Friday, November 04, 2005

Argentina's People Set Resort on Fire Because They Hate Bush


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The fateful FTAA meetings cause rage and running street battles at the Mar Del Plata resort. Bush can't appear in public because he is so hated but President Chavez can openly address cheering crowds. The profound unpopularity of Bush abroad is now at home, too. Latest polls have Bush at 35% approval ratings and Cheney deep in impeachment territory of only 19% support.

From Yahoo:
More than 1,000 demonstrators angry about President Bush's policies clashed with police, shattered storefronts and torched businesses Friday, marring the inauguration of the Summit of the Americas as leaders began debating creation of one of the world's largest free trade zones.

The violence reflected the often violent, worldwide debate on free trade as the United States and Mexico pushed to relaunch talks on creating a free trade area stretching from Canada to Chile. Past summits on free trade — including last year's summit of Asian-Pacific leaders in Chile — have drawn bitter opposition and similar angry protests.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez emerged as the most strident opponent of the plan, addressing more than 10,000 protesters hours before the summit convened in this normally tranquil seaside resort.

Chavez vowed to defeat the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA, once and for all. Speaking before a six-story banner of revolutionary Che Guevara, Chavez urged the throng — including soccer great Diego Maradona and Bolivian presidential hopeful Evo Morales — to help him fight free trade.
One wonders why the rage isn't busting all over here in America. After all, we are at the forefront of the "send all the jobs overseas and get cheap Chinese stuff in return" policies. It is funny, NOT, that our "President" is at the forefront of this movement when one considers that our nation is getting the worst of the deal with "free trade" except for one element: we have been granted endless credit, all of it due in the end but for the nonce, it can appear OK since we can all just charge it to our future earnings.

Whatever those will be in a few years! The lay-offs as well as the hurricane unemployment is a rising tidalwave of trouble. From the NYT:
The camp, operated by a New York company called LVI Services, is not much to look at: a row of tractor-trailers crammed with bunks, a long line of portable toilets, a couple of R.V.'s and three tents with striped roofs. Gun-packing guards wear black T-shirts reading, "Police."

It is a temporary home for hundreds of LVI's workers, some of whom said they were in the United States illegally. They are commuting into New Orleans, swabbing the mold off walls, ripping the guts out of buildings, removing mountains of soggy debris.

And they are stirring up resentment. Louisianians, from high-level public officials to low-wage workers, have begun to complain about the influx of outsiders they perceive as having come to profit off their pain.

"People from other states, we appreciate their help," said Aubrey D. Cheatham, a union electrician from New Orleans who believes he lost a job to lower-paid workers from outside Louisiana. "But everybody else is getting work, not us."
Almost all those people in the camps are probably illegal aliens. The resentment against the many cross border trekkers is rising and just today, Congress successfully passed cuts to student aid, foodstamps, health care and other essentials. The pie is shrinking and the very lowest classes will be forced to fight over the scraps. The illegal aliens will do dangerous or poorly paid work because the alternative is ugly. The right wing is in full bellow over this matter but helpless since they already control our government, haha, in a fake way. Who are they going to vote for? Bush?

They can't see that the more the right wing controls things the more illegal aliens are deliberately brought in by the same people who go to us for votes. They are connected. To kill unions, to defang worker's rights, one has to have access to an unlimited supply of replacement workers. Preferably noncitizens for then they have no rights and can be exploited.

Since the GOP is pretty racist, they can yank nativist chains while at the same time undermining them because if the Mexican workers piss these people off too much, the rich can toss them to the mob just like they did with blacks for 400+ years. Pay a pittance to blacks and then tell whites that low wages are the fault of blacks who are slaves, for example.

There seems a bottomless pit of people willing to fall for this scam over and over. Look at all the whites in the South and elsewhere who dream of changing the Civil War so that slaves are not freed! It is too pathetic.

Meanwhile, our very unpopular ruler is off to South America to win allies and alliances for the New World Order.

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