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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Quick, tell me what was Hitler's first job after WWI ended? And what did he do with this job? From the Washington Post
As part of the expanding counterterrorism role being taken on by the Pentagon, Defense Intelligence Agency covert operatives need to be able to approach potential sources in the United States without identifying themselves as government agents, George Peirce, the DIA's general counsel, said yesterday.

"This is not about spying on Americans," Peirce said in an interview in which he defended legislative language approved last week by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The provision would grant limited authority for DIA agents to clandestinely collect information about U.S. citizens or emigres in this country to help determine whether they could be recruited as sources of intelligence information.
Oh, who are we going to spy on? Israelis? Hahaha.

Seriously, this is stupifyingly wrong, it was done before and it was wrong back then and probably the most hideous example in history is Hitler spying for the military after WWI! I seriously suggest people carefully read "Mein Kampf" because he carefully examines and outlines his evolving beliefs that he gained by working as a spy for the military! This is how he developed his philosophy, defended it, created his ethos and sharpened it, all at military expense! This is how he met the National Socialists via the Thule Society! This is how the monsters working with Lenin got started. The government spying on insurrectionists always has this ancient problem, Saul suddenly joins the Christians and changes his name to Paul.

Again and again from the earliest days of yore right down to today, if you want to spawn a powerful fanatic, hire some itchy guy who wants to crush people after betraying them and you will be betrayed and crushed by this same person if the government becomes weak or destabilized.
"We are not asking for the moon," Peirce said. "We only want to assess their suitability as a source, person to person" and at the same time "protect the ID and safety of our officers." The CIA and the FBI already have such authority, he added, and the DIA needs it "to develop critical leads" because "there is more than enough work for all of us to do."
Geezus almighty! We are wall to wall spies, everyone is spying. They are spying on me, they are spying on anyone who says anything to destabilize this wacked out, criminal enterprise, the GOP domination of America.

They have only one goal: to keep and enlarge their power. Right now, thanks to propaganda, the military gets an open purse even as they allow thousands of Americans to die in terror attacks or natural events. Stories of military commanders refusing to let helicopters rescue civilians, the puzzling lack of energy or defense on 9/11, the refusal to control our soldiers or protect aliens we are occupying, all these are part of the millitary domination of America. The military/industrial complex here is just like the one built by the Germans before WWI and WWII. It now utterly dominates our economy even as it is the vulture feeding on our dying collective body.
The Senate intelligence panel approved the new authority for the DIA last week and forwarded it to the Senate Armed Services Committee, which reviews sections related to the Defense Department. One senior Armed Services Committee staff member said yesterday that the DIA provision "will get close review here."
Looks like this Nazi proposal will sail through Congress just like all the others.

Like all nations living in lust and fear, we will follow this road to the bitter end, alas.

Forget the privacy issues, the police state mess, focus on this alone: this is how Hitler was started!

&spades For more information about all this, here are some interesting web sites: The Thule Society
Both Gurdjeiff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the "Superman". The lodge included Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring, and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell. It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the "secret" psychological techniques of the esoteric lodges. Haushofer taught him the techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan Lamas- and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon.
Remember the magic ceremony with the golden sword Jeb Bush used last month? "Chang" and all that? I was one of the very few to sit up and make all the connections with that story! It was laughed off by most everyone on the left.

It was no joke no more than the Skull and Bone or Bohemia Grove rituals are a joke.

I also assure you that the charismatic leaders of cults use the "magic of the powerful Eye"---it is a tool like any other. It doesn't work on me, of course (ahem)---But they use it! It involves staring hard while saying to one's self, "I will dominate, my Will is very powerful." Anyone wants to see this in action, I will be happy to show how it works.
The Sanskrit word svastika means good fortune and well being. According to Cabbalistic lore and occult theory, chaotic force can be evoked by revers- ing the symbol. And so the symbol appeared as the flag of Nazi Germany and the insignia of the Nazi party, an indication for those who had eyes to see, as to the occult nature of the Third Reich.
Widdershins is how all shaman people do magic rituals. Backwards. And I have noted for years how the Bushes love to do stuff backwards, Bush Jr has mastered talking backwards, even.

&spades Repulsive as it is, a very important book to read is Mein Kampf. I have read it years ago when studying German Philosophy in college, not because any professor wanted us to read it but because I was trying to understand my own family, my father and the Nuremburg Trials which my father was at on the prosecution side and some relatives on the defense side.

What caused Hitler? What did he do? What did he believe?

These are key questions every American should examine because, like the Jews in Israel, we have decided to clutch at the same straws Germans clutched at when they thought the only way to safety was to be hyper militant/hyper hysterical/hyper vigilant.

Every problem, our neo-nazi government screams, "We need a CZAR." This is America, for crying out loud, not the Soviet Union. Or Germany. We don't need kings, czars, gualeiters or fuehrers!

We need our founding fathers back.

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