Friday, September 02, 2005


I made this cartoon after 12/12/00 in early January. This was inspired by the night the Supreme Court destroyed democracy and the Constitution. Yes, that is Marie Antoinette sitting as Justice and the cloud is the nuke that fell on Hiroshima.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is what the death throes of a great empire looks like: chaos and death, loss of major cities while emperors giggle and fiddle. The world already was agast over our illegal and stupid invasion of Iraq and our funding of the New Berlin Wall in the Holy Land. They can't believe how incompetent and stupid our government is, how unwise, how irritable and bone headed and vicious. Like watching formerly civilized Germans fall into becoming Nazi criminals, no?

Only at least they could make the trains run on time and build highways.

From Yahoo news:
The head of the federal disaster relief agency said Friday it's "heartbreaking and very, very frustrating" to witness the virtual anarchy in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans and defended the Bush administration's response.

Interviewed on several network morning news shows, Michael Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, blamed emergency assistance delivery problems on "the total lack of communications, the inability to hear and have good intelligence on the ground about what was actually occurring there."
I, in my office on my little mountain in upstate NY evidently knows more of what is going on in New Orleans than this clueless clown in DC.

From Yahoo news:
World stunned as U.S. struggles with Katrina The world has watched amazed as the planet's only superpower struggles with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, with some saying the chaos has exposed flaws and deep divisions in American society.

World leaders and ordinary citizens have expressed sympathy with the people of the southern United States whose lives were devastated by the hurricane and the flooding that followed.

But many have also been shocked by the images of disorder beamed around the world -- looters roaming the debris-strewn streets and thousands of people gathered in New Orleans waiting for the authorities fail to provide food, water and other aid.

"Anarchy in the USA" declared Britain's best-selling newspaper The Sun.

"Apocalypse Now" headlined Germany's Handelsblatt daily.

The pictures of the catastrophe -- which has killed hundreds and possibly thousands -- have evoked memories of crises in the world's poorest nations such as last year's tsunami in Asia, which left more than 230,000 people dead or missing.

But some view the response to those disasters more favorably than the lawless aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"I am absolutely disgusted. After the tsunami our people, even the ones who lost everything, wanted to help the others who were suffering," Sajeewa Chinthaka, 36, as he watched a cricket match in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

"Not a single tourist caught in the tsunami was mugged. Now with all this happening in the U.S. we can easily see where the civilized part of the world's population is."
Yup. The little brown third world nations took care of their tourists. Unlike the USA. Because of racism, nothing was done to help the seething mass of poor people and the tourists were denied exit before the hurricane, unlike the Mexicans (!) who regularily clear out all hotels before a hurricane hits, we didn't even try to do this! There was no plan! Mexico has plans and impliments them regularily with no fuss and we have no plans!

Maybe we should outsource Homeland Security to the Mexicans!
Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, in a veiled criticism of U.S. political thought, said the disaster showed the need for a strong state that could help poor people.

"You see in this example that even in the 21st century you need the state, a good functioning state, and I hope that for all these people, these poor people, that the Americans will do their best," he told reporters at a European Union meeting in Newport, Wales.
Veiled? Like this veil is nearly transparent. Basically, he is slapping down the stupid neo-con artists who run America. Bush yesterday used the distractions to install yet another crony in a sensitive position: to run our gulag at Gitmo. The Senate was still holding hearings about torture, remember that? And he decided to circumvent them yet again! Like with Bolton, someone loathed by nearly all who encounter him.

Except for the Chinese who are delighted he is representing us at the UN. Geeze, I wonder why. You can bet, bin Laden endorses him.

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