Saturday, October 01, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As support from American citizens oozes away, the secret/spy/underground network is strengthened and increased in size and in its ability to spy on American citizens at home. The latest salvo in this campaign to strangle democracy at home comes from the Troskyites who are running the black mail sector of our government: From the Washington Post:
Republicans on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence want to strip from the CIA its primary role as manager of overseas collection of human intelligence, suggesting that Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte take over that responsibility.

The CIA's Directorate of Operations, the agency's clandestine arm, which now coordinates spying overseas by all U.S. intelligence agencies, in the past "did not effectively exercise the authorities of the national HUMINT [human intelligence] manager often focusing instead on its own structure and operations," the committee majority said in its report on the fiscal 2006 intelligence authorization bill released late Thursday.
Negroponte is a notorious neo-conman. He was made a "czar" recently for the sole function of collecting information about us all so he and his bosses can blackmail people into silence.

They tried this on Cindy Sheehan but she still slips their noose but they trail after her just like they did with Martin Luther King, hoping to find embarrassing private information about her. The campaign to do in Clinton was privately funded and the FBI, despite being hard up to find dirt, were slowed down or thwarted by existing laws but thanks to Able Danger assisting Atta in organizing and running a successful attack on America while Bush and Rummy and Cheney all goofed off deliberately, now we have Congress and the entire political spectrum rushing in to allow and enable spying on people who are not criminals nor anything but are people the State wishes to twart or control.

Reuters has told the US government that American forces' conduct towards journalists in Iraq is "spiralling out of control" and preventing full coverage of the war reaching the public.

The detention and accidental shootings of journalists is limiting how journalists can operate, wrote David Schlesinger, the Reuters global managing editor, in a letter to Senator John Warner, head of the armed services committee.

The Reuters news service chief referred to "a long parade of disturbing incidents whereby professional journalists have been killed, wrongfully detained, and/or illegally abused by US forces in Iraq".
The military is going to spy on us? Guess what!

They will openly murder citizens as we suspend posse comitas and allow them to run all our rescue programs, note how Bush slyly puts in utterly incompetent people into these positions so we can all rush to the military for help! Note how the "bulldog" we put in place in New Orleans is a fascist who wants to control reporters more than he wants to save anyone? Beware, oh, beware, the most dangerous rescuer of all is the guy in the military uniform! They are very dangerous and make odious rulers.


Tying this in with the GOP/right wing push to keep many social interactions illegal, one can see clearly why they need to do this. Despite many of the right wing spooky people being secret gays, for example, or kinky sex or adultery, they know they are part of the conspiracy of traitors and thus, safe to do whatever they want in private. But they need this illicit information to control other people. This is why Cheney's daughter can be an open gay but Chelsea, for example, dare not even kiss a boy in private. The interaction of the media and the spooks blackmailing people is very important.

When we lefty bloggers uncovered the gay prostitute, Gannon, the man they were using to blackmail people, the entire media united suddenly to whitewash him and to cover up his true nature: to lure men into sex and then take pictures and use them to control REPORTERS. Who then, to cover up their tracks since many are married men pretending to not be bisexual, everyone conspired to make it look like we bloggers were unethical.

This sad exercise continues, even today, they try to pretend he is simultaneously nobody or they pet him in public so he won't squeal and so far, since he isn't "suicided," his silence is working well.

The FBI was given free reign to spy on Americans until Watergate. They spied on me. Since my teenage life was openly wild, they couldn't blackmail me since I was famous for being a crazy teenager and besides, who cares who a teen sleeps with, anyway? Har. Not like I wanted to be straight. YUCK. Die a thousand deaths!

So, utterly immune to blackmail, they use this information to lock people out of the government as if I wanted to join this gang of evil doers in the first place. YUCK again.

The GOP hates liberalism because it makes all this moot since no one cares who sleeps with whom but we do care about who pays whom for what which is what the DeLay affair is all about. He can sleep with a sick mongoose using snakes as sex aids for all I care. But accepting bribes is a different matter.

Putin gained power by blackmailing his boss who he spied upon. Hoover spied on all our Presidents and made them dance to his tune and those that didn't died. All our media owners are spied upon and they, too respond accordingly. The ability to suddenly arrest them like Martha Stewart, is the sword hanging over their collective heads. Obey the ringleaders and they get the fruits of victory.

Only this gang is stupid as well as incompetent like Saddam, able to control their little group but unable to fight a simple war against a virtually unarmed foe, conduct any form of diplomacy, or run the country. Thus, rising fury against them which is why they are frantic to have total Beria/Himmler level of domestic police powers and suspention of the Constitution---which is why Padillo has no trials, no charges.

They know that Negroponte will have to use all his powers to supress dissent and stop elections and terrorize opponents. The Democrats, afraid of looking "weak" have gone along with this deadly farce and think, if only they are more authoritarian, they, too, will win elections and become powerful and save us all with the fierce "big daddy" whose face is familiar to us all, it is Hitler/Stalin melded into one.

His name is Big Brother.f

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