Saturday, October 01, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just read in the news that far from three battalions of Iraqi traitors willing to fight in our stead, not even one is able. Worse, the one that is barely able is mostly made up of resistance fighters who are secretly attacking us in the rear! Of course, the idea that a Muslim nation would embrace a Jewish/Christian invasion in the first place is sheer, rank insanity.

Of course, America being the super-religious country that it is, can't understand super religions. Period. This blind spot is key to this unfolding disaster. People who can't for the life of themselves understand that there is more than one religion can't conduct foreign policy that is effective and sane. I would suggest, atheists for this job, no?

No delusions of grandeur.

Here are some pictures of our unfolding disaster this week:
We think we are so clever, telling them they are free, they have liberty and they are our friends after we torture them and keep them locked up in our massive prison system there. Note the look of joy and gratitude on the faces of the prisoners we are releasing. I doubt we would want to meet any of them in a dark alley. Or in broad daylight.
We keep the men all locked up because we are scared to death of them but we can't lock up all of them forever unlike the Nazis who simply murdered everyone, remember, we are going to put Saddam on trial for killing we let them go. Temporarily.

Today, we are attacking yet another village. Winning hearts and minds, look at this picture of the joyous faces of our Iraqis!
The happy Iraqis are celebrating the death of people like this poor man:
fEvery soldier in this war is an unknown soldier because Americans don't give a hoot about him, he is immaterial, a nobody. No name, no face. I didn't get his picture from a news story, there aren't any about him. Look at his happy eyes...guess who is winning this war!
More very happy Iraqis. Note the children's unrestrained glee. They can't stop laughing and jumping up and down with sheer happiness. Several Danish soldiers in what was once quiet Basra were blown up yesterday. This is now a daily occurance. This brings the Iraqi people tremendous joy and brightens their day so I suppose our military overlords just want to keep them happy and entertained. Watching soldiers burn to death has some amusement factor, evidently. Look at the glee we all took over blowing up innocent civilians when we first invaded.
Remember all the civilians we butchered when we re-re-took Fallujah? Well, here are their happy faces as the survivors rail at us. Note that these same people will be happy to set more bombs for us for they approve of the new program to please and entertain the children by blowing up the illegal invaders.

Hahahaha. Whoopee.
fLovely photo of a very religious boy who is praying very hard. I don't think we want to know what he is asking Allah to do but I have a dim idea.

Recruitments are at an all time low in America. Few Americans want to play, "Blow Me Up, Please!" The Pentagon and Bush are certain that with the unfolding economic mess they created for us, we will be so desperate for jobs, our young men will sign up for this game of Iraqi Roulette.

Spin that wheel!

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