Saturday, November 19, 2005

Japanese Right Wingers Increase Anti Asian Propaganda

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In response to Korean and Chinese trading/manufacturing competition, the right wing in Japan has escalated their war mongering and attacks on Asians, for example, blaming Korea and China for WWII. Meanwhile, Japanese women refuse to both marry or have babies and the population faces extinction.

From the NYT:
A young Japanese woman in the comic book "Hating the Korean Wave" exclaims, "It's not an exaggeration to say that Japan built the South Korea of today!" In another passage the book states that "there is nothing at all in Korean culture to be proud of.
In between stories of men seeking school girl's underwear and boys living alone with cat eared maids, there exists this dark underworld of right wing manga and anime about how Japan was bringing civilization to Asia by butchering and stealing in WWII.

The right wing now runs Japan and they are open about how they plan to shove the USA into WWIII with China. Just like in WWII, they don't give a fig if Japan is nuked over and over again. They are, like the American right wing, totally insane. Make no mistake, Japanese artists who are aware of this right wing force show vividly in anime after anime, manga after manga, how this will end: with Japan vaporized. They show in clear detail how this will look, who will start it and why. They use allegory and obvious symbolism to explain that war mongering will end with Japan a vaporized moonscape!

Meanwhile, in trying to rouse the manhood of the average salaryman, the right wing shows a counter world where destroying Japan works out in the end somehow. The goal: to have blonde women work as maids. Seriously. It is exactly that. Really pathetic.

Left wing Japanese women artists and writers show outraged girls or women or aliens carefully explaining reality to right wing men, usually by beating the hell out of them with swords or kicking them or wrapping them up in spiderwebs and kicking them, in fact, it is rather funny, this quite violent feminism resides in Japan. Obviously, it is wildly popular there because it has been evolving rapidly into near total warfare, now, many of the young women in the anime world are open lesbians, rejecting even the nice guys! Mariasama, anyone?

I watch or read both ends of this amazing media, I have watched Japanese TV since the sixties. Not just the anime, either. News and game shows, the whole lot. The Japanese are, like in the 19th century, trying to ape America. This includes going on insane imperialist jaunts.
Mr. Nishio is blunt about how Japan should deal with its neighbors, saying nothing has changed since 1885, when one of modern Japan's most influential intellectuals, Yukichi Fukuzawa, said Japan should emulate the advanced nations of the West and leave Asia by dissociating itself from its backward neighbors, especially China and Korea.

"I wonder why they haven't grown up at all," Mr. Nishio said. "They don't change. I wonder why China and Korea haven't learned anything."
This apes Bush and the American right wing talking about Muslims. As our right wing raises the rhetoric for the Apocalypse, the Japanese right wing apes every word in a childish attempt to appear big and tough even as everyone rational knows that Japan is on a steep downward cycle now, nearly impossible to change at this point despite the pleas of left wing animators and writers who explain over and over again, abusing women and treating them as inferiors stinks and we won't see little Japanese babies anymore if this continues.
The reality that South Korea had emerged as a rival hit many Japanese with full force in 2002, when the countries were co-hosts of soccer's World Cup and South Korea advanced further than Japan. At the same time, the so-called Korean Wave - television dramas, movies and music from South Korea - swept Japan and the rest of Asia, often displacing Japanese pop cultural exports.

The wave, though popular among Japanese women, gave rise to a countermovement, especially on the Internet. Sharin Yamano, the young cartoonist behind "Hating the Korean Wave," began his strip on his own Web site then.

"The 'Hate Korea' feelings have spread explosively since the World Cup," said Akihide Tange, an editor at Shinyusha, the publisher of the comic book. Still, the number of sales, 360,000 so far, surprised the book's editors, suggesting that the Hate Korea movement was far larger than they had believed.

"We weren't expecting there'd be so many," said Susumu Yamanaka, another editor at Shinyusha. "But when the lid was actually taken off, we found a tremendous number of people feeling this way."

So far the two books, each running about 300 pages and costing around $10, have drawn little criticism from public officials, intellectuals or the mainstream news media. For example, Japan's most conservative national daily, Sankei Shimbun, said the Korea book described issues between the countries "extremely rationally, without losing its balance."
The reason why so many Japanese women loved the Korean shows is because they are romantic, the man actually makes sacrifices for the woman he loves and will even challenge his own parents, a very sore point with Japanese women who hate the whole mother-in-law ethos.

Trust me, having a nasty m-i-l is hell if your husband sides with her, not you!

The Japanese mothers have fewer children so they are much more loathe to part with their beloved daughters. Many Japanese anime deal with the idea of losing mother. This is a hidden fear that is made real by the fact that a woman who marries cannot take care of her own mother but must service her (often hated) mother-in-law. Traditionally, the Japanese woman would desperately try to bear her own sons who could capture some unfortunate girl to be her personal slave. This ugly way of marriage is dying in Japan and being replaced with nothing since too many men refuse to change themselves.

In China and Korea, this is also happening but with a significant twist: the men are being encouraged by their governments to cooperate with their wives and the mothers of the brides are demanding their daughters be treated as equals and to have full access to the daughter's love and care. Since the government backs this, so does the media and the schools.

In Japan, the surge to the right is, like America, mainly male. The rift between women and men in America as well as Japan is growing. Poll after poll shows American women are more liberal than American men. The reason why Bush is going down in flames now is because the men realize their warmongering idiot is going to kill them, literally. So many of them are running the other way, forget the chest thumping "we are number one!" crap.
As nationalists and revisionists have come to dominate the public debate in Japan, figures advocating an honest view of history are being silenced, said Yutaka Yoshida, a historian at Hitotsubashi University here. Mr. Yoshida said the growing movement to deny history, like the Rape of Nanjing, was a sort of "religion" for an increasingly insecure nation.
The only way the right wing nut can exist in real time is to deny or destroy history. This is why Professor Fukiyama made up that stupid book, "The End of History," talk about wishful thinking!

His belief that the West triumphed just as the East was preparing to shove the USA into the pit is in retrospect, hilarious. But his title was sincere: he really wants "history" to end. Freeze up everything at a moment of triumph. So many good Japanese anime show how this works: total destruction! In one anime, they not only destroy the