Monday, October 24, 2005

Troops Have No Armor Plus Hotel Palestine Blown Up


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yesterday, the Pentagon had the media tell us troops have good morale in Iraq. But today's news is all about Pentagon withholding armor for troops and Hotel Palestine being blown up. Not good.

From Defense Dept. Propaganda site:
American troops are doing a fine job and their morale is good despite "difficult" conditions, agreed four congressmen recently returned from Iraq.

"I commend the extraordinary dedication, skill and courage shown by our servicemen and women in the field," said California Rep. Ed Royce, who led the delegation, which included members of the House International Relations Committee.

New York Rep. Peter King met a number of troops from his home state and said they made him proud to be a New Yorker. He cited their "outstanding valor and dedication."

Noting there will be "tough times" in Iraq, King said he has "no doubt the American military will be able to overcome whatever those difficulties are."

He said his talks with Iraqis indicate they support or accept U.S. presence. "If anything," he added, "they wanted assurances that the United States would not cut and run. I know that this president and this secretary of defense would never cut and run. It's important that we get this message out to the people of Iraq -- that the United States stands committed to the end."
Hahaha. Fooled you! This was put out in 2003! Already, it looked pretty grim back then. So just yesterday, they put out more fake interviews of soldiers claiming they love Iraq and are very happy the USA looks more and more like Iraq...Oops.

Well, move over, New Orleans! Miami decided to redecorate "a la Iraq" too!

From the Columbia Tribune:
Hundreds of new, top-of-the-line armored Humvees are parked in Texas and Kuwait and won’t be shipped to troops in Iraq even though those soldiers face daily roadside bombs, the Army acknowledged Thursday.

The Army said it’s keeping the vehicles out of Iraq until the 3rd Infantry Division’s replacements, the 4th Infantry Division, arrive at the end of the year.

But with reports that more than one in four U.S. soldiers’ deaths in Iraq have been caused by roadside bombs, members of Congress are incensed that 824 new Humvees won’t go straight to Iraq. The newer, so-called "uparmored" Humvees have better technology to absorb roadside blasts.

"Let’s not have them in parking lots. Let’s move them up to Baghdad, let’s move them up with the 3rd ID or move them over to the Marines, who’ve taken 50 percent of the hits yet have roughly 6 to 7 percent of the" uparmored "Humvees," said Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who chairs the House Armed Services Committee.
Well, according to Pentagon propaganda, the soldiers are happy and don't need armor. Of course, the new soldiers coming in want it. But those already there love being blown up.

Sans arms and legs is the new black, you see!

The budget deficit surged over $8 trillion this week. And the news is all about how Al Zawahiri's organization has spread to 40 new countries. Someone's "win their hearts and minds" program is working and it ain't the Pentagon's! I read in National Geographic that salt harvesters deep within the Sahara know all about bin Laden and al Zawahiri and approve of them, Allah willing. Geeze. And they have no newspapers, TV or radio. All is strictly word of mouth.

From the Independent:

The blasts showered debris over the surrounding district. A black cloud of dust spread over the city centre late in the afternoon as local people were preparing for ifthar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

US and Iraqi forces rushed reinforcements to the hotels which are used as head offices for the American television network Fox News, Associated Press and the US-funded Alhurra television station. Other news organisations, including the BBC and Reuters, have bases nearby.

The bombs were followed by sustained gunfire. Iraqi police said they had come under sniper attack, but witnesses claimed police opened up with heavy weaponry at random in the aftermath of the bombings.
Welome to Hotel Palestine. Just as wrecked as Cancun. Or maybe, Cancun with IEDs and rockets. Judy Miller should be quite at home in this hotel. Karl Rove should vacation there too, along with Cinderella Condi and her husband, Bush Jr.

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