Monday, September 12, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Americans are totally unaware of this but yet another powerful typhoon hit China. The government successfully evacuated a million people! From Xinhuanet:
China no longer regards the death toll in natural disasters and relevant materials as state secrets, reversing a practice that has lasted for years, a government spokesman said Monday.

  "Declassification of these figures and materials will facilitate our disaster relief work and also ensure the people's right to know," said Shen Yongshe, spokesman of the National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets.

He said at a press conference that the administration and the Ministry of Civil Affairs have jointly issued a document on declassifying such figures and materials both at national and provincial levels from August 2005.

"Previous stipulations that classify related information as confidential are abolished accordingly," he said.

Shen said that the old practice was adopted in line with the historical conditions the country faced in the past. As China continues to deepen reform and improve its disaster relief work, keeping the death toll as state secret conforms to neither the need to develop the country's disaster relief work nor the practice widely adopted by the international community.

"Declassification of such information is conducive to boosting our disaster prevention and relief work," he said.
As America declines and China rises, we exchange our political cultures. As China becomes more like what we used to pride ourselves as being, we become China under Mao. This shouldn't puzzle anyone. Our leaders work for the Chinese.

The American press had to go to court to get permission to cover the dead and dying in hurricane Katchrina. In Iraq, reporters and photographers are regularily murdered by American troops who have been given the green light to hide the truth. Gitmo and Padillo are held as if they are Chinese political prisoners and like in old China, no reporters ever get to talk to them, certainly not alone. And how many Americans are aware the prisoners in Gitmo are on their second month of a hunger strike?

&spades From Xinhuanet:
Rocketing global oil prices are eating away at the high-flying Chinese economy, provoking a slowdown that officials and analysts warn could lead to inflation, AFP reported.

"I have to admit that the rise in oil prices is having an impact on the Chinese economy," Zhu Zhixin, vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a business forum in Beijing last week.

Although Zhu did not give concrete estimates, analysts say that China's 2006 growth in gross domestic product will easily drop off by one percentage point.

They also estimate the consumer price index, its main measure of inflation, will jump two percentage points from around two percent now.

While China is not as vulnerable as other oil-reliant Asian economies, the prospect of high prices over a sustained period is a serious concern to economic planners in Beijing, analysts said.

Zhang Guobao, vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on Saturday in Beijing that 94% of China' energy consumption was met with its own production in 2004, and it relied on imports for merely 6% of its energy consumption.

China is the second largest energy producer, and also the world's second biggest oil consumer, Zhang said. It relied on imports for about 3.7 million barrels per day, or 40 percent of its oil needs.

Demand in China is currently at 6.4 million barrels per day and though demand growth has slowed this year, consumption is expected to continue to expand, driven by strong economic development and the low domestic retail fuel prices.
My, again, proof that China and America have switched places! Here, everyone is screaming that there is no difference in our economy due to oil and that we can deficit spend to our heart's content and who needs to worry, there is no inflation (!!!). Losing an entire city will make us (Halliburton) all millionaires!

&spades Speaking of Halliburton and how we are the communist Chinese...From Common Dreams:
AN AMERICAN environmentalist and peace activist, in Australia to talk about non-violent methods of protest, has been arrested as a security threat.

History teacher Scott Parkin, 35, was arrested by the Australian Federal Police in Melbourne on Saturday as he traveled to a workshop he was conducting on the US peace movement. Last night he was being held at the Melbourne Custody Center.

An Immigration Department spokesman confirmed he had been arrested on "character grounds" at its request and he would be deported "as soon as practicable".

The move has sparked outrage among politicians, refugee groups, environment and legal groups.

At the end of a week in which the Federal Government put forward unparalleled anti-terrorist arrest and detention provisions, they say Mr Parkin's arrest highlights the abuses to which such sweeping powers are open.
No kidding. The mad cap ruler of America has been cracking down on American civil rights and has been egging on others to do likewise. The fascists running America want all our allies to have equally crappy civil rights so citizens have nowhere to turn. During the McCarthy era, we got England and Australia to persecute their leftists, too. Most citizens in formerly free countries tend to not pay attention when they lose their civil rights because, like under Hitler, it happens to "those people" and they can't see how they are living in a closed box because no one can see the daylight.

&spades Back to China, the BBC is complaining that they are being jammed there. This is true. The Chinese rulers fear their people every bit as much as the American. In America, the BBC isn't jammed, it is overwhelmed. I used to get it, for example, on TV for free on a local channel run by PBS but they sold the station, they have been selling stations a lot lately, to a right wing company that broadcasts garbage so I can't see it anymore except on the web.

&spades Japan just had an election and the ruling party won just like the ruling party in Egypt won, etc. What a surprize (crickets chirping). One party systems stink. Ask Americans.

Then I read this in the Chinese news (and they aren't free there? Well...I got tons of information from there that is hidden in our news!) from Xinhuanet:
Japan plans to call for a cut in its contributions to the United Nations from 2007 as it is unlikely the country will obtain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council for now.

According to Kyodo News, in a speech at a UN General Assembly session opening on Sept. 19, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura will effectively demand the cut by highlighting the need to review contributions by UN members.

The move shows that Japan intends to gain a permanent UN Security Council seat by obtaining public support for the so-called "excessive financial burden" it currently carries for the United Nations.

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi also plans to leave for New York on Thursday to attend a special UN summit, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda said Monday.

Koizumi is scheduled to deliver an address calling for reforming the United Nations as soon as possible, including by expanding the UN Security Council, during the three-day summit that starts Wednesday to mark the 60th anniversary of UN founding,the top government spokesman told a news conference.

This move came after Koizumi's ruling Liberal Democratic Party won a landslide victory in Sunday's House of Representatives election.

In 2005, the UN budget, or contributions from UN members, totaled 1.83 billion dollar, of which 338 million dollar, or 19.47percent, came from Japan.
Japan is totally entangled with the USA. Their economic miracle came from their own dynamism vis a vis American industrial collapse. As America devolves rapidly, major companies growing bigger and bigger and exporting more and more jobs, Japan has grown the old fashioned way until recently when the industrialists who own the government, have begun to strip Japan of their industrial base. This has only begun so the Japanese are nervous about this but don't understand how the wolf running their country is allied with a wolf pack that is beginning to not care about Japan, proper. They aren't anywhere near what our wolf pack is. Ours is ripping the carcass apart right now, exposing the bones. The only reason why we think we are still alive is due to the Chinese.

Who are ticked at us over consuming oil, making it very expensive.

As Americans try to riddle out what has happened to America, the world moves on. The ruling elite is already divvying up New Orleans for themselves. They plan to hit all taxpayers with the bill, stuffing American/Chinese dollars into their fat, swollen wallets. The Supreme Court has given them a green light to confiscate all and any properties they wish for commercial purposes so the home owners, now out of their homes, can't resist easily (bills have to be paid!) as the confiscations begin. They will get some money if they owned their homes but the mass of population in New Orleans rented. The landlords will not mind selling now. But I suspect most will not be given any offers and the land will sit idle and become another Newark or Trenton New Jersey.

The poor of New Orleans will stay scattered across the nation. The middle class will move back in after the jobs reappear. the visions of sugar plums dancing in rich people's eyes will disolve into tears of frustration if the Japanese and Chinese stop bankrolling us. The fact is, they are tiring of this charade and our appetite for more has finally passed their ability to fulfill our desires. Our lust for their money is a yawning chasm.

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