Saturday, October 15, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ole Tom Thumb in every Pie DeLay is on the attack. He is launching his leaky Dreadnought of a website today. From Yahoo news:
Stung by his recent indictment in Texas, Tom Delay is trying to turn his legal woes into a financial boon for his re-election. The former House majority leader is using his congressional campaign to distribute to voters derogatory information about the prosecutor who brought the charges against him and to solicit donations for his re-election.

It is one ugly site. The lack of creativity and the trite design is a characteristic of all corporate/poltical right wing web design. They all look alike and are boring to look at and are pretty nasty. The links work, but the design is predictible as well as annoying. To me, anyway. Here, take a look!
Dear Friend,
As you probably know, the very partisan Travis County D.A. recently manufactured an indictment against me that is based on charges from the 2002 Texas State House elections.
These charges are groundless and false. I am completely innocent.
Just as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and other public officials have defeated similar attacks from this D.A., I will prove his allegations are baseless and without merit.
Despite this partisan distraction, I will continue to represent you and fight for the interests of our community.
I hope you’ll take a moment now to read more about exactly what is happening and why. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to keeping you up to date on our fight this out of control DA.
But then, many web sites are annoying to look at. But at least the uglier blog sites are all done by people with no training and no money. So it is OK to look crummy.

But poor DeLay paid top dollar for his site! Bet a whole committee of people designed it and OKed it. He probably wasn't happy until it looked exactly like all the .gov sites. You know, I have zero training as a web designer. My kids are still in school, learning about this topic.

And not to be too boastful, between us, we managed to make a pretty good free web page. All it takes is having a good sense of what is good, having a thing called "good taste" which is developed by looking at Flemish masters...Which reminds me!

In Manhattan, the Frick Museum is showing Flemish masters!f
All you have to do is look at their artwork and let the eyeballs soak it in, even better is to copy it by sketching which is how I learned to do art. I never took any art courses, not even in highschool.

All you need is the proper models! As for web sites: I copy the BBC as much as possible considering the data limitations of Every week, we put our heads together to figure out how to jiggle the template to produce the results I desire. Then my hard working son puts in the actual code. I have tried this in a modest way but once, when I crashed the site, was told, "Um, let me do it, mom."

Heh. Geeze. All thumbs.

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