Thursday, November 17, 2005

After Killing Saddam Lawyers, Shiites Hit Him in Court

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The farcial "trial" of Saddam continues downwards into a Blunderland of Queen of Hearts territory. After killing off or intimidating Saddam's lawyers, the Shiites running this show are beating up Saddam for saying things about the Shiites. This is why we have to prevent our own courts from becoming extentions of the Vatican. Seperation of Church and State!

From the BBC:
Saddam Hussein was attacked by two court clerks while undergoing questioning for his trial, Iraqi television has reported.
The clerks were reported to have punched him several times after he allegedly insulted two Shia saints.

State-run al-Iraqiya TV, quoting "sources close to investigative judges", did not say when it happened.

"Saddam insulted Imam Hussein and his brother Imam Abbas provoking two of the court's clerks," al-Iraqiya said.

"They attacked the tyrant and punched him several times," the station said.
Isn't this charming? Our Shiite puppet government is turning this trial into a farce. Of course, they can't try him for killing rebellious populations since this is ongoing right now in Iraq. They can't try him for torturing people, after all, America does this in Iraq and Cuba and now, in the news, are stories about the Shiites torturing mostly Sunnis.

From the BBC:
Iraq's Interior Minister says reports of prisoners being tortured at an Iraqi-run centre have been exaggerated.
Only a few of the 170 detainees at the Jadiriya centre in Baghdad appeared to have been abused, Bayan Jabr said.

The prisoners, who were discovered by US forces earlier this week, had reportedly suffered severe beatings and torture, and were malnourished.

Mr Jabr said anyone guilty of torture would be punished, but he believed the problem was not widespread.
Always are over enthusiastic guards, no? Even after the USA tries desperately to fend off charges we use secret former KGB prisons to torture people using CIA agents, the obvious torture going on in Iraq can't be shoved downstairs. Too many prisoners being tortured all over the place by the same principal parties!

Bush threatens to veto any legislation with McCain's anti-torture amendments while at the same time, piously claiming he is against torture. Cheney has twisted arms and snarled at any Republicans who dare forbid torture even as he goes about demanding Saddam be EXECUTED for the exact same crimes we are committing!

Indeed, in this case, executing leaders who lie about wars, lead nations into wars on frivolous grounds, who deliberately attack neighbors so they can control world oil reserves, kill civilians using chemicals and bombs, torturing prisoners and shooting families who bungle into patrols, raiding homes without warrants, holding people without trial or preventing them from having lawyers represent them....Whew.

Sounds like the Executioner who is Death that the Skull and Bones pray to would be a very busy guy, no? Lots of people to execute.

Like the Queen of Hearts liked to yell, "Off with his head!"

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