Saturday, November 19, 2005

Belligerent Bush Bellows For More Wars

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like a drunk in a bar, Bush and the entire GOP leadership has decided total belligerence is the way to go. Even as Bush shadowboxes with the Chinese who are running the saloon, he staggers about bellowing that he will beat up bin Laden who is totally sober. The Democrats have to be the bouncer. Toss this loud lush.
From CNN:
In a speech before U.S. troops who stand watch along the Korean frontier, President Bush on Saturday offered his latest rebuttal to Democratic calls to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, vowing to "stay in the fight until we have achieved the victory our brave troops have fought for."

"In Washington, there are some who say that the sacrifice is too great, and they urge us to set a date for withdrawal before we have completed our mission," Bush said Saturday. "Those who are in the fight know better."

"So long as I am commander-in-chief, our strategy in Iraq will be driven by the sober judgment of our military commanders on the ground," he said, adding that U.S. troops are "making steady progress" in training Iraqi forces to defend their country.
Funny to hear a drunk call for sobriety. Actually, I have worked in bars years ago. Never did I meet a drunk who said, "I am too drunk." Always, as they stagger out the door, they yell, "I'm not drunk. Shee? I can drive."

This is why drunk driving laws were passed. No drunk ever admits they are impared. Indeed, they become very violent when one tries to stop them.
Thursday, a senior Democrat in Congress, Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a retired Marine colonel, called on Bush to begin withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq, saying he had concluded that their presence was counterproductive because they have become targets for Iraqi insurgents.

GOP lawmakers and the White House fired back at Murtha, with White House spokesman Scott McClellan going so far as to charge that he was "endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore and the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic Party."

On Friday evening it was revealed that a top U.S. commander in Iraq had submitted a plan to the Pentagon for withdrawing troops in Iraq, according to a senior defense official.

Gen. George Casey submitted the plan to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It includes numerous options and recommends that brigades -- usually made up of about 2,000 soldiers each -- begin pulling out of Iraq early next year.
If the American right wing is so hot to go to Iraq why aren't they in Iraq? Like in Vietnam, all the wanna be Rambos didn't want to be in Vietnam. They would balefully squat at home, screaming at us hippies to go to Nam. Bush was one of these right wing slackers. So was Cheney and the entire, 100% of the GOP leadership excluding weather vane man, McCain, who spent most of that war sitting in prison.

I used to beg these loud mouthed right wingers to go fight their damn war. To a man, they blatantly refused just as they refuse today. The biggest flag wavers are the biggest volunteer waverers. They get cold feet fast. In addition, all of America is refusing to pay for this war. This really irks me because each day we refuse to pay for this idiotic war, we lose power to Asia. There is a direct connection. This cannot be ignored or poo-poohed.

Right now, the increasingly unpopular Republican government is slashing only things going to the lower and middle classes. They want to raise taxes on these groups, too, but do it sneakily. They allowed the oil companies to ravage us, removing billions from consumers then telling us all to go further into hock with the Asians so we can buy Christmas presents made in China!

Fun, isn't it?

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