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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Failure can lead to success. Bush "won the trifecta" when he let our economy slide into a hole, let attackers succeed in attacking our cities and the Pentagon and then had a war. Each time he recited this joke, he and his followers would laugh sardonically just like when he and the National Press Corps laughed like hyenias when he did his, "No WMD here!" jokes. Haha.

Now he has graduated into ever greater trifectual victories. Each one, characterized by his inability to lead or do anything sane, has not only been fully supported by the military but indeed, they work hand in hand, killing off the CIA and FEMA and any other competing entity including destroying utterly the National Guard and then shipping them off to other nations, to erode to nothingness.

Why is this happening?

Well, my belief is, this is all quite deliberate. Like on 9/11, when the WTC buildings disintigrated, this surpized everyone. It wasn't planned, the plan was for general chaos and fear, not total destruction. Ditto the Pentagon attacks which, fortunately for the military, ended up tagging the most reinforced, least occupied side of the complex.

With hurricane Katrina, they didn't expect so many dead or screaming survivors. So they had to scramble to look as if they cared, as if they wanted to save people. Too many=someone arresting these goons. Click here for a video by the Legendary K.O. and Black Lantern.

All the goofy politicians who are the supporting cast of this show, "You're Fucked," have to cover their slime trails fast. The media is helping now, minimizing the situation, soothing furrowed brows. From Nedra Pickler of Associated Press:
"The nightmare that we all have is that, God forbid, there's a terrorist attack of some kind on a major American city that requires evacuation without warning," said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn.

"We need to be better prepared," Lieberman, the top Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said on CNN's "Late Edition."

President Bush has ordered the Homeland Security Department to review disaster plans for every major metropolitan area. Experts say the slow pace of evacuations in Houston and New Orleans show the need for changes to get people out of harm's way in a more urgent emergency.

"You have to accept the possibility that a major portion of the people will be left behind," said Roger Cressey, a former anti-terrorism official in the Clinton and Bush administrations. "You may have to write some of them off in far larger numbers than people realize."

Cressey said the answer is not simply giving local governments more money to improve emergency operation plans.

Lawmakers said they plan to address the issue.

"You would think four years after 9/11 with billions of dollars spent to improve our emergency preparedness that the response to Katrina would be far crisper, far better coordinated and not marred by failures at all levels of government," said GOP Sen. Susan Collins (news, bio, voting record) of Maine, who heads the Senate Homeland Security Committee.
The asleep at the wheel Congress got together to vote special legislation for a brain dead woman, for asserting we all love Gold Star Mothers who aren't called "Cindy" and to vote for highway pork. But they, like our other rulers, can't be too interested in protecting Americans. That isn't part of the plan. Now that they, too, are caught in the spot light, they will pretend to care and hold meetings and hearings.
Local preparations vary and in some cases are nonexistent:

_New York City officials plan to rely heavily on mass transit to get people out of the city.

_Los Angeles officials concede they don't have proper plans for a mass evacuation or shelter for those who are left homeless by an earthquake or terrorist attack.

_Washington had a mass evacuation drill after this year's Independence Day fireworks on the National Mall, which revealed some glitches that officials say they are working to fix.

_Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has ordered officials in her state to identify by name everyone likely to be bypassed in an evacuation.

_Milwaukee leaders realized they have misplaced their evacuation plan, devised during the Cold War.
You know, the plan during much of the Cold War was for people to curl up in a fetal position with their arms around their heads and kiss their asses goodbye. During the Cold War, my family lived always on the very edge of the city like in Tucson, near the mountain passes so we could high tail it over Seven Falls and the other side of Rincon mountain. No worries about traffic, we were the last house before the open desert.

In DC, two story 50 year+ old brick firehouses have "Nuclear Shelter" signs on them. Supposedly, this is where thousands should flee. Cheney and Bush spent $600+ million the last three years building elaborate nuclear bomb shelters for themselves and for their buddies. I suppose, Rove will spend Chinese loans afterwards to rebuild.

From the Washington Post
Bush mulls lead role for military in disasters
U.S. President George W. Bush said on Sunday that Congress ought to consider giving the U.S. military the lead role in responding to natural disasters, as he heard one general describe the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort as a "train wreck."

Bush spent the last three days monitoring Hurricane Rita's high winds and flooding from military bases and emergency centers in Colorado, Texas and Louisiana. The president, whose poll numbers have slumped to new lows, was widely criticized over the slow federal response to Katrina.

His meetings with military brass and disaster coordinators were aimed at showing hands-on approach to Rita -- in contrast to when Katrina struck on August 29 and he was in Arizona and California pitching his Medicare prescription drug benefit.

But in his sixth Gulf Coast tour, Bush steered clear of visiting devastated areas or meeting with displaced victims, saying he did not want to disrupt the relief effort.

