Sunday, October 23, 2005

Judy Miller Was Told About 9/11 Attacks Two Months Before They Happened


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In July, 2001, Judith Miller suddenly appeared at the desk of her editor to tell him about a pending attack on America from bin Laden. He asked who told her and she shut up and disappeared and never mentioned it again. Arrest her. Find out who it was.

From the Columbia Journalism Review:
By Douglas McCollam

In July of 2001, Steve Engelberg, then an editor at The New York Times, looked up to see Judy Miller standing at his desk. As Engelberg recalls, Miller had just learned from a source about an intercepted communication between two Al Qaeda members who were discussing how disappointed they were that the United States had never attempted to retaliate for the bombing of the USS Cole. Not to worry, one of them said, soon they were going to do something so big that the U.S. would have to retaliate.

Miller was naturally excited about the scoop and wanted the Times to go with the story. Engelberg, himself a veteran intelligence reporter, wasn’t so sure. There had been a lot of chatter about potential attacks; how did they know this was anything other than big talk? Who were these guys? What country were they in? How had we gotten the intercept? Miller didn’t have any answers and Engelberg didn’t think they could publish without more context. Miller agreed to try and find out more, but in the end the story never ran.
OK, 9/11 Commission, explain all THAT!

This really cheezes me off. Here, once again, is proof that a slew of people knew about "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Within the USA" and not one of these clowns are in prison for conspiring to hide a potential terrorist attack! Not one! Who told whom what? This is a burning question. Thousands and thousands of Americans and innocent Iraqi and even innocent Afghani bystanders have died hideous, bloody deaths because of this conspiracy!

Bush called 9/11 he trifecta and gloated about how it made him popular and powerful. How much did Judy know and who told her? Libby? Rove? The Mossad? Sharon? Bush? Condi Rice? Cheney? Who, who who told her this startling information and why did the editor of the NYT hide it when the attack she gloated about actually happened?

Don't you think he would call her in and grill her? Then call the fucking FBI and CIA and talk to them? And....YIKES. Since I am pretty certain the CIA and FBI and the President and his whole band of thieves were colluding here, of course, calling them would have led to this editor having something bad happen...Like anthrax letters going to his...Wait! This did happen.

Arrest them all. Arrest them all and interrogate them at Gitmo. Hand them over to Lyndie England for interrogation.


This is so insane. How can the editor who helped Judy hide this sleep at night and why did it take him so many years to reveal this information and why is no one screaming about this but a few benighted bloggers?

Insane. Never forget 9/11/1.

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