Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Real Hero: Rosa Parks


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Rosa Parks will always be a great hero and role model for all of us. She was brave and good. She saved America when our country refused to stop proto-Nazi aparteid racism.

Rosa Parks committed a crime. Ten years after the American empire defeated the Nazi empire, America was still enforcing Nazi racial laws with a vengence. Like Jews in Nazi Germany, blacks couldn't drink from certain fountains, eat in most restraunts, sleep in most hotels, travel on most forms of public transportation and in general, were our Jews.

The Communist nations used this to mock our nation and prove successfully to the world that America, far from being free, was really a Nazi state. And WWII wasn't about freedom at all but simply the clash of capitalist empires.

They were 100% right.

Alarmed people told Eisenhower that there was no propaganda to undo the images of rank racism and lynchings in America. We were losing hearts and minds in countries filled with "black" people like in Africa or Asia because of our Nazi laws. But Eisenhower was afraid of irritating neo-Nazi racists in the South so he moved very slowly and cautiously. Fed up with the glacial rate of undoing obvious Nazi race laws, the NAACP and student organizations and the ACLU decided to start forcing the issue by refusing to cooperate with these Hitlerian laws. Volunteers risked their lives to refuse to obey aparteid regulations. This caused the racists to lynch, murder, beat up, assassinate, torture or harrass anyone who defied their ridiculous and totally evil laws and customs.

So when Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to an irritable white man who didn't consider her to be a human much less a lovely lady, she risked her life. I am tremendously happy that she lived to be over ninety and wish she lived to be over 120, thank you, Rosa, for saving my life by fixing the evils of racism. I grew up in the saner, happier world you worked so hard to create.

God bless you.

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