Thursday, September 01, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am crying. It is so hard to read the news now. Many are dying. There are dead bodies in the Stadium. Babies are dying. More people stream in and few get out and supplies aren't showing up because there isn't enough helicopters...they are all in Iraq and Afghanistan!---and people are dying.

Right now. I can't save a soul. Most of us have to stand by and watch this horror.

From CNN:
As police and National Guard troops struggled to restore order Thursday in New Orleans, emergency teams suspended boat rescue operations because conditions in the flooded city were too dangerous, rescuers said.

The instructions to stand down came during a meeting with officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

CNN's Rick Sanchez reported that authorities were concerned for the rescuers' safety because some people have become violent toward the those on the boats.

He said officials were trying to figure out how to safely resume rescues.
The neo cons want to "drown the government in a bathtub" as they famously said in the past. This is what it looks like. I used to say, why do libertarians want no government? If they are so set, move to Somalia! Haiti!

Well, it is getting worse and the troops of Marie Antoinettes running America keep telling everyone to just be patient, they will get off their asses and get into gear eventually. Might even show up.

My god.

The response in Asia to the tsunami was better organized than this. Third world nations were better organized than this.

What can I say? Impeach Bush.

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