Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bush is Going to Focus like a Laser on War on Terror


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Eight soldiers blown up and killed and many more wounded by bombs in the last three days as Bush is wounded by the Plame Affair. This is all insane, like our economy.

Breaking news: a series of bombs went off on the first day of a Hindu festival in India, killing unknown numbers of people. Some Christian convert girls walking to school in Indonesia were beheaded. Bombs and assassinations continue unabated in Iraq. The trial of Saddam has been suspended because of assassinations of lawyers. Chaos seems to be spreading, not decreasing. Since the Valerie Plame lawbreaking was done so we could manufacture an excuse to attack Saddam, the resulting deterioration of this war on terror is more than enough reason to impeach Bush.

No country can afford to follow leadership this incompetent for long. Look at Iraq under Saddam! Mao, too, nearly destroyed China, leading it into chaos and destruction, his death of old age saved that mighty country from total dissolution.

The people who elevated and supported Bush are the same people who helped him "out" Valarie Plame and who helped him lie his way to war, convincing the gullible that attacking Saddam would swiftly win us a great victory in the "war on terror." This lie led to a great defeat for it promoted the agenda of bin Laden who let the world know that he wanted Bush to lead America into destruction, he also let us know he hated Saddam and wanted him removed. It is obvious that the only winner in all this is bin Laden and since Bush called 9/11 his "trifecta" we must wonder if this is exactly what Bush wanted. A destroyed world at war, religious war spreading everywhere while he fiddles and DC burns.

The very same media that chose to cover up the actors who betrayed the CIA agent are the ones that covered up Bush's involvement in enabling 9/11 to happen. The NYT ignores the interview of one of their own former editors who tells us that Judy Miller, deep within the Cheney/Bush conspiracies, knew before 9/11 that it was going to happen. Rice knew, Meirs knew, they all knew and when the 9/11 Commission revealed the hidden memo about bin Laden planning to attack, we all knew that THEY all knew before 9/11 that terrorists were going to attack which makes their goofy behavior that day totally sinister.

So here we are, the end result of letting bin Laden attack, leading to people dying this very day, very violently, with the USA pretending to fight terror by being terrible. Congress is cutting foodstamps for the very poor, cutting health care, housing, loans to students, all so we can keep soldiers blowing up every day, day after day.


It can't be inertia anymore. Moral paralysis? Kerry decided to be "bold" and suggested we bring 20,000 soldiers home in three months but according to the news, the numbers there have been increased each month so this means he wants to bring it back down to August's levels? Go through the ranks of the Democrats, the media, no one in serious positions of power want to stop this stupid war we are losing. No one wants to connect the dots for it leads to arresting quite a few people for treason for when our leaders to conspire to allow terrorist attacks and war, this is treason.

No ifs, ands or buts.

Fitzgerald uncovered a minor crime in the middle of a major crime spree of historic proportions. Even he doesn't dare open the can of worms of 9/11. Just this week, a jury found the Port Authority of NYC guilty of not protecting the WTC from the first terrorist attacks.

Good grief! The second was inexcusable! On every possible level, the 9/11 business was a high crime and misdemeanor. This is the reason Bush couldn't make a speech to rally the nation for many hours after the attacks and the way he arranged crying children to stand behind him while he gave a very wimpy speech in Florida, one riddled with lies!----He didn't tell us that hour that this attack was expected and he was warned about the possibility! This, this is a crime! He hid important information from America and hid it right up until the 9/11 Commission pulled it into the public and then they and he and the media co-conspiritors worked together to muddle up the meaning of that August 2001 document. They were so alarmed that the media, Bush, Cheney and our entire ruling class could be pulled into court and maybe EXECUTED, they decided to make Bush and Cheney's testimony off the record, not under oath and in private!


So now we fester, our government, to pay for criminal wars and to pay for bribes and tax cuts to co-conspiritors who also get buddy buddy contracts, our government going bankrupt and many Americans will die because of this stupid war, the war on terror and the lack of public funds to keep Americans alive.

This is why I say every day, arrest them all! They all need to be taken into custody and put on trial but we won't see this, not from our rulers. Libby was thrown to the wolves, that is, us bloggers, in the hopes we will eat his carcass while the real criminals, the ones who give the orders, run off to continue their crime spree.

Arrest them all.

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