Friday, November 04, 2005

American Diplomacy Is Really About Surrendering Power


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

While China forges new alliances and in particular, lucrative trade treaties, America continues to surrender power and dignity, the most troubling being the utter defeat we have suffered vis a vis Japan.

From People's Daily:
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi met with U.S. President George W. Bush on Tuesday and pledged that Japan will ''stand firmly'' by the United States in its war against international terrorism.

Koizumi also promised that Japan will cooperate with the U.S. as much as possible, short of using military force. Bush welcomed the idea, saying that not using military power does not change the importance of the bilateral alliance.

''We Japanese firmly stand by the United States to fight terrorism,'' Koizumi told reporters after emerging alongside Bush after an hourlong meeting at the Oval Office.

The Koizumi-Bush summit, part of U.S. efforts to forge a global coalition against international terrorism, was dominated by the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington, including their political and economic impacts.

On antiterrorism efforts, the two leaders discussed ways for their two countries to cooperate while allowing Japan to refrain from using force. They agreed that they should, for example, share information and take steps to cut funding to terrorists.
Isn't it wonderful? Japan can piggy back or rather ride the war horse of America to do whatever they want. One thing that is important is to keep the supply of oil under their thumb while not doing the dirty work and the USA is great for that! Japan's all important oil supply is now under their total control since they bought the American military war machine, a great purchase created by the Bushes and Reagan, namely, by driving up spending, starting many wars across the planet over oil and cutting taxes has caused the USA to peddle Pentagon debts to Japan for servicing.

Therefore, the Japanese get to decide what happens to our military. If we do a military action Japan doesn't want, well, it will never happen! For example, when Bush talked about North Korea, Japan was OK about this, indeed, delighted until North Korea announced they had nukes. Suddenly, the USA had to negotiate with NK instead of talking war and now the USA has to sign a surrender treaty with NK which we are refusing, but doing in the end, as soon as some Democratic stooge is found to sign the dotted line.

From The People's Weekly World News:
The anger has been sparked by a series of actions by the Japanese government that are widely seen as marking a revival of aggressive militarism.

Japan’s right-wing Prime Minister Juinichi Koizumi has repeatedly visited the Yakasuni Shrine, the burial site of top Japanese war criminals responsible for atrocities in China and Korea in the 1930s and ’40s. Rightist Japanese lawmakers say they also plan to visit the shrine. The Japanese government has reinstated wartime Emperor Hirohito’s birthday as a national holiday. Also, a Tokyo court has again ruled against efforts to compensate Chinese victims of war crimes committed by Japan’s military.

Intense anger is focused on a new middle school textbook approved by Japan’s national department of education, which whitewashes, and even justifies, Japan’s brutal invasion of China and Korea. The changes include eliminating all references to the thousands of Chinese and Korean women kidnapped by the Japanese imperial army and forced to serve as sex slaves, or “comfort women.”

The head of the Japanese Communist Party’s secretariat, Ichida Tadayoshi, assailed the government’s moves, saying, “Far from expressing remorse for the war of aggression, the current prime minister visits the Yakasuni Shrine [with] some exhibitions actually glorifying the war.” He continued, “To resolve the differences between Japan and China, it is necessary to put an end to the arrogant and belligerent attitude of the Koizumi cabinet.”

The argument is not simply of historical justice — Japan’s neighbors fear it is reviving its warlike past.
This whole shrine business is a shining light upon the complete collapse of American power in Asia. This shrine has the ashes of the war criminals WE executed. WE fought the Japanese in a battle literally to the death which killed millions of people. We supposedly won that war but we didn't remove this shrine nor the criminal emperor. He was spared because he surrendered after we nuked civilian cities.

Up until the Bushes and Reagan, who, by the way, was in secret protocols to receive funds from the Japanese ruling elite when he retired, over $2 million in bribes!---Ran up huge deficits, America was on top of Japan. We rebuilt and strengthened Japan to be a counterweight to communist China and Russia. The land/ideological wars raged during the Cold War, hottest in Asia. Many Americans died in the Korean and Vietnam wars not to mention countless Asians. We didn't win any of these wars but the victory was from a surprizing but not suprizing force: Russia and China went bankrupt and could no longer fund nor fight any more ideological battles. Both countries have changed drastically but none have changes so much for the worse than the USA.

