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Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I remember all the Nixon years. They took fricking forever to live through. A lot of people died. He was reduced to allowing the National Guard to shoot and kill unarmed Univeristy students. This shook his maladministration. He did do enough things for the real rulers to allow him to slip Watergate before the election and the Mockingbird press, working for him underground because many reporters and pundits were, like today, getting money under the table to lie for him, were able to give him a great victory, a blow out.

He was all powerful and teetering at the same time. Then the price of oil shot up and inflation began to rage...OVERSEAS. I remember because I had just come back from Europe and told everyone if I went just one year later, I would have been poor instead of a jet setter brat.

Nixon tried to dam this up with "Wage/Price Controls" and set up this board to tell the capitalists and unions how much they could charge. He stiffed me of one pay raise! Pissed me off. The boss paid me under the table. Everyone cheated, you know.

This finished him.

He appealed to the Pentagon to save him but the Joint Chiefs, pissed about his trip to China, made Kissinger tell him the game was up. The famous missing 18 1/2 minutes of tape are where he tried to cajole them into taking down Congress. They said no.

Nixon wasn't impeached. "For the good of the country" he resigned. This is simple. They were going to put him in prison if he resisted and forced a trial. Unlike Clinton who was assured the Pentagon had no dog in his fight and life went on and he even led them successfully into battle and not one soldier died.

Bush, on the other hand, has a dark past. I warned everyone the minute he annoyed the very rich, they would eliminate him. Causing social disorder will greatly displease them. They don't want their boat swamped. They do have a dim memory of revolutions wracking other seemingly stable countries. I was in Europe during exactly such a time!

Bush commands the barest support now of only his base and that is increasingly shaky. They don't mind him hugging blacks so long as he lets them die afterwards. They see him handing out money today to the displaced and wonder why they get no help even as they drown in financial hell, up to debt over the head. Negative savings rate means many people can barely pay their interest on loans!

To see the flood of money for Iraq and now New Orleans makes them wonder why this bonanza doesn't flow to them, too. They don't care where it comes from, they see Congress voting for nearly $300 billion for highway jobs and every time Iraq wants money, $89 billion a pop, Congress votes for it and it magically appears and "no inflation" (sic). So the thinking is, since houses rise magically in price in certain places, why can't money magically appear for me?

Well, it isn't. I got this from an email of one reader here that Bush signed one of his very many "executive orders" which suspends the laws concerning equal pay for equal work, namely, if you bid on a government contract, you have to pay the workers the prevailing wages, not the lowest wages. This is so the real rulers can squeeze out more pennies while not sending the Ship of State to Davy Jone's Locker.

The Chinese are moving very fast now, flying into the storm, picking up major territory on their private Go board. Hu was in Canada, signed joint ventures and treaties and now he is in Mexico doing the same. Putin just announced this morning that yes, the Russian gas and oil lines will all terminate in China, not one to Japan. This is a major victory for China. They just concluded war games with China that were successful, too.
Putin pulled a double coup on Yeltsin. First cornering him into appointing this former KGB agent as VP and then suddenly, without any warning but with the full backing of the military and secret service, armed with blackmail, he forced Yeltsin to suddenly resign.

Russians approved of this coup because Yeltsin was an old drunk who was destroying Russia. But it was a coup. Tellingly, the entire American media treated this in an onimous way: they rejoiced and claimed this was great news for it showed that democracy was working well in Russia!

The recent disorders in the Ukraine which bordered on revolutionary violence but didn't only because Putin was bribed to stay out (by the GERMANS) and they had this hokey "election" which was pretty fake like the previous one. Now that country is very divided and people hate each other and the government collapsed yesterday and now Russia, united with Germany and China, will step back in to restabilize it but not overtly but covertly.

So much for the Orange Revolution.
Unlike Bush, Hu looks cool, collected, well dressed and all business. His formality is deliberate and groomed specifically to display himself internationally. He created this persona carefully because he wants no ruffled feathers while coolly negotiating the maze.

From Xinhuanet:
Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in the Canadian capital of Ottawa Thursday for a state visit aimed at promoting the all-round partnership of cooperation between China and Canada.

In a written statement delivered at the airport upon his arrival, the Chinese president said he is delighted to pay a state visit to the beautiful and richly-endowed country of Canada at the invitation of Governor General Clarkson.

Hu said he is looking forward to having in-depth exchanges of views with the Canadian leaders on ways to deepen their mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas, getting acquainted with friends from all walks of life in Canada, and jointly opening up a bright future for China-Canada ties.

Friendly exchanges between the two peoples date back centuries,and since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in 1970, especially since the launching of the partnership of all-round cooperation, the two sides have strengthened political trust gradually and achieved gratifying results in their cooperation in the economy, trade, science, technology, culture, education and other areas, he said.

"Deepening and enriching the China-Canada all-round partnership serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples and contributes to prosperity and development in the region and the world at large," said Hu.
So, again, why has Bush shoved Canada aside? Why has he never honored or visited or barely spoken to Clarkson? If it is personal pique, IMPEACH HIM. There is no excuse for this clown to have any personal feelings about any world leader.

If everyone acted like him, we would be deep in WWIII already. When he rode roughshod over the Senate to install a totally inappropriate man at the UN, he should have been impeached. Heck, when he went to war without Congress declaring war...well, all of Congress should stand down since they are in dereliction of their responsibility for defending the Constitution!

&spades They just had the press conference for Brownie. From the NYT:
"Michael Brown has done everything he possibly could," Mr. Chertoff said, accompanied by Admiral Allen and Mr. Brown. "I appreciate his work, as does everybody here."
If this were so, why is he standing down suddenly a mere week into this disaster? Sometimes one has to tell the truth. I think all the displaced and dead are calling out for an accounting, they don't care if baby Brownie has a boo-boo.

They want to strangle him, I bet.
A week ago today, Mr. Brown was at President Bush's side as the president made his first visit to see the devastation caused by the storm. "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job," Mr. Bush said then.

But today, the chief White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, declined repeated opportunities to say that Mr. Brown still enjoyed the president's full confidence.
You know, then turmoil is grinding across the land, one doesn't prettify things. One has to take charge and pettifoggery and poopism isn't what is called for. Slice and dice, eh?
Mr. Brown's standing was further clouded when Time magazine reported that he had embellished some of his credentials. When he was asked today whether he had done so, and whether he would resign from FEMA, Mr. Brown was silent.

Instead, Mr. Chertoff spoke up. "You heard the ground rules," he said. "I'm going to answer the questions." Earlier, Mr. Chertoff had advised reporters to choose their questions carefully, because his time was limited.
The press should leap upon this dual citizen. Oh, Mr. Jerkoff has no time, he is "busy"? With what? Photo shoots with the Boy toy? Why can't Brownie answer questions? Is he a puppet of the evidently smarter neo-con, Jerkoff? Well?

Why are there "ground rules" for questions anyway? I remember all the previous Presidents and their spokespersons and people yelled all sorts of questions at them all the time. These little ninnies, girlie-boys as Schwarzie likes to say, can't handle shouting? Well. Go home, dudes. To where ever you call home. Leave. We won't try you all for treason. Just depart.

"President Powell" looks better every hour.

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