Thursday, September 01, 2005


Art by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Missing an old friend:

&hearts When I met you
Standing under the trees
Next to the stream
We were wearing
Chainmail and daggers
Laughing and sharing
Beer in tall mugs.

&hearts "My name is Poet"
You said, and I said,
"Every word you speak
Says your name."

&hearts We hugged and kissed.
Strong dark arms around
Sunburned arms.
I pray to the Goddess
You are well, Poet.

From Africa
Iraq-tested soldiers in New Orleans with shoot to kill orders
A detachment of 300 Arkansas National Guard troops landed in anarchic New Orleans on Thursday, with the authorization to shoot and kill "hoodlums" Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said.

"Three hundred of the Arkansas National Guard have landed in the city of New Orleans," said Blanco.

"These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets," Blanco said.

"They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

"These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will," said Blanco.
The war to suppress brown skinned people devolves into the much older war to keep "them" under control via violent means. Sigh. I lived in the Deep South when segregation ruled. I vividly remember the "colored only" drinking fountains and bathrooms, etc. That is, when they were provided!

I was supposed to go to a segregated school, too. I remember vividly, as a child in the hospital, going over to the bed of the only black child in our ward and rocking her in my lap, singing to her because she was scared when her mommy left. A white boy piped up and yelled, "That's a n....g. You shouldn't touch her." I told him to drop dead. After that, the only white child who talked to me was a little girl who had two broken arms and was scared of her daddy. I suddenly understood what child abuse looked like. I argued with the nurses. She moved into my bed at night so I could hold her, too. It was getting crowded. Then the doctor cut my throat open and I was moved to a private room.

Racism hasn't died. Not at all.

From a poster at Atrios:
I'm now a jobless and homeless refugee of New Orleans. My fiance Linda and I were lucky enough to get out on Sunday before the storm came. We are sleeping on a blow up bed in my friend's office in Dallas. I'm almost 40 years old and this is my life. I'm sickened by the reporting on this tragedy. Imagine how the National Guard soldiers from the south feel watching this story unfold -- from Iraq. They should be here RIGHT NOW. Protecting the people of the U.S. like they are supposed to be doing. Then there's the constant pictures of people looting. What should these people be doing? They are starving and dying of thirst, and nobody is there to help them. And then there's the budget cuts to help fix the problems related to Lake Pontchartrain. Bush cut funding for this problem and diverted the funds to help the Iraqis. Bush is currently more concerned about the oil processing in the south than he is about people dying in the streets. We have some sick fucks running this country.
Vaughn D. Taylor | Email | Homepage | 09.01.05 - 11:35 pm | #

He has much more at his own blog. I suggest visiting there and giving words of encouragement and hope.

Now for bad news for the rest of us! From Attytood:
On Monday, America went to bed thinking that New Orleans had been spared a fatal blow from Hurricane Katrina, only to learn the next morning that floodwaters were racing through the city.

It is beginning to look like tomorrow morning, we will wake up to a gasoline crisis like the one that nearly crippled America during the Arab oil embargo of 1973-74. While the media is focused -- as it should -- on the sheer devastation and the fight for survival along the Gulf, long gas lines are already forming in scattered communities across America.

In Fayetteville, Ga.:

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of nervous drivers formed lines at dozens of gas pumps in Fayetteville and other stations in Fayette County Wednesday afternoon in the bright sunshine as jitters about gas availability began to spread through the entire metro area.

With major gasoline pipe lines running dry in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction along the Gulf Coast, some gas stations began to ration their sales to keep from running out.

At one Shell station, the operator was trying to explain to irate customers why he had to impose a 10-gallon limit on all customers.

“If I don’t, I run out this afternoon,” the operator said with a raised voice to two men. “Then what will we do?” The men left with their 10-gallon limits pumped.
Tyrannus SUVex is doomed.
Airlines and oil companies are working on plans to supply jet fuel to at least ten U.S. airports that could be shut down due to a lack of jet fuel caused by refinery and pipeline shutdowns from hurricane Katrina. The airports in most jeopardy for closure include Atlanta, Charlotte, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Washington Dulles and West Palm Beach.
You know, more than one airline is facing labor unrest and are all trying to cut wages/benefits to the bone as part of the Walmartization of America and more than one is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

The ripples of this mess are going to go far and wide.

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