Friday, October 14, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Americans would like to think the whole world is fooled into believing we are powerful. But we are naked before the gaze of those who clothe and feed us: Asians. Every time we trot over there to do anything now, they yank our leashes. Japan does this. China does this. They all do this because they know who the real bosses are: them.

First, the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Snowed Under. From NYT:
Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, touring this village in the Sichuan province to promote "financial modernization," urged China on Thursday to take lessons from the United States on how to spend more, borrow more and save less.

Mr. Snow argued that China's consumers and entrepreneurs are badly in need of financial sophistication offered by American banks and investment banks.

As he wandered through a thriving farmers' market and a traditional rural credit cooperative, Mr. Snow said that with better credit, Chinese families would be able to spend more money, buy more goods and perhaps reduce China's huge trade surplus with the United States.

"Good credit facilitation and consumer finance is going to help consumers buy more things," Mr. Snow said.

"We see consumerism and consumer credit as going directly to the thing we have most on our minds - the global imbalances."

It has been an awkward lecture at times, given that China's economy is still growing at a blistering pace of 9 percent, is a huge magnet for foreign investors and is one of the United States' biggest creditors.
Awkward? How about totally hysterical. Unfortunately for the Bush plan to make the Chinese laugh to death, they are practiced pokerfaces, this is how they survived Mao. Note how our so called American negotiators all echo exactly President Hu's latest lines? After all, this week, he announced the money flowing to America will now stay home and recycle in China! They are the world's biggest savers and now they will buy more stuff and credit will extend to them via the government. And what will they buy? Leer jets?

Alas for America, all our factories but a few are now in China! So all that stuff that flowed here will cease, won't it? Ditto the cash to buy it! So why is Snow encouraging this? It isn't as if we are going to be selling much of anything to the Chinese, are we? Like what?


Well, thank you, Apple, for making something someone can buy. But the Ipods will be made in China, too.

So, off we go to another American diplomatic mission: the Chinese thoughtfully drew up papers of surrender to North Korea, one of the trio of outlaw states we are supposedly at war with. No one in the Bush Gruppen will sign it so Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson is off to China to see if he can get something going, what, I cannot fathom. From the NYT:
Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a United Nations ambassador in the Clinton administration who has long maintained contacts with North Korea, will travel next week to Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, for talks aimed at persuading the North to give up its nuclear arms program, Mr. Richardson's office and the Bush administration said Thursday.

Mr. Richardson, a prominent Democrat, said that he would not represent the United States as an official negotiator but that his trip was intended "to move the diplomatic process forward," following an agreement in principle reached last month in the six-nation talks involving North Korea and the United States and its partners, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China.

"I am not an official envoy, but I am supportive of the administration's new policy to engage the North Koreans through dialogue and diplomacy," Mr. Richardson said Thursday in an interview.

"North Korea is at a crossroads today, and it should take advantage of the goal of the six-party talks, a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, to advance its own interest in reviving its economy and building a better life for its citizens," he added.
Crossroads, indeed. I would say, they have been hugely successful. We are alienated from South Korea, our troops are hated, we twisted South Korea's arm to support our illegal invasion of Iraq. The interpower relations of the Asian tigers means they all want to use us as their dogs and we have accomodated them by financially stripping ourselves to the bone and hooking the leashes on by our own leaders.

One thing the Chinese want is for us to start disarming. This surrender has to be discreet. From the World Peace Herald:
Lawmakers say the Bush administration has decided to abandon efforts to improve its current system of ground-based ballistic missile interceptors.

"After many years of investment in this midcourse interceptor, (the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency) has now essentially decided that the first generation (ground-based interceptors) will also be its last generation," said the Senate Committee on Appropriations in a report accompanying its version of the 2006 defense appropriations bill.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency continues to seek billions to develop and deploy the interceptors, including up to 40 in Alaska by the end of 2007 and some in Europe after that, but the committee said it had abandoned plans for further improvements to the interceptor currently being deployed -- a process known as "spiral development" in which systems are deployed before they are fully developed and then upgraded as technology improves.
We really can't afford Star Wars anymore. The stripping down of everything is but just beginning. The flurry of spending bills/tax cuts of the summer were demented. Our lawmakers thought the money gravy train would never derail.

As I have often pointed out in the past, the Chinese in particular, want us to fail, economically. We can't wage war against them if we are bankrupt. They want to handle this gently, they will let us slowly deflate, they are not in a hurry. They have to deal with a billion peasants themselves so they don't want to be too distracted by dealing with potential wars with the USA. So they will lay down a featherbed for us to collapse into.

This is why our traitorous rulers are sidling into China, begging bowls stretched out, hoping they will still support us, they said they would tide us over...but no $250 billion for rebuilding the entire Deep South. Nope. Nada. Nor any money for high fuel costs. That is our problem. So this new budget will begin to show up rapidly, as Congress comes back to business. This budget is going to whack the middle class and lower classes like a guillotine. There are only rich people in Congress. The lobbyists are nervous. They all want something, they need something.

But the cupboard will soon be bare. I read today that soldiers severely wounded in Iraq are being charged for the loss of their bullet proof vests! $650 each. This is how threadbare it is. We are spending a fortune to put hurricane victims in trailer parks and hotels. This is utterly open ended, you know. It will be a festering sore. Bush won't let any hurricane victims access any government programs for housing, it has to be all ad-hoc so they can cut the housing budget for Section 8 housing!

The trade deficit with China yawned even more agape this last month and what happens? Snow tells the Chinese to imitate us.

Laugh to death. Yes. This is quite a game plan. I can't wait. Hardy har har.

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