Saturday, September 10, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We have a surplus of whiny, self centered, clueless idiots and choosing who is the most Marieish is very difficult. Of course, Bubble Boy is the Ultra-ultra of all these squeemish, perfumed prissies but for this week, we think Brownie, because he allowed so many people to die, gets the award.

From Yahoo:
Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown sent a candid e-mail to family and friends this week as he was becoming the center of criticism of the handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

"I don't mind the negative press (well, actually, I do, but I try to ignore it) but it is really wearing out the family," Brown wrote. "No wonder people don't go into public service. This country is devouring itself, the 24-hour news cycle is numbing our ability to think for ourselves," the Rocky Mountain News reported Saturday.

Brown was relieved of his command of the onsite relief efforts Friday amid increasing criticism over the sluggishness of the agency's response and questions over his background.

"It's horrible," said Mary Ann Karns, an Oklahoma lawyer who once worked with Brown in the Edmond, Okla., city government and got the e-mail addressed. "He does not deserve this as a human being."
The poor baby. Thousands died and his feelings are hurt as if we should have given this pea brain more time to think about whether he should pee or pray.

I think the honnorable thing to do is to house him in the Super Dome sans toilets and electricity until everyone displaced by the hurricane has a new home and the dead are no longer wailing in the dark corridors of eternity (ie, leave him there forever).

He isn't the only deadwood dick in Homeland Security. It seems every Tom, Dickhead and Osama has been parked in Homeland Security! From the Seattle Times:
John Pennington, the official in charge of federal disaster response in the Northwest, was a four-term Republican state representative who ran a mom-and-pop coffee company in Cowlitz County when then-Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn helped him get his federal post.

Before he was appointed regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Pennington got a degree from a correspondence school that government investigators later described as a "diploma mill."

Pennington, 38, says he worked for his degree and he is qualified for the FEMA job.

FEMA and the qualifications of its managers have come under fire in recent days as the government's response to Hurricane Katrina has been heavily criticized. Yesterday, FEMA Director Michael Brown was removed as commander of hurricane-relief efforts in Louisiana and ordered back to Washington, D.C.
Geeze, these guys must go crazy trying to mail in their $.10 so they can get a diploma. And we question them! I suspect, looking at them, they must have some secret clubhouse where they plug each other and Rove. There is no other explanation for these clueless, ill trained, ill tempered tootsie rolls.
Shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, President Bush appointed Pennington to head the Region 10 office of FEMA, overseeing the government's disaster response in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. He makes $138,000 a year.

Just before his appointment, Pennington received a bachelor's degree in business administration from California Coast University in Santa Ana, Calif., which at the time was an unaccredited correspondence school.
OK. He sounds exactly like Gannon, doesn't he? He fits the Rove super stud profile: a coward and a craven brown noser willing to do whatever, eh? I don't know, but he certainly doesn't have any overt qualifications related to the job, does he?

After all, the Govenor of NJ had to resign because he parked HIS gay lover in Homeland Security and he wasn't even an American!

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