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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

One could say that the military survives by driving men mad. Like bezerkers of old, they have to be unable to think straight to fight for fighting ends one's life on this planet if one is unlucky. Getting men to die for virtually nothing is the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, the Deep Magik. Religion or patriotism is the tool used by cynical, powerful or power-seeking people. Both forces cut the brain off from thinking clearly about anything and then a manipulator can use it for their own means which is, of course, to become powerful and rich and live like a god on earth.

This is why so many of them are very evil. This evil needs to fool humans into dying while gaining very little or nothing because otherwise, war is way too expensive. When Rome faltered, it was due to the fact that the Roman government had to pay people to fight for them and few were willing to die fighting, they just wanted the money. The barbarians were eager to fight and die simply because they were on looting expeditions and thus, gained greatly if they stormed cities and took them down. This is the logic of the Mongol Hordes, for example.

The present American/British/Israeli looting expedition in Iraq is a total failure because only a handful of soldiers are willing to die for AWOL Bush and Deferment Cheney. They just want to collect that bonus and pay check and go home in one piece. The fact that the rebels have managed to utterly mangle this group of reluctant soldiers is pretty amazing. Shows who has the psychic/religious powers, no?

Anyway, the news from Iraq stinks and the news for Bush/Cheney stinks for them because nothing ticks off our rulers more than military failure. It exposes them to revolution and other unpleasant things if the armed troops become angry and restive.

We are seeing the death of patriotism today. The flag waving after 9/11 was a reflexive after effect due to people thinking the patriotic magic was real. Wave the flag and victory would be ours! Instead, it was defeat. No one wants to die for America. Indeed, our government and our culture is infested with people who really don't give a hoot any more than the aliens living in Rome, to whether or not the American ideals in the Constitution survive.

My ancestors feared Rome, aka, the Pope, and all Catholics had to declare primacy to the Constitution and push Rome aside. Here we see Bush and Cheney and all their ilk kissing up to the Roman Popes. Over and over again, putting in overt divided loyalists who serve the Pope before America in the Supreme Court, obvious conspiritors against American patriotic ideals, the seperation of church and state, these Opus Dei conspiritors are out to put chains around our necks and there are other religions doing the same thing, chaining us up, the multi-cultural American ideal, dying rapidly.

From the Independent:
Relief efforts to combat Hurricane Katrina suffered near catastrophic failures due to endemic corruption, divisions within the military and troop shortages caused by the Iraq war, an official American inquiry into the disaster has revealed.

The confidential report, which has been seen by The Independent, details how funds for flood control were diverted to other projects, desperately needed National Guards were stuck in Iraq and how military personnel had to "sneak off post" to help with relief efforts because their commander had refused permission.

The shortcomings in dealing with Katrina have rocked George Bush's administration. Michael Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has resigned from his post and polls show that a majority of Americans feel the President showed inadequate leadership.

The report was commissioned by the Office of Secretary of Defence as an "independent and critical review" of what went so wrong. In a hard-hitting analysis, it says: "The US military has long planned for war on two fronts. This is as close as we have come to [that] reality since the Second World War; the results have been disastrous."
The commander of the military ordering his men and women to stand down reminds me of 9/11, eh? Our military is rapidly filling with non-americans because recruiting is terrible. On top of that, the military propaganda which infests all the minds of our military, are anti-american. I wrote recently of a commander in Iraq who said hotly that our number one job is to protect IRAQ, not America! I have detailed how more than one commander has said Israel is our number one job, too. Over and over, the guys carrying out the dirty work of the rulers cite all sorts of countries or places as the number one job for them and fewer and fewer say, "Protecting America."

The thousand dead in this last month are testimony to this philosophy of letting hell happen at home while servicing aliens abroad. It isn't because we are noble, we are steadfatedly ignoring this: From CNN:
China said 59 of its soldiers were washed away by raging floodwaters sparked by Typhoon Longwang, and the country's president has called for an all-out search, state media have reported.

The typhoon slammed into China's southeast coast late Sunday night. It was downgraded Monday afternoon to a tropical storm, but not before creating havoc on low-lying coastal areas.

The 59 soldiers, members of the China's paramilitary armed police in charge of domestic security, were in a training school barracks in Fujian province when the violent floods hit Monday night, state media said.

Two buildings at the school were washed away, the reports said.

President Hu Jintao ordered that no efforts be spared to search for them, state newspapers reported.

If they are confirmed dead, it would dramatically raise China's official death toll from Typhoon Longwang, which stands at three.
So where is the outpouring of help and love? Are we concerned? Do we give a hoot?
America's China policy is in ruins.

