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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is no surprize to see American owned media entities are steadfast in refusing to analyse or even cover very much, the stunning news that our highest analysis and operatives in the Pentagon really work for Israel, not America. Just like none of these media talk about certain so-called Americans who hold double citizenship with other nations while destroying America or enabling American deaths. To get even the barest facts, one has to use the internet to go to alien countries to get any useful information or analysis.

Our Supreme Court has now three seats which are occupied by men who have sworn personal fealty via the occult Opus Dei conspiracy, to a foreign power in Rome. Instead of protecting the Constitution, they work to limit our native freedoms so their real ruler can impose his will upon us non-catholics. This is exactly what our founding fathers feared. Much of the hostility to the immigration of Catholics was founded on the fear of Rome controlling America. Previous to Bush, no President went hat in hand to the Vatican but Bush did this several times!

Israel itself has a very interesting press, even as the government tries to squelch all dissent, some truth comes out there, via papers like Haaretz, for example. Unlike the near news blackout here in America, for example, stuff you will never ever see in the NYT, for example. I wish to thank Haaretz here right now for being so good and so informative. Please continue this tradition for the Jewish community, just like so many others, are not monolithic at all but rivven by the ongoing religious/ethnic wars launched in the wake of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire (WWI, WWII and the Cold War and now the idiotic War on Terror (sic)).

From Haaretz:
Israel: We didn't 'run' U.S. aide who passed classified data

By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent, and AP

A senior Israeli official said Thursday that Israel did not activate a U.S. Defense Department employee who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for passing classified information to Israeli officials.

The defense analyst, Lawrence A. Franklin, has admitted to discussing with an Israeli embassy official and two members of an Israeli lobbying group top secret information, including details about potential attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.

Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Yuval Steinitz said Thursday that Israel had not known about Franklin's actions.
If you plugged Yuval to a lie detector, it would blow up. Off the scale lies are always amusing. Bush and his cabal tell them all the time. It is way too late for the Zionists to pretend they don't work day and night to control America via traitorous proxies. Franklin didn't merely get cited, he is now convicted of spying for Israel. So, are we withdrawing our embassy representatives and demanding apologies?

Hahaha. Far from it!
"I say very clearly that Israel is not spying in the United States or against the United States," Steinitz told Army Radio. "The conviction doesn't accuse Israel of activating Franklin."

Steinitz said he had just returned from "very friendly" meetings with senior defense officials in the United States, including a deputy to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The case did not come up in the meetings, Steinitz said.
Arrest Rumsfeld. Arrest all the "very friendly" officers in the Pentagon. This nest of traitors using America to do the bidding of the Likud is unconscionable! How dare they! Note also, according to the real boss of the Pentagon, no American agent working for Israel asked any questions about this stunning betrayal of our trust!

One analyst for the Pentagon wrote last year that the Israeli military has total free run of the Pentagon and don't get checked or sign in, even, they walk right in the front door and go whereever they wish without escorts. Arrest Rumsfeld, arrest all the traitors allowing this! Evidently, they still have full acess to all our secrets, our offices, our officers.
Franklin said in court that he was frustrated with government policy and that he had hoped the two members of American Israel Public Affairs Committee could influence policy with their connections at the National Security Council.

He also admitted giving classified information to a political official at the Israeli embassy, but said the information he received from the official was far more valuable than what he gave.

The official with whom Franklin was said to be in contact was Naor Gilon, the former head of the political department at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Israel Radio reported.

"I knew in my heart that his government had this information," Franklin said. "He gave me far more information than I gave him."
And pray tell, what was this fabulous, "information"? Is this stuff connected with Atta, pray tell? Note that our mainstream news media went mute when they learned that an undercover Mossad agent was sitting next to Atta and was instantly dispached by him on 9/11. If anyone thinks it is totally coincidental that a high ranking undercover Mossad agent just happened to be sitting next to Atta, this begs the question, how did Atta know who he was?

The real burning question is, why is this never mentioned by our rulers nor talked about in the press nor examined by the 9/11 commissioners? Know the answers to all this, one enters the bizarre ugly world of spy vs America.

It isn't just the Likud spying on America, there are a host of other triators: From the WP:
The Justice Department is investigating whether a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines stole classified documents while he worked in the office of Vice President Cheney and provided the information to opposition politicians in Manila, Bush administration officials said yesterday.

The possibility that Leandro Aragoncillo was passing the material while stationed as a U.S. Marine security official at the White House marks a dramatic expansion of the case against him and a former Philippine police official, Michael Ray Aquino. Both were arrested and charged in federal court in Newark last month with sending classified information obtained this year to the Philippines -- more than two years after Aragoncillo left the White House and went to work as an FBI intelligence analyst.
OK, here is further proof our present practice of trolling for military recruits in foreign lands is dangerous. We have had aliens fight for America in the past such as Lafeyette of France but the vast majority of Continental Army active recruits were natives of America.

Any nation that hands over their security, their military, their media, every necessary public/defense mechanism to aliens and dual citizens will end up the bloody mess our country is today.

As I keep saying, arrest these traitors. Put them all on trial.

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