Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It Is Illegal To Use Chemical Weapons---Period

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The ever-developing story surrounding the illegal use of chemicals not only in warfare but in a Warsaw-ghetto style battle to kill rebellious civilians, explodes in Bush's face even as he is snippily telling China how to behave. Arrest the general who called for the use of these "shake and bake" phosphorous weapons!

From the BBC:
The Pentagon's admission - despite earlier denials - that US troops used white phosphorus as a weapon in Falluja last year is more than a public relations issue - it has opened up a debate about the use of this weapon in modern warfare.

The admission contradicted a statement this week from the new and clearly under-briefed US ambassador in London Robert Holmes Tuttle that US forces "do not use napalm or white phosphorus as weapons".

The official line to that point had been that WP, or Willie Pete to use its old name from Vietnam, was used only to illuminate the battlefield and to provide smoke for camouflage.

'Shake 'n Bake'

This line however crumbled when bloggers (whose influence must not be under-estimated these days) ferreted out an article published by the US Army's Field Artillery Magazine in its issue of March/April this year.
I saw that one al Jazeerah when it happened and said, this is a war crime. It is obvious now that not only did we use chemical weapons on a non-military, civilian city, we did this with malice. And it was a conspiracy of silence when, back over a year ago when Muslims were yelling about chemical attacks in Fallujah, we pretended they were exaggerating or even lying.

At this point, nearly consistantly, the lies are American. How we hope to win over the world in this fashion is a laugh riot, no?
Here is a photo which I saw back then. The claim that it was "lighting up the city" is total bunk, anyone looking can see the phosphorous is very thick and heavy, this isn't smoke, it is BURNING. And I handle stuff like this, in labs as well as work, and it burns flesh.

This is blowing up in Bush's face because of a TV show that covers this pretty well and us bloggers forcing the ostriches in the mainstream American media to finally say something. Like with the Downing Street Memos or Valarie Plame, if one wants any sane information or intelligent analysis of what is pretty simple, one has to go to bloggers, not the media. This is because the media owners are co-conspritors in this war. They helped to shove it downn our throats, they refused to cover the world wide and domestic antiwar protests or they lied about the protests like famously, the NYT reporter coming at 9am and huffing that almost no one was there even though the demonstration was supposed to start at noon!

Again and again, our media lies. Again and again, Bush lies. Finally, enough Americans are alarmed by all this to start making some really loud noise, and when our free train ride to Japanese debt prison is over, the noise will be a deafening scream.

Meanwhile, the general who authorized this should be put on trial before Saddam's trial for doing the exact same thing. By the way, the 1000 lawyers working on his case have quit because they are being systematically murdered and the "government" of Iraq does nothing!

So much for democracy. Time to lecture to the Chinese, how to run a country.

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