Thursday, September 01, 2005


Heroes who should be home to save America...bring the troops home.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

CNN is getting many thousands of emails today nearly uniformly demanding to bring the troops home. Word is out on the streets that many troops in Iraq are ticked off because they can't defend America. Bin Laden sends us another taunting tape mocking our rulers and their wars and alas, no one can feel any confidence in those people supposedly protecting us. From Reuters:
The former head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency that handles the infrastructure of the nation's waterways, said the damage in New Orleans probably would have been much less extensive had flood-control efforts been fully funded over the years.

"Levees would have been higher, levees would have been bigger, there would have been other pumps put in," said Mike Parker, a former Mississippi congressman who headed the engineering agency from 2001 to 2002.
We already researched this news on the left side of the blogging world. I adore my fellow bloggers, I got more information from them than the mainstream media, that is, research information!
A May 2005 Corps memo said that funding levels for fiscal years 2005 and 2006 would not be enough to pay for new construction on the levees.

Agency officials said on Thursday in a conference call that delayed work was not related to the breakdown in the levee system and Parker told Reuters the funding problems could not be blamed on the Bush administration alone.

Parker said a project dating to 1965 remains unfinished and that any recent projects would not have been in place by the time the hurricane struck even if they had been fully funded.

"If we do stuff now it's not going to have an effect tomorrow," Parker said. "These projects are huge, they're expensive and they're not sexy."

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the administration had funded flood control efforts adequately.
I want to take all these idiots and dump them in either Saddam City in Bagdad or the Super Dome. Seriously, where do we get these obvious morons?

Five years. For five years, Bush and his reckless spending spittoon dwelling neo cons wasted $2.5 TRILLION on what? Iraq? Golden bath tubs like the dictators of Nigeria did? Indeed. Imelda Marcus size 8 shoe collections?
Since 2001, the Army Corps has requested $496 million for that project but the Bush administration only budgeted $166 million, according to figures provided by the office of Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu (news, bio, voting record).
A hard hitting news story. Are the reporters kicking over the traces and breaking free from their owners? I see more real reporting this last 48 hours than in the last 48 months.
The levee defenses had been designed to withstand a milder Category Three hurricane and simply were overwhelmed by Hurricane Katrina, said senior project manager Al Naomi.

"The design was not adequate to protect against a storm of this nature because we were not authorized to provide a Category Four or Five protection design," he said.

A study examining a possible upgrade is under way, he said.
OK. So it wasn't designed to work in a catogory 4 hurricane? So why didn't Bush and FEMA and Homeland Shitheads EVACUATE NEW ORLEANS? Eh? In the first place?

I asked this three days before the hurricane hit and asked afterwards. Bush was on vacation then went to a golf course to talk to rich retired Republicans and then celebrate the victory over the Japanese (who now call the shots here, gads!). Meanwhile, not a soul suggested FEMA should evacuate the poor and elderly and sick from New Orleans.

Time to impeach Bush.

From the Washington Post:
"Just as Sept. 11 clearly showed that America is vulnerable, it will likely take a couple more hurricanes of the magnitude of Katrina before America changes its appalling environmental policies," the Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said in an editorial. Reinhard Buetkofer, chairman of the Green Party, which counts Fischer and Trittin as members, called Bush an "eco-reactionary" who was beholden to oil and nuclear interests.

Karsten Voigt, coordinator of U.S.-German relations at the Foreign Ministry, said the timing of Trittin's remarks was regrettable, but not the substance.

"At this very moment, our solidarity and condolences should be at the forefront," he said in a telephone interview. "Beyond that, it's naturally clear that there will be a discussion at some point about whether the climate change has increased the damage that is related to such hurricanes. In the aftermath, there will be a new debate about origins, causes and solutions."

Many scientists say global warming and man-made pollutants have not affected the increase in the number of hurricanes that have struck the United States in recent years, attributing the frequency to natural cyclical patterns. Some researchers, however, say there is evidence that higher global temperatures over time could make storms more intense and powerful.

While U.S. environmental policy genuinely rankles many people in Germany -- a country that embraces wind power, biofuels and accustomed to $6-per-gallon gasoline -- it also is campaign season here and many politicians see anti-Bush rhetoric as a time-tested strategy for winning votes.
Geeze. I suspect by next year, American politicians will also enjoy running against the Bush reputation and will win (hahahaha). I can't wait. Alas, more thousands will die until America rids itself of this Caligula, this Nuovo Nero. The Germans just had a terrible flood. So did the Swiss and Austrians and Romanians and nearly everyone in the Rhine/Danau headwaters. Half of Europe is flooding and the other is burning up.

They are very angry about the USA pretending there is no global warming. This is why there is not a huge wave of sympathy. Of course, watching the elderly and little minority babies die in New Orleans outrages Euopeans just like I hope it outrages us.

From the New Orleans news:
The Rev. Jesse Jackson and state Sen. Cleo Fields, D-Baton Rouge, left for New Orleans on Thursday from the state Office of Emergency Preparedness to pick up students who were stranded on the Xavier University campus.

The students will likely be taken on three buses to the Southern University campus in Baton Rouge. At a press conference at the state Office of
Emergency Preparedness, Jackson said they will keep making round trips to evacuate people from the city throughout the night, even after the 450 students at Xavier have been rescued.

“Help is on the way and keep their hope alive,” Jackson said, but cautioned that it may take some time to get people out .
A right wing nut at Atrios was whining about where Rev. Jackson was. Well, that is clear now! I read a tearful email of the mother of one of these students, saying he and 40 others were on the roof of their dorm. I am so very happy they are saved and I bet there are 450 very happy, relieved mothers tonight.

More sad news: they are taking the dogs away from the survivors at the Super Dome and I fear, they are putting them down. They can't let the dogs loose because they will forage for food on the corpses, unfortunately. One little boy cried so hard when his dog was taken away, he threw up. This is all so sad. Heart break everywhere.

Economic news: the Democrats want to suspend the bankruptcy laws for the nonce. I want it repealed. Feel free to call Congress and give them an earful. Secondly, the government is calling for banks to suspend payments on houses in the death zone. This is voluntary so probably no one will do this for more than two months. There should be a law passed concerning this, some sort of relief for these poor people. Also, the IRS will do a case by case examination concerning taxes...WHICH WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE. The numbers are way too great.

They still don't understand what destroying a city means.

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