My focus is on China because this is the power that will replace dottering, bankrupt America. Hu came to America, was NOT giving a huge greeting with waving flags and adoration. He went to the UN and Bush snuck in to sign papers and make promises...all of which were broken rapidly as the machinery refused to work. The Pentagon isn't ready to surrender in North Korea or in China. So they refused to cooperate.

The Chinese are very angry about this and also realistic. They know America will collapse now and no inflating of the bubble will benefit China further so they quietly said, as I detailed here, in a "China First" speech last Friday, the money and attention lavished on America will not go only to China. The $250 billion + in loans we want are not on the table anymore.

The power brokers know this. From the NYT:
Now they are cashing in. Executives and directors at many of the nation's largest development companies sold stock at a record pace this summer. Insiders at the 10 largest home builders by market value, including D. R. Horton, KB Home, Toll Brothers and M.D.C. Holdings, have sold nearly 11 million shares, worth $952 million, so far this year. That is a huge jump from the 6.8 million shares, worth $658 million, that insiders sold during all of last year, according to data compiled by Thomson Financial.

Market specialists often view heavy stock sales by corporate insiders as a possible indicator that share prices are headed lower. Some analysts say that the share sales by home builders are reminiscent of the heavy dumping of stock by technology company executives just before the technology bubble burst in 2000. For that reason, the staggering level of insider sales has analysts and investors wondering if home builders see something menacing on the horizon, like a cooling of the real estate market.
All trades by the owners/movers on the stock market are "insider trading." Namely, they all have information the ordinary American trying to riddle out what is happening, doesn't have, since 99% of the information the average American has is propaganda.

Frist just bailed out! Duh! He is now being investigated and he is probably guilty for they all do this, when they see the end near, they all try to dupe someone into buying essencially worthless paper. This is why the biggest con of all: privatization of Social Security, was so big an issue, even as disater was grinding apart major port cities, Bush concentrated only on that task.

He is a big insider/trader. Should have been put in prison but wasn't.

From the WP:
The Bush administration yesterday launched a campaign to urge Americans to conserve energy in homes and businesses as a way to combat high costs this winter.

Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman said at a news conference that consumers could take basic steps to reduce energy consumption and lower costs, including driving 55 miles per hour instead of 65, insulating their houses and keeping their thermostats set at a lower temperature when they are away this winter.
Hahaha. Amazing. We just passed that stupid Energy Bill that was a total rip-off and now they want us to conserve! What program do they have for insulating houses, for example?

Cricket chirp to death waiting.

There is none, there is nothing at all of any sort to "conserve" anything. They want us to do this ourselves while paying ruinous bills. Of course, I built my home to be very energy efficient but then, I know a great deal about all this. Not that anyone paid attention while I yelled about all this!

I spent a fortune on sealing/insulating my house well beyond the code standards.
In a joint news conference with the nonprofit advocacy group Alliance to Save Energy, Bodman did not call for any mandatory conservation measures. Instead, he said he and his deputies would give talks around the country advocating voluntary steps that consumers can take to conserve. The department also will offer to send specialists to 200 businesses to suggest ways they can save energy.
So, Bubble Boy and his energy gulping entourage will tour America, wasting fuel, to tell us how to cope? Good fucking grief!

For example, getting rid of hot water heaters for the European/Japanese on demand types? This costs money. The government could have spent $300 billion we spent on a futile war, subisdizing loans and giving grants to do this. Installing energy panels on many roofs, ditto. I was on ABC talking about how to fund energy projects nationally and was shot down!

Well, it is kind of late, isn't it?

From Yahoo:
Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday told members of a Marine Corps unit that suffered heavy casualties in Iraq that the United States will honor the dead by "completing the mission."

"All of you are part of a team that continues to make history," he told about 4,500 Marines, many from the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines.

The battalion lost 48 people in Iraq and had more than 150 wounded. The deaths included 14 Marines killed in back-to-back attacks within a week over the summer.

"The loss to our country is irreplaceable," Cheney told the crowd before awarding Purple Hearts to five Marines, including two from the 25th. "We will honor their memory forever and we will honor their sacrifice by completing the mission."
Like Hitler emerging from his bunker, Cheney comes out into the sun briefly to give worthless medals to soldiers who performed worthless tasks. They are to content themselves with this frappadoodle and think this is a great moment to cherish when they find themselves shivering under some bridge in the future when they are tossed aside.

Meanwhile, the rulers are beginning the Nixon process: first, get rid of the VP, install a tool of their own, then kick Bush out. They don't want Hastert. They remember Ford and Ford was tons better than Hastert. He could play golf with them, at least. More or less.

And they absolutely loathed Jimmy Carter. He is a Christian as well as a patriot. Boooo.

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