Tuesday, October 04, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Here is the article: From MSNBC news:
Among a host of qualities that White House counsel Harriet Ellan Miers shares with new Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is the apparent lack of any personal legal agenda. Known for an exacting, no-nonsense style, Miers — like Roberts — tends to avoid the limelight.

Once described by White House chief of staff Andrew Card as “one of the favorite people in the White House,” Miers has been there for President Bush at every turn for more than a decade.

She was Bush’s personal lawyer in Texas, took on the thankless job of cleaning up the Texas Lottery when he was governor, and followed him to Washington to serve as staff secretary, the person who controls every piece of paper that crosses the president’s desk.
I was on a roof all day, working. Now that I am home, time to analyze the latest criminal in the Bush cabal.

The most important paper to cross a desk in the last 50 years was the famous bin Laden determined to strike in the USA document. Since this lady vetted it and the photo is from that day on the 6th of August, she is showing him probably exactly that document! So, this criminal woman kept silent while America thought the attack came out of the blue and that the Pentagon wasn't asked to sit down and not protect us nor was Bush happy despite a movie showing him smiling with pure joy after hearing about the second jet hitting the WTC, nor the fact that all the Bushies call 9/11 "winning the trifecta"....they all hid the fact that they were very forewarned and knew quite a bit and this was all before "(En)Able Danger".

Frankly, I have tried to find what she said to the 9/11 commission, if anything. I bet they didn't interview her under oath. Heck, they barely got anyone at the top under oath since all were lying like crazy, it was pointless, I suppose.

Anyway, she is up to her eyeballs in the conspiracy to destroy America and like so many destructive people Bush seems bent on imposing on us, she will happily allow us all to die in various horrible ways without even blinking her hooded owl eyes.

Halloween is early this year.

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