Monday, October 31, 2005

Northrup/Grumman Engineer Sells Secrets to Secret Ally

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mr. Gowadia, a retired engineer for Northrup/Grumman who worked on the Stealth bomber, was arrested quietly in Hawaii for selling information to an unknown person (ahem). Why the secrecy about who bought the information? I say, it is Israel and the power of AIPAC silences all news stories about Israeli spying.

From the Honolulu Advertiser:
A Maui resident who was a former design engineer for a large defense contractor has been accused of selling classified information about the B-2 stealth bomber to at least three foreign governments, the FBI said yesterday.

Noshir S. Gowadia of Haiku was arrested yesterday on suspicion of "willfully communicating national defense information to a person not entitled to receive it," which is punishable by fines and up to 10 years in prison, the FBI said.

"This is an extremely important case and we won't be commenting until we're prepared to do so," said U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo in a telephone interview last night from Ontario, Calif.
OK, this is an extremely important case which is why it isn't appearing as a headline in any major American newsmedia. I looked and looked. This is where I first found it, on a blog run by a friend. From This Old Brit:
Suddenly, it seems as though there's something of a surfeit of U.S. 'spy-stories' surfacing.

This afternoon someone dropped this bombshell in This Old Brit's in-box.
Like Richard and other bloggers, I, too, get information from our curious and very good at digging up stuff readers. We really appreciate this assistance!

The thing is, this information is nearly totally blacked out in America and it isn't due to trying to arrest spies and deal with hostile countries. The fact that the persons involved in this case have already read about it in the news or were not arrested nor were any ambassadors called onto the carpet and chewed out nor was anyone deported who was doing this stuff, indeed, modus operandi for AIPAC and the Israelis.

When the Franklin/AIPAC/Israel spy ring was dealt with, everything was most peculiar. Franklin didn't contest anything in court, I suspect he has a pardon promise in his back pocket just like Libby. The AIPAC officials aren't sitting in prison waiting trail, nor just sitting like Padillo who can't even get a trial or even an inditement....They get to just fade into the background virtually untouched so they can resume their work. I suspected the GOP flashed the news of the Franklin arrest so AIPAC would, before the last Presidential election, open their purses to Bush and buy more influence. It must have worked for news about this stuff has again disappeared and at no point is there a special prosecutor checking out to see if AIPAC should be eliminated as a hostile money funnelling corruption group like all those Muslim charities we outlawed under the stupid Patriot Act.

Since Homeland Security is being run by an Israeli agent, this doesn't surprize me at all.

From SW

Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment

7. On or about June 3, 2003, FRANKLIN met with FO-3 at the POAC, and the discussion centered on a specific person, not in the United States government, and her thoughts concerning the nuclear program of the Middle Eastern country and, separately, certain charity efforts in Foreign Nation A.

Page 24 Paragraph numbered 7of the AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment (see below)

This is in reference to a meeting between FRANKLIN (Larry Franklin) and FO-3 (Naor Gilon) at the Pentagon Officers Athletic Club. The woman referenced is Judith Miller. Miller is a reporter for the New York Times who is as I write held in a Federal Facility in contempt of court. She wrote many now discredited stories on WMDs for the Times. The Charitable work was The Iraqi Jewish Archive which Judith Miller and Harold Rhode cooperated on with Ahmad Chalabi.

I have reason to believe that the conversation between Larry Franklin and Naor Gilon about Judith Miller included a reference to Valerie Plame. This case becomes a time bomb if it is revealed that Mossad had a part in the outing of CIA agent Plame.
Ah, those dense aspen roots! This forest has many trees. Nearly all of these trees are traitors in one form or another. Indeed, the fact that foreign governments can use either dual citizens or religious brethern to bribe or manipulate our government should horrify and terrify all patriots.

The man selling information to the unknown agents, Mr. Gowadia, comes from India. India and Israel have many entanglements and some are very much related to passing on nuclear or military secrets. There seems to be some people in the Pentagon and FBI who are upset about all this for every once and a while, Israeli double agents are arrested. But this seems to be only on occasion, perhaps when the people involved become too blatant about all this like Mr. Franklin. We will note that no one else was arrested in this business even though there are many Israeli operatives who are also neo cons working deep within the Pentagon to this very day.

Here is a list of 2001 campaign contributions from AIPAC to our supposed representatives. Note who gets the most money, many surprizes here, eh? Certainly, this fund is very generous to people who hold top committee seats. From WRMEA:
Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2000 Congressional Candidates
1999-2000 Cycle

TOTAL for 1999-2000 Election Cycle $2,044,606
TOTAL 1978-2000 Funds to Congressional Candidates $34,607,182
TOTAL No. of Recipient Candidates, 1978-2000 1,732
That is a lot of loot. The amount spent this last four years dwarfs this amount, even. Since 9/11, the funnel of money flowing from our Treasury to Israel has disgourged a tremendous amount of money. If there were no war in Iraq, it would be quite noticable. Of course, the money spent on Iraq dwarfs everything. $300 billion is a lot of money! I suppose the AIPAC people look at that money that is being pocketed by all and sundry to virtually no effect on the ground in Iraq and are morose. They would dearly love to have such lavish spending. Of course, they are partial owners of Bush and Cheney and members do make a lot of money selling stuff to the USA, why, we even buy our bullets in Israel, not at home only.

AIPAC has an armlock on both political parties. They help keep Congress in a static position since they need corruption, not honest change. Buying the blind eye of all participants in our government, we end up with a government that can't protect us as we clearly saw on 9/11 which was desired by both Bush and foreign agents who wanted an excuse to attack Iraq, the PNAC plan for "a new Pearl Harbor".

After the most recent spy scandals, Israel's money from our pockets should have been shut down. Sharon should have been condemned, we should have raised a ruckus in the UN....Hahaha, with our double agent, Bolton, who is part of the whole Plame mess, a man deeply involved with Judy Miller, he visited her in prison just before she sprang herself out. Note that the promises he made, that she wouldn't be prosecuted for any of the dozens of crimes she witnessed and assisted, note that her deep involvement in double agent work was kept under wraps by all and sundry and that the prosecutor, Fitzgerald, didn't bring up any of this crap in his Libby inditement! Ha.

Far from uncovering tons of root connections, Fitzgerald pruned just one tree. When our bloated, corrupt Senators wanted to go after Mr. Galloway of England, attacking him for supporting Palestinians, all the AIPAC tools owned by Israel lined up to yell at him fruitlessly. They recently released a report written by AIPAC in the backrooms full of accusations that haven't stood in court in England. This ongoing action against an elected official representing many Muslims in England is just another dirty trick played by our double agents here in America. Instead of investigating the WMD lies, investigating how AIPAC has infiltrated and compromised military secrecy, instead of.....Heck. Nothing connected to the forest of trees is going to be pursued by our "elected" officials!

Much less see the front pages of our top news papers especially the New York Times who ran all those articles attacking China and an ethnic Chinese scientist, all of which was proven false after the poor man suffered isolation in prison. We have no idea how many Muslims have suffered torture and detention with no trials, no crimes, under the Patriot Act! No Israelis are suffering because of these laws. Not one.

And this is ridiculous.

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