we don't, then we're going to start having problems in the future."

After nearly a week of chaos following last Monday's storm, Mr. Chertoff added that the federal government is now in control of New Orleans.
We are in control! Hahaha. He is focused on going forwards! Don't look back at this traitor's failures! Follow him forwards! Hup, hup! It is interesting to see how these clueless clowns, Rummy and Bush and where is Cheney?--and Homeland Security and Cinderella Rice, all taking pains to tell us, as if we haven't figured out days ago, that this is a horrible situation!

It certainly is. Arrest them all. Elementary school teachers could do a better job running our country. I know my teachers would have!
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