Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indited! Rove in the Wings!


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Libby is going to be put on trial now. Next: Rove. Bring on the Marching Frogs!

From the NYT:
Mr. Fitzgerald has scheduled a news conference at 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time in Washington to discuss his findings. Details will be posted on the special prosecutor's web site at noon. (

As rumors coursed through the capital, Mr. Fitzgerald gave no public signal Thursday of how he intended to proceed, further intensifying the anxiety that has gripped the White House and left partisans on both sides of the political aisle holding their breath.

Mr. Fitzgerald's preparations for today's announcement have been shrouded in secrecy, but advanced amid a flurry of behind-the-scenes discussions that left open the possibility of last-minute surprises. As the clock ticked down on the grand jury, people involved in the investigation did not rule out the disclosure of previously unknown aspects of the case.
Impeach Cheney! Impeach Bush! Blowing up a country and attacking our own ambassadors is a crime! Arrest them all.


Welcome to fascist America...We still have this pesky thing called "the Constitution", sort of. And laws. Hitler and his minions got caught in the web of the laws and even went to prison. Didn't stop them from taking over Germany and nearly destroying all of Europe, did it? But we still have the rule of law. And this rule can't be shoved aside so easily.

And as Bush and his satanic ritualist fascist minions fight real Americans, we know which side we are on! I hope! The born again Christians are twisting the monkey's tail and he is very angry with them. He hates Christians with a pure passion. This is why he loves aping them, being an ape and all that. Like in the Middle Ages when once a year, the church allows the masses to make fun of the church, the Christians in America elevated the town drunk and draped the robes of sanctity upon him and paraded him into the church where he slobbered and gibbered mindlessly while they worshipped him.

Kind of reminds me of the Golden Calf! This idol was supposed to shower wealth and power upon the Israelites. And Moses slew them and threw down the Golden Calf and made them wander in the wilderness. Perhaps our money worshipping, neo-satanic right wing churches need a religious cleansing, no? Like, indeed.

The oil companies owe Cheney a lot. They just got yet another big windfall on top of the war windfall, every day since Bush took office, their profits have soared to the heavens. They have a lot of money to buy many things especially power to do whatever they want and they want all our money and to leave us penniless.

If other American corporate interests want this too, we will see our doom. But I suppose there will now be a big rift in the ranks of the mindless corporate entities who put Bush and Cheney upon the imperial throne? Will they fight each other? Already, some, like Soros and Bill Gates, are ditching the dollar and fleeing our shores, so to speak.

But we have to stand and fight. And a prosecutor isn't the end of the battles, he is merely the opening shot. We, the people, have to do the rest.

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