Sunday, October 30, 2005

Military Poison Gas Destruction Screw-ups


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The destruction of VX gas leaks into the environment. This illegal stockpile is being destroyed because the Cold War is over. Unlike the illegal anthrax war germs, it can't be mailed to the Senate or reporters so it has little purpose, anyway.

Army contractors halted operations Saturday at a western Indiana complex built to destroy a deadly nerve agent after nearly 500 gallons of caustic wastewater spilled in a contained area.

No workers were injured or exposed to the hydrolysate, a byproduct of the destruction of the agent, when it leaked onto the floor of a sealed area at the Newport Chemical Depot, depot spokesman Dennis Lindsey said.

The facility was to be shut down until the spill was cleaned up and its cause determined, Lindsey said.

The western Indiana facility destroys the Cold War-era chemical weapon VX using a mixture of heated sodium hydroxide and water. A droplet is enough to kill a healthy human.
I remember Cold War propaganda not to mention today's propaganda. "We are the GOOD GUYS," has been our mantra. Since the horrors of WWI, the use of VX gas types have been strictly forbidden, haven't they? And after Hitler used gases to kill civilians in WWII, doubly so. So why did our (German/Japanese) scientists set out to teach Americans how to make these gases and why did we stockpile millions of gallons of this junk? One drop can kill? And we are good?

Geeze, this is Darth Vader level killing, isn't it? This is the sort of stuff Rumsfeld was discussing with Saddam when he was our tool to attack the Iranians. He then used it on his own people and supposedly is on trial for that, oh, scratch that, he isn't on trial for using poison gases, is he?

Meanwhile, we try to undo the witches' brew by decomposing this toxin and it gets out into the environment. Eventually, cleaned up slightly, it will be discharged into New Jersey, lucky New Jersey! Well, why not? I would like to see it pumped into the Pentagon instead but that is a no-no. Maybe we could pump it into the underground secret missile resistent bunkers that will hold our unholy leaders if they accidentally or deliberately start WWIII.

Maybe we could water that aspen grove filled with reporters and media owners and corporate lobbyists and government officials? Let their joint roots drink it up, unpurified, eh?

The depths of our perfidy and evil we plumbed during the Cold War knows no bottom. The only real reason why most of humanity wasn't killed over that ideological imperialist battle for control of world resources is only because the leaders weren't insane on both sides.

Nearly so with Stalin but he departed before the machinery was ready to go, luckily for humanity.

But then now we are being led by a deranged monkey and his crew of aspen trees. Gack. Sounds like a mix between Narnia and the Wizard of Oz.

Lord spare us.

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