Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was reading British papers today and ran across this hair raising story: Richard in England has it up on his blog now:
But I doubt all have heard of - or ever even imagined - incidents of such utterly indefensible acts of inhumanity as described next.

He said at one point a group of girls was standing on the roof of the hotel lobby and called to passing rescuers for help.

"They [the authorities] said to them 'well show us what you've got' - doing signs for them to lift their t-shirts up. The girls said no, and they said 'well fine', and motored off down the road in their motorboat.

Talk about trash. Talk about filth. Talk about the unfathomable and downright depths of degrading depravity to which some souless shits seem to sink.

If this is how indescribably inhumanely a certain section of America can treat fellow Americans - at any time, let alone at a time of such dreadfully dire need - then perhaps it is finally time to substitute the words 'God Bless America' with 'God Help America'. Perhaps even 'God Forgive America'.

How in hell could such miserable excuses for men be expected to help any visitors [including terror stricken and traumatised small children] be they from Australia, Canada, Britain or indeed anywhere else -- if that's how they treat their own?

(Richard's reminder to self:- Try to avoid the use of such useless rhetorical questions as that last one.)
Richard, a dear friend of ours and someone who passionately cares about America is about to ditch the whole smear, I am sickened about all this. Animals. People acted as if this were the Mardi Gras rather than the Dans Macabre it really is. Treating helpless tourists like they are toys?

Insane. I saw a Spanish legislator and their family tormented until their formal protests reached Madrid and were immediately delivered to the White House front door since Condi was shoe shopping! I remember when the hurricane was coming and the government told the tourists, if they had flights cancelled, they were on their own and would have to endure the hurricane however they could, tough fucking luck, dudes.

Now we want the world to feel sorry for our sorry asses! From Richard again:
You're on your own, Britain's victims told

Mark Townsend

Sunday September 4, 2005 The Observer

British families trapped in New Orleans last night claimed that US authorities had refused to evacuate them as Hurricane Katrina approached the city.
Nice, eh ?

Allies, eh?

On a day that Britain has flown over more than half a million 'canned rations' to help. Eh?

Special relationship, eh?

Friends, eh?

On a day that young Brit soldiers are still fighting, suffering, being maimed and dying in the US inspired, illegal Iraq oil-turf war and occupation. Eh?

Shoulder to shoulder, eh?

Coalition, eh?
Two Brit soldiers were blown up today in Iraq, by the way. And a whole lot of Japanese were killed by a typhoon that we are paying zero attention to in Isolation Chamber America. No wonder Gilligan died today! He wasn't rescued, in the end, so to speak.

Richard: we are in this boat together. We have to keep bailing. Arrest Bush. Arrest Blair.

Put their asses in jail.
Picture from Yahoo of the New Mexican wildlife officers who saved a number of British tourists who were being attacked by looters.

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