Wednesday, September 28, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

House Majority Leader Tom Delay Indicted
Texas v. Colyandro, et al.
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U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay is indicted by a Texas grand jury on criminal conspiracy charges relating to a campaign finance probe.

(September 28, 2005)
Here are the official documents. DeLay is to go on trial. He has to resign not only as whip of the House but from the House entirely. Period. He is toast. He is burned toast. Like all Mafia style bosses, the GOP leadership are all criminals, Bush is a multi-arrested criminal, they will all go down on technicalities and not mass/serial murder, financial criminal actions and treason.

Especially treason. This is the "hang them by the neck" type treason. They not only allowed foreign nationals to attack us, they conspired to stampede us into an illegal war by lying and cheating and then sold us to the communist Chinese to pay for not only the war but tax cuts for their buddies! If this isn't all treason, I don't know what it is. Spying on America? Heck, the entire neo-con network works for foreign governments and extra-legal organizations that don't serve America!

Bankrupting America deliberately as well as deliberately doing nothing when disaster strikes: this is a crime. We have enough evidence that it wasn't mere bungling, after all, the ring leader himself, after being told of all the dead recently said, "What went wrong? I think everying is going great."

These criminals and traitors have handed the keys to our military, our diplomatic corps, our banks, our very homes into the hands of potential enemies and rivals.

Right now, the criminals who are co-conspiring with this gang are fighting over the money we are going to shower upon New Orleans and the Gulf. Everyone ones their piece of this pie and all are refusing to pay federal taxes and indeed, conspire to prevent us from making them pay taxes on the money they are making off of us which is why we are going bankrupt rapidly.

All these people, all the corporate entities that pay money into and support the criminal gang destroying America are traitors. Period. All of them that are outsourcing jobs, sending military orders to other nations are traitors. They are all driving us into hock with foreign powers and this is what traitors do. This isn't all accidental, they actively worked to pass laws and bills that would produce this result. These same traitors tried to impeach Clinton over the silliest blow job on earth all because he didn't co-conspire with them to outsource our jobs, ship our infrastructure to China and run up huge bills and make them all pay taxes fairly.

So let's enjoy the come-uppance of this gang but remember, last time we cleaned house completely was during the Great Depression.

This isn't going to be a joy ride. Alas.

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