Thursday, September 29, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Blair trails after his master, Bush, and learns how to run things...which is why England is sliding into a bigger and bigger mess, all they need is some huge hurricane to hit London and destroy it. Anyway, impressed at how Bush runs his bubble, babble boy Blair tries his hand at police state repression.

From Associated Press;
rime Minister Tony Blair apologized Thursday to an 82-year-old activist ejected from the governing Labour Party's conference for heckling a Cabinet minister over the Iraq war — an issue that overshadowed the end of the annual convention.

The treatment of Walter Wolfgang, who was then questioned by police under anti-terrorism powers, angered delegates and sparked accusations that the government is abusing freedom of speech.

"We are really, really sorry. It shouldn't have happened," said Blair, grilled on a round of television and radio interviews Thursday about the incident. He blamed overzealous volunteer stewards who have no training.
Hahaha. Like Hitler, Bush and Blair are surrounded by so many guards that always make mistakes! Kicking and punching, arresting and harassing anyone who even dimly objects to their joint chickenparade is always due to out of control creeps. I am certain all Mafia bosses say the same. "Judge, I didn't want him snuffed, it was all due to excessive zeal."

Well, if "out of control" control freaks are that, then...arrest them! Yeah.

Of course, the out of control control freaks are Blair and Bush. Warmonger criminal, John Reid said, "This isn't how we do business in here," when questioned. Oh, the goons were supposed to beat the MP up, too? Pray tell, how is business with you?
His conference accreditation was confiscated, as was the pass of another delegate, Steve Forrest, who tried to intervene on his behalf. When Wolfgang tried to re-enter the conference center, he was stopped by police using powers under the Terrorism Act — sweeping legislation passed by Blair's government in 2000.
We all know who the real terrorists are here: bloggers, letter writers, Cindy Sheehan, nosey reporters who have to be shot, conspiracy buffs, voters, heck, even Mrs. Blair!

They terrify our rulers. I hope we can continue to scare these panty waisted poodles.

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