Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saddam Is Just One Creep Facing Justice


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

October is Libra and She is swinging the Sword of Justice. Heads will roll. Saddam is going to trial and the American junta that overthrew him is also being slowly reeled in, too.

We can hear the swish of Justice's Sword as she scythes those who have brutally murdered so many Iraqis. Why these poor people have to be the focus of so much death really is disturbing to think about because it is no mystery. The stored wealth of zillions of dead creatures long ago, dead plants, all crushed under merciless rock, this fuels the fires that are devouring the unfortunate people dwelling on the Euphrates River valley.

From the Guardian:
Few doubt that the former dictator is responsible for many deaths. He and six co-defendants are accused of killing 143 people after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on him in 1982. But history also records that he invaded Iran in 1980 and Kuwait in 1990, gassed Kurds at Halabja and suppressed a Shia uprising. Saddam's victims died in torture chambers and are buried in unmarked mass graves.

Still, there are concerns about the trial: one is that, given the instability in Iraq, it would have had more legitimacy if Saddam had faced something like the UN war crimes court for the former Yugoslavia. The procedure is a hodgepodge of international and Iraqi law. Other objections include the fact that the Baghdad tribunal was set up under US auspices before the creation of an Iraqi government, the delay in giving him a lawyer, the requirement that evidence be only "compelling" (less than guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt") - and the likely use of the death penalty if he is found guilty.
Why not just murder him? It would fit the whole, hideous mess. So far, Kissinger hasn't been indited for his many war crimes. Nixon and his crew weren't chased from DC because of the zillions of peasants, students and union organizers they murdered. The bloody hands of the CIA still strangle Lady Justice.

Even today, a CIA operative/terrorist who blew up a Cuban airliner over Barbadoes goes unpunished even when caught. No justice for those dead innocent passengers or their families! The mockery of this matter is most striking! We fume about terrorism yet one of the most terrible terrorist organizations on earth is now the American government. No one else is raining bombs on civilians but us. We do this daily. It is seldom noted here. Once the "shock and awe" phase of mass murder was finished, we wanted to go shopping or eat ourselves silly or gamble, anything but face up to how many civilians we murdered.

We didn't even count the corpses. This was good practice for not counting American corpses. Surrounded by the maimed, the orphans, the dying, the dead, we row our boats forwards hoping to keep the eagle eye of Lady Justice off of us by draping American flags over our bloody chests.

How are we going to survive this trial of Saddam? Will he be allowed to talk directly to us, to the world? Will "exhibit c" be a pair of bloody American gloves? "If it fits, convict"? How can we bear this travesty? This rank insanity? We all know now that the excuses for war were cooked by crooks. We know they used criminal tactics to stampede self-serving, self-centered Americans into committing a very grave crime and now we have to pay for it.

So, since so many Bush people are being rounded up this month to face Lady Justice on a related but much more trivial matter, why not cut to the chase, save some money and put the entire mainstream media, all the people who lied about this war, Bush and his gang, all on the same dock with Saddam.

Then let them enjoy "Texas mercy".

God spare us all....

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