Thursday, October 06, 2005


Because of this censorship, I am now being watched by hostiles, what a SURPRISE!---although I love doing the photo jokes and many people online do these joke pictures, obviously, this isn't possible anymore despite the fact that I make not one penny off of this all the art will be mine from now on which is OK with me, I am a pretty good artist, no? Eh? What? You don't believe me? heh.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I go off, put on a roof, do road work, come home and see another Bush Speech. This one is a doozy. A dopy doozy. A whoopsie daisy doodle disaster!

From the BBC:
US President George W Bush says the insurgency in Iraq is part of a wider strategy by al-Qaeda and other Islamic militants to wage war against humanity.
Mr Bush said militants wanted to establish a radical Islamic empire, stretching from Spain to Indonesia.

However, he added that it was a dangerous illusion to think the US would cut its losses in Iraq and leave.
Gah. How does one live down being ruled by such a nincompoop? Al Qaeda isn't waging war on humanity, they are taking our wars we and various European or Russian empires have waged agaisnt the Muslims for the last 200 years! For huge empires like our own bloody one, whining about fighting to build an empire....well, hello, mirror time!

Gads. We boast about being the world-girdling empire that rules the entire planet, our way or the highway, America is number one, God bless America....we invade all sorts of countries especially Iraq which we go the dasterdly UN to disarm for us so we could stomp on them...and al Qaeda is waging war against humanity?

Sorry, I have not seen them do a single mass bombing using bunker busting bombs of any city. We have utterly destroyed quite a few cities in Iraq and are in the middle of Der Eisenen Faust Panzer Krieg in Iraq, flattening villages. Geeze. Since when has al Qaeda flattned Queens?
In his speech, Mr Bush conceded that Iraq was falling into the hands of al-Qaeda militants, and stressed that was why the US needed to stay put.

"Those who think we can cut our losses and leave now are under a dangerous illusion. Would the US be less or more safe with Zarqawi and Bin Laden in charge of Iraq and its people?"
Arrest Bush. Arrest this war criminal. Arrest this incompetent idiot parading as our leader. We might as well salute him with a "Suck Heil!"

Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 but Bush had a tremendous amount of "to do" with 9/11, his happy trifecta! Meirs and he and Condi and a bunch of fellow traitors had plenty to do with (En)able Danger, aka, Atta, the man who plotted near the Bush private estates in the state run by Jeb Bush.
"This enemy considers every retreat of the civilised world as an invitation to greater violence. In Iraq there is no peace without victory. We will keep our nerve and we will win that victory," he said.
Well, attacking America isn't attacking the civlized world. After all.

Anyone watching Bush and our rulers screw up saving Americans from an obvious disaster has to conclude this isn't a very civilized country after all.

Barely even a working empire.

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