In the news is the horrifying fact that the CIA has taken over many KGB prisons in Eastern Europe to use illegally as torture chambers for committing crimes against Muslims. This filling of Stalinist vacuums with our own new neo-con Stalinisims is most dangerous for us. Likewise, we are bleeding to death in the same Muslim places that bled Russia dry.

To pay for this stupidity, we went to the Japanese. They thoughtfully purchased our debts and one day they realized they pretty much own us. Like any corporate entity, when you sell stocks, if one person buys up even just 15%, they end up running the board of directors and the company by proxy! This is how take overs happen. Well, we sell over 50% of our government debts to Japan! And Japan now calls the shots!

When all the victims of the Japanese war machine yelled about the Koizumi visits, one voice didn't join in: America. We could have cultivated a great relationship with the Koreas and Vietnam and China if we protested and better still, forced Koizumi to kow tow to us but instead, we backed him up!

Amazing! There are still many vets of WWII who fought the Japanese who are alive today and who look down on Japan and did any of them protest this? No! Not one! Dead silence!

It is obvious to me, talking to Republican vets of WWII, that they live in a disconnected world. They can't imagine their heroes they helped into power are really traitors. They can't understand they have been sold down the river by cynical politicians who don't care how many died fighting the Japanese. We won, we crow as we knell before the Yakusuni shrine. Kiss kiss.

From Xinhuanet:
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Friday called for more and better cooperation between China and Russia, in a bid to further enhance the Sino-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership.

Hu said that while meeting Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov, who is here for the 10th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers.

"The Sino-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership kept growing this year and showed great vigor," Hu said.

Chinese and Russian leaders met four times and reached consensus on major issues this year, he said.

The two countries signed a joint statement on international order in the new century and launched strategic security consultation, according to Hu.

The two countries have also carried out sound cooperation in politics, trade, economy, energy, investment and military sectors, and coordinated closely on international and regional affairs, he noted.
This ongoing love fest between Putin and Hu and Wen is a diplomatic disaster for America. Two of the world's other big nuclear/space powers are now welding together a serious alliance! Arg! Two contiguous landmasses with a quarter of humanity are buddies and hate us and Japan? Who was Japan going to go to for alliances if we slapped them a bit? Russia? Hahaha. Japan has to go to us and if we ran a clean government, we would be free to pick and choose our allies. Instead, we sold our souls to the devil.

Anyone playing Go or chess knows that you break up your opponent's territory. You don't let them control much of the playing surface. This is stupid. You divide your enemies and make alliances. Instead, we push historic enemies who fought each other even when they were trying to be friends!---We push them into loving embrace! When the Cold War ended, the sane thing to do was to embrace Russia. Instead, we embraced Poland and a host of ever tinier former Soviet satellite states, all of whom are leeches seeking power and money from a host nation now that the Soviets are no longer keeping them above water. They are so secure in this leech alliance, they don't even bother with the fiction of being countries, dividing and redividing on ever slenderer differentiations of language and ethnicity.

So instead of converting dangerous Russia into a friend, we alienated them. Instead of strengthening our relations with Koreas and Vietnam, hemming in China a tad, we alienated them and drove thems straight to Beijing to become Hu and Wen's newest friends! Astonishing, isn't it?

All because we sold our debts to Japan who wants us friendless in Asia, at their beck and call, forced to take on wars the Japanese want while they sit at home, laughing at us. China and the Koreas let Japan know this year that Tokyo is target number one if they want a war. So Koizumi this week announced that nuclear ships and subs of the American proxies will now be parked in Japan and next month I am betting he will tell Asia that Japan has nukes now and controls them via military observers from Japan who will, like the Israeli ones who spy on America and control our Middle Eastern policies, they too will infest the Pentagon and pull all the strings and only Japanese/Israeli puppet American Presidents will be allowed to run our country, anyone else will find a tidalwave of traitorous money running against them in an election.

The Chinese still put on the fiction that they want to be our friends but as better alliances form, they will drop that in the end. This war for power will begin in the Middle East and end in Asia, most likely with our defeat since Japan is way too vulnerable to counterattack in a nuclear war.

And this is how the game will end....IF the Japanese are allowed to run it! For the USA has nothing to gain in fighting China. Not one thing. It has a lot to lose. Our battle is within: will we tear America apart in a fit of greed and ill temper? I see that as the most likely outcome here. After all, ask any conservative, who do they hate the most?


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