Monday, November 21, 2005

Israel and America Build Huge Wall Around Bethlehem

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This isn't in American news but from overseas: Israel, using our money, built a huge ghetto wall around Bethlehem. This is like walling up Detroit to stop crime. Of course, this is OK with American Christians and Jews who are at full war with Muslims now. We also shot dead a family in Iraq at one of our mobile checkpoints. Apocalypse, anyone?

From the Australian:
O LITTLE town of Bethlehem. O very big wall around it.

Already broke, and haemorrhaging a Christian population reduced to desperation by five years of intifada, the birthplace of Christ was sealed off from Jerusalem last week -- just in time for Christmas -- by an 8m wall and huge iron gate resembling a nuclear shelter.

The wall and sentry posts are the latest stretch of the controversial 680km barrier that Israel is building through Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Israel regards it as the linchpin of the strategy by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of separation from the Palestinians, pointing to its success in stemming the flow of suicide bombers and gunmen into Israel.

But, on the ground, Bethlehem's 30,000 Palestinians are walled off from Jerusalem, two of the most popular destinations for visitors to the Holy Land.
The devolving mess in the Unholy Land is our responsibility. There is no way in hell Israel could build these illegal, amoral, disgusting ghettos if Americans didn't cheerfully fork over money we owe to China and Japan to build all this. Israel can't go directly to China and Japan for loans to do this because they have rotten credit. So they piggy back on American tax payers.

Our grandchildren will pay for this wall in 100 ways especially with the future terrorist attacks since Palestinians can't hit Israel and it doesn't matter, anyway, the true cause of all this woe and evil is in the USA anyway. We have paid a lot for control of the Holy Land. We will pay a tremendous amount in the future especially if the Apocalyptic war against the Muslims heats up fatally.

Iran is now totally determined to have nukes. And why not? Pakistan and India, two bitter rivals, have them now! And the most insane country on earth, the USA not to mention equally insane North Korea, talk openly about using nukes for political or military advantages!

We have no shame as we do increasingly Nazi acts. The left is totally fractured about this, worrying about Muslims in Iraq while torturing and murdering Muslims in Israel. This myopic, insane approach to foreign and domestic policy is fatal. We can't have a dual system. Just as the Jews impose totally Nazi style population controls on a captive people, we do the same in Iraq. The battle for power in the Middle East is a feed back system, the push in Israel belches out deat in Iraq and the intercinine wars rage ever hotter.

Eventually to consume the world just like WWI and WWII, both wars were imperialist projects run amok.

The left in America has been fatally fractured by all this. Jews in the left want peace in Iraq but also want Israel to build giant walls around all Muslims and Christians in Israel. This is why we have nearly zero debate about this in America. Indeed, one will be banned from a number of leftist sites for talking about this when it is part of the war discussion. In many sites, people agree to be silent because they want some "unity".

Well, silence is shit, everyone! The mess in the Holy Land is destroying our democracy at home for you can't be a part-time fascist, one has to embrace real liberalism or end up schizophrenic. This is bad because being mentally ill isn't useful for dealing with developing problems.

And the need to colonize and terrorize Muslims so we can have our way and do as we please is a great way to launch a world wide confragation. As the flames leap ever higher, we will spend more and more money in a frantic effort to douse the flames. But this conflicts with our desire to kill off the Muslims so we can steal their lands and goods so naturally, the Muslims are fighting back as hard as they can.

Right now, we have the upper hand. We can murder everyone by dropping nukes on them. We hope to draw China and Russia into our conspiracy. Both hate Muslims, too! So why not murder all of them, we say? This is the Great Temptation. As the devil grins, "religious" people really consider this as a great opportunity. To have our Apocalypic cake and eat it too!

Alas, we will eat dust. This is what the Antichrist is all about: using religion as an excuse to steal, murder, rape. Whatever sympathy Jews got for the hideous crimes of Hitler dissipate in the dust of their own collective crimes. Every year, they approach the Nazi altar and worship the monster that squats there. American Christians are even worse: they hypocritically pretend to be the friends of Jews only they believe Jews, their "friends", will burn forever in hell and suffer unimaginable (except Nazis imagine this easily!) torment and torture. Secretly, and I know this for a fact, living deep in Jesusland in my youth, Christians take great glee in this idea, that the Jewish Jesus will welcome them to Paradise while they get to watch the torture of the Jews from above, laughing with Jesus. Hahahaha.


Right now, the lunatic Born Again Christians are all howling about saying "Merry Christmas" at retail stores selling junk for self-centered consumers. Well, maybe they should be yelling about tearing down the ghetto wall penning Joseph and Mary inside of Bethlehem. Shades of Herod!

Bring on Salome.

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