Monday, September 12, 2005


The last three days, lots of powerful blasts from the sun on the K scale

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Many places in the West Coast which is fully exposed to the fury of the sun at 1pm had a series of power surges and is now collapsing just like in 2003 when the sun was blasting us with x-ray and all the debrie from the blast hit our side of the planet at mid day and the entire Northeast all the way to deep in the Midwest and Canada fell apart.


Click here to listen to the radio bursts
Using a 22 MHz ham rig in New Mexico, Thomas Ashcraft recorded the sounds. These slowly undulating signals, known as Type II radio bursts, are emitted by shocked gas at the leading edge of a coronal mass ejection (CME) racing away from the blast site.
Sounds like rain on a tin roof. Or applause.
Movie of the x-ray event here.

From NOAA:
GOES Solar X-ray Imager

2005 Sep 12 - SXI is experiencing high-voltage problems. SEC is investigating.
Note the HIGH VOLTAGE PROBLEM. The satellite is knocked out just like LA. Ha. I wonder alway why authorities lie about things especially stuff like this. I feel very much like a cat with too much static in my fur. Very hard, it is night and I feel better but during the day...can barely function. Movement, energy, friction, rotation, all this produces electricity. Lightning is electricity, I assure you. It looks like a multicolored net with pearls embroidered within it and hits like a million boulders.



They are blaming it all on crossed wires.

Hahaha. I remember our vast black out when the sun was acting the exact same way (at the same time of day, natch, sun zenith!). They said it was trees hitting the wires off in Ohio or Canada or whereever.

Next time they will say a guy sticking a butterknife in a toaster did it. Well....this never happens these days (ie, since a "squirrel" took down the NE in 1963 or the lightning storm in the seventies...) except when the sun is blasting us with all sorts of interesting wave lengths and junk and such like.

&spades Back to the article: The power of the blasts from our sun are tremendous. These were only glancing blows, not direct blasts, yet they cause whoever hoves into view, electrical distress, computer collapses...etc.

Like one big honking lightning bolt.

Mother Nature is the Power, literally. She rules us with Her iron fist. We have decided to make mockery of Her and now She is responding.

Much of the news about this, I garnered from the posters (all wonderful people! Yeah!) at Atrios. Evidently, it is extending up the coast and is hard to report because it is hard to send out news when you have no energy and the other forms like radio are going on the blitz thanks to the sun.

She is busy today.
Here is the sunspot.
Space A good site, I visit it daily.
Here, it is rotating around the planet, going counter-clockwise. We will be blasted by it as it slowly moves across the face of the sun. It is going to be a very dangerous week. Many more black outs as well as satellite failures.

It is so dry, so dry all over the place. Although there are storms, in general, since the beginning of August, it has been dry except where powerful storms concentrate their fury. No gentle rains. My fields are dry, dry, dry. We are under red fire alert and the trees are dropping their leaves in despair!

The sun's fury.

All of these things are tied together, aren't they? Our ecosystem is the entire solar system.

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