Thursday, September 01, 2005


From the US Geological Survey

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When it rains it pours! I wrote down "four 4.5 earthquakes" when a fifth one happened. This repeat jerking of a major fault line usually signals a blow out. These quakes were all at less than 5 miles down which is a classic sign a big quake coming.
See the monitor here.

World earthquake map here

Before the Boxing Day Quake, I was watching Indonesia very closely because they were having clusters of 3-5 Richter scale events and I was expecting something nasty and lo and behold, it happened. Like now, the quakes were all very shallow, not like the Japanese ones that were very deep at that time.

This week, the Boxing Day quake area has been quite busy. So has the Australian plate which is shoving the Pacific into California relentlessly. Since they are very far away, it takes time for the energy to translate over to the opposite end of the planet but it is there and it is increasing, not decreasing.

Again, one has to prepare for, expect and warn populations about probabilities and possibilities and have set, ready to impliment, actions needed to be taken in case of emergency. I have such plans here in my own life, what if a fire, a flood or some mischance happen, I have systems set up to deal with it which is why I am not in debt up to my eyeballs, for example.

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