Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Democrats Force the GOP to Investigate War Lies and CIA Scandals


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today saw stunning developments in Congress as the Democrats finally have enough power and information to begin serious investigations of GOP crimes.

From Yahoo news:
Democrats accusing the ruling Republicans of stalling tactics imposed a rare closed session of the Senate on Tuesday to force the majority to complete a probe on whether the Bush administration misused intelligence before the Iraq war.

Republicans, angered that the maneuver was sprung on them without warning, dismissed it as a stunt but agreed to form a bipartisan task force to report by November 14 on how the Intelligence Committee was progressing with its investigation.

Senate Republican leaders were livid about the tactic, which drew public attention back to Iraq as President George W. Bush faced the fall-out from an indictment of a senior aide related to the handling of pre-war intelligence.

"The United States Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership," Majority leader Bill Frist of Tennessee said. "Never have I been slapped in the face with such an affront to the leadership of this grand institution."

But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said what he called Republican stalling on the issue had been "a slap in the face for the American people."Sen. John Rockefeller (news, bio, voting record) of West Virginia, top Intelligence Committee Democrat, said, "My colleagues and I have tried for two years to do our oversight work, and for two years we have been undermined, avoided, put off, and vilified by the other side."

Democrats invoked a little used rule to temporarily shut down television cameras in the chamber, clear galleries of reporters, tourists and other onlookers, force removal of staff members and recording devices and stop work on legislation.

Lady Liberty close up (just wanted you all to see what I drew, it was fun, doing this picture)
The GOP thought all they had to do was ignore their crimes. They selected a man with a considerable arrest record to be their leader. Even when not arrested, Bush should have been arrested, he should have been put in the brig for desertion during time of war when he went AWOL in 1973. He should have been put in prison when caught drunk driving the third plus time. He should have served time when he did the insider trade deal when his daddy was President, a deal done with still unnamed foreign powers who he happens to court and kiss and who happens to be the host nation from which most of the 9/11 attackers were born or came from....This obvious criminal with a long, sordid record now has turned the White House into a thieve's den where big corporations which are partially owned by him and his cohorts makes money hand over fistula, reaming out the taxpayers with disasterous wars which were illegally launched thanks to a concert of lies and obsuscations created by crime boss Bush.

There were no WMD in Iraq. Saddam was menacing no one. He irritated the Israelis and alarmed Americans thanks to handing out money to Arafat and selling oil for euros instead of dollars. No reason to attack Iraq and kill 100,000 Iraqi bystanders!

Our foreign policies and treaties are now in shambles. Even though Europe loves to kiss our ass, they also are beginning to really loath us thanks to Bush. The Muslim world actively hates us now, our "winning minds and hearts" has been a mangled mess due to hamfisted, utterly stupid, moronic actions undertaken despite a chorus of yells to stop it coming from practically the entire planet.

The GOP has violated our Constitution as well as protocols of governance set up as custom over 200+ years. Tossing it all out in a lunge to create a monstrous dictatorship of one party even though the elections are very close and indeed, probably false due to faulty election equipment which is run by GOP flacks. A very divided country which the GOP has cynically decided to fatally divide, personally, I think we should shove off the right wing sectors, let's take a vote about who will pay taxes and where the money should go!

I don't want to pay for the south which has cynically decided to rip me off. They should show more liberalism and caring for others before we shower them with our money. Obviously, they think they can corral us into a corner and sneer at us, their leaders are screaming today because the Democrats are reaming them out over issues like holding voting open as the GOP whips attack or bribe recalictrant members of their own party, for example. Or refusing to give committee rooms over to the Democrats for legislative purposes such as the time when Democratic Representatives wanted to hold hearings about the London war memos.

Which are being talked about now, the GOP can't shut this matter out.

The media is criminal in all this, too. The media forced us to find out about the London memos via foreign news services on the web. Then we bloggers yelled about this for days and days before the mainstream press made even a peep about it, then they claimed it had no new information which was yet another lie upon all the other lies.

Stack up the media's lies and it towers overhead like the pile of matresses in "The Princess and the Pea" and we bloggers still feel that damn pea grinding into our asses. We are bruised all over by this despite the matresses the media piles on this.

And more soldiers were blown up today, a lot more, day after day, as the rebellion grinds on in Iraq and we bomb towns and cities there from the air, the world watches openmouthed. Like Chechnya, Russia's crime spree, our spree is going to hit home hard when the Iraqis begin to ape bin Laden's fighting tactics.

Namely, we could be in for a world of hurt. Ask London or Madrid or New Delhi about this.

Time to contact our Congressional representatives, all of them from each of our states! Tell the Democrats to fight, fight, FIGHT. And tell the GOP guys to can it, time to impeach Bush and Cheney. Impeach DeLay. Impeach Frist. Clean that Stygian Stable.

Arrest them all.

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