Maj. Gen. John White, who briefed Bush at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, urged him to create a national plan for large-scale disasters like Katrina.
This is what the end of democracy looks like. We are watching it unfold thanks to large scale deliberate bad work. As Bush and Congress and our local leaders all drop one dish after another, oh, those butter fingered babies!---they all look innocently at us and say, "We can't handle things, we want a strong leader, a strong organization, the military, to rule us so we won't have messy democracy that won't work, HAIL CAESAR. HEIL HITLER."

And they will egg us into rushing to whoever has been chosen by our shadowy rulers.

When Congress was spooked into passing Homeland Security which is a direct translation of the Nazi words for the same sort of thing, It was to take all our agencies like the FBI and CIA and ONI and DARPA and the military and make them one big fat controlling machine that would protect us all.

The Patriot Act had only one function: to destroy the Constitution. If all the "elected" officials signed onto this and the courts upheld this, then the structure for the coming military dictatorship is legal. Like Nazi laws. Padillo was arrested only as a test case to see if the courts and more importantly, the media and the people would OK this elimination of the Constitution.

It has worked, so far.

The military has deliberately fucked up their invasions conducted for and with the leadership of civilian powers. Showing how inept and foolish civilians are, they fail at the simplest chores. Note that Homeland Security was handed over to an obvious nimcompoop who isn't even a full citizen anymore, a man of divided loyalites. This is part of the insure he would be awful. At every level, people who are utterly incompetent as well as inappropriate are selected whether it be ambassadors at the UN or trade representatives, this can't be accidental.

It is part of the Plan. The Atlantic Monthly ran an article seven years ago predicted that due to wild spending, tax cuts and incompetence, the American people will be forced to seek a Savior and the military would provide or choose this Savior. Like the Roman Empire. To save us from whatever.

It dosen't matter to them, really.
Putting the military in a lead role would sideline FEMA,which now works with local and state officials to coordinate disaster response.

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, expressed reticence about that approach on CNN's "Late Edition."

Landrieu said the military has a strong role to play "but so do our governors and our local elected officials."

"I mean we do have a democracy and a citizenship that has elected mayors, county commissioners and governors particularly. I'm not sure the governors association or all the mayors in America would be willing to step aside," she said.
The fact that a private "security" company was brought into an American city purely to disarm the citizens and the NRA stayed silent all the while, they experimented with the disarmament of citizens, this action was designed to void the Second Amendment. It worked. When the NRA woke up and spoke to Bush, he cancelled the exercise and seemingly retreated but it wasn't necessary to carry it out, the probe worked. Circumventing the Constititution, Homeland Secruity, state and city governments, there was no outcry in the press or the people. Just quiet agreements to keep up appearances. The photos of private paramilitary corporate entities smashing down doors, submachineguns engaged, all to disarm Americans, were a little too much too soon.

I know my NRA friends were very spooked by all that. I warned them for years, "Your collection of pop guns will be worthless if our rulers suddenly and capriciously decide it is time to disarm you. The key to control is in the military." Indeed, this is why they are hiring mercenaries both in the miiitary and private corporate armies. Americans, chased out of our own military by ridiculous and specious wars, will soon be dependent on aliens for our protection.

Schwarzenegger is part of this scheme, like Hitler, his ideal, was an alien in Germany, and alien, like Chertoff has voluntarily become when he chose to become an Israeli, aliens who have pledged alligance to alien flags, elevated to positions of power, pretending to be strong willed, powerful protectors. A native American who believes in this country and wants to sincerely protect the citizens is not good. That person won't ruthlessly enforce the Fascist rules of ordnung. An alien won't mind killing off "excess" populations, the poor, the elderly, the sick, babies.

Here is a Nazi poster trying to egg citizens of Germany into murdering the sick:
It says basically, why spend all that money on genetic defectives? Indeed, the Holocaust started with these people.

From The World Peace Herald:
Robert Richer, the outgoing No. 2 official in the CIA's clandestine service, made an unusual appearance at a closed session of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday to answer questions about how his concern over a lack of leadership at the agency triggered his retirement, The Washington Post reported. *snip*On Sept. 14, Richer gave Goss a blunt assessment of his tenure and urged him to demonstrate leadership that senior career officials could rally behind.

"Rob laid at his doorstep, in a collegial way, that Goss is out of touch," said one officer whose identity is protected by law. "It fell on deaf ears," the officer said.
Another civilian who is "out of touch" and shows little leadership. Hahaha.

You think the CIA will be run by me? I could do it. Of course, much of it would be to eliminate most of their dirty work which is pretty much what it is all about anyway. Our problem is diplomatic as well as philisophical. We don't love freedom and democracy nor did we ever want to spread it around. We wanted safety and control.

Who can run any spook organization and sleep at night? I know first hand, it drives people nuts unless they are psychopaths or criminals.

Germany decided to follow the psychopaths selected by the industrialists and the military. We all know how that turned out.

Never again, right?

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