Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Blair/Bush Chat About Murdering Reporters Cause More Problems

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The leaky ship, HMS Blair, continues to take on water. The latest, the conversation Bush had about bombing Qatar and thus murdering al Jazeera reporters, continues to sink, pulling Blair down. His popularity rating is now 30% and dropping and Bush is doing just as badly. The problem with the latest leaks is murdering people is very illegal. Already, one widow is suing the USA over this matter.

From the Telegraph
Tony Blair yesterday branded as a "conspiracy theory" claims that a leaked memo has revealed plans by President George W Bush last year to bomb the Arabic television station al-Jazeera.

The Prime Minister broke his silence on the issue as fresh concerns surfaced over the use of the Official Secrets Act to suppress the memo.
Hiding this very important evidence showing clearly that Bush is a murderous psychopath is illegal. In Britain, in America, in the world. Murderous rulers should be put on trial.

We are trying Saddam this very day for similar actions.

Blair, by punishing the whistleblowers who revealed this vital information about a criminal trying to commit even more crimes, is now complicit in this crime, he is enabling Bush's violent rampage across the world stage. Conspiracy?

It is between Bush and Blair and the deal is, Blair gets to joine the Carlyle Group after he gets out of office. On every level, the two of them are in a conspiracy that should be put before a judge and if found guilty, executed.

Yes, we did this before and therefore are obligated to do it again: execute leaders who are criminals and psychopaths.
What it is being suppressed by the Government is because it contains a potentially damaging private discussion between the two leaders about the controversial United States attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah last year.

Mr Blair sought to play down the memo yesterday, despite the fact that two men, accused over its leaking, are to appear in court this week facing charges under the Official Secrets Act. He also shrugged off a request from the managing director of al-Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar, for a meeting. Mr Blair was speaking at the Commonwealth summit in Malta, where he has been locked in trade talks with African leaders.
Time for Blair to come clean. Like Woodward who conspired to hide vital information about the much more minor Valerie Plame affair, Blair is guilty of assissting a criminal in evading the law by hiding the information about Bush trying to plot to murder journalists.

This is part of the much greater crime: murdering the media people who bore witness about the illegal and terrible massacre of nearly unarmed civilians or babies and children in the city of Fallujah. This was a total war crime.

Blair's collapsing leadership is causing many problems. From Angus Reid
Few adults in Britain express satisfaction with the administration headed by Tony Blair, according to a poll by YouGov published in the Daily Telegraph. 30 per cent of respondents approve of the government’s record to date, down three points since October.

In May, British voters renewed the House of Commons. The governing Labour party secured 356 seats, followed by the Conservatives with 197 and the Liberal Democrats with 62. Blair has served as Britain’s prime minister since 1997.

On Nov. 9, the Labour government’s anti-terrorism bill was defeated in the House of Commons after a 322-291 vote. A revised version of the legislation—which allows for a 28-day detention period for suspected terrorists instead of the 90-day period Blair sought—was introduced and passed immediately following the conclusion of the first vote.
The loss of leadership is dangerous. Especially during wars. Spain left our conspiritorial coalition and now is investigating our secret CIA torture flights that landed in Spanish territory. The inability to pass any laws or do any actions is hobbling the entire alliance and it is a good thing in America because the laws being passed are destroying our country. In England, it is making any progress for Labor an impossibility which means it is time for an election, no?

Here is yet anther problem: when the law enforcers end up being part of a conspiracy to break the law, law and order collapses just like it did in the sixties and early seventies in America. From the Times of London:
Goldsmith risks going down in history as the most miserable holder of his Janus-faced office. He is supposedly an “independent law officer” and adviser to the government (as over Iraq). Yet he also enjoys the patronage of the prime minister as his private legal counsel (as over Iraq). The conflict of interest is glaring.

We know from past leaks that Goldsmith’s advice on invading Iraq was so unpalatable to Blair that he had to change it. His independence was utterly compromised. Now Downing Street claims that Goldsmith’s decision to prosecute over a leaked memo about bombing Al-Jazeera in April last year was a spontaneous act of legal combustion. We are told that Goldsmith thought that old carthorse, the Official Secrets Act, needed a fresh trot round the paddock. This had nothing to do with the smoke coming from Downing Street’s ears.
Like Bush's Attorney Generals, the one in England has entangled himself in a criminal conspiracy. This is why Blair and Bush are screaming about criminal conspiracies. With guilt written all over their bloody faces, they want us to stop putting two and two poodles together and spawning a puppy mill of crime.
So why invoke the Official Secrets Act to ban such material? Here the plot thickens. Blair is desperate not to have any split with Washington on public view. He senses that a dam may be about to burst, revealing Anglo-American splits over Iraq just when Bush’s policy there is facing domestic opposition. So far discipline has held on this front. Britain’s military and diplomatic elite may excoriate Pentagon policy in Iraq and excoriate Blair for failing to use leverage over it. But the public line has held that there is “not a rice paper” between the two leaders.
This article is very coy. It doesn't bring up the obvious, this Mafia type relationship is just like the Mafia: all business. Both parties make money in various ways by whacking people.
We assume from this and from Downing Street’s use of the Official Secrets Act against the Mirror memo that it knows of more high explosive lurking in the bomb bays of Fleet Street. Retired generals, SAS soldiers, Downing Street aides, diplomats and spies are queueing up, eager for profit or revenge. Blair will pay dearly for his lavish entourage of cronies and his contempt for discreet civil servants.

I believe that governments are entitled to keep their secrets, at least for a while. Secrecy and trust among colleagues are crucial to the circulating blood of power. Total transparency threatens that circulation and the open debate that should go with it. Any organisation depends on confidence among participants. Leaks gradually confine plain speaking to ever tighter circles of personal cronies. This applies even to democratic government. There is a public interest in privacy.
No, no, no. Secrets are that because the rulers don't want a democracy, they want freedom to do whatever so they can be either traitors or psychopaths. Ancient Greece struggled with that. Their leaders would run off and make all sorts of underhanded deals and they ended up slaves of Rome.

99% of the secrets should not exist in the dark. For any "enemies" usually knows the truth really fast. This is what spying is all about and the more secret the organization, the more easily it is spied upon. The CIA was/is a spy swiss cheese sandwich and ditto the Pentagon. I used to joke, if you want to know what is really going on in DC, ask the Russians.

This secrecy is evil. And people are murdered and tortured under the dark shroud of secrecy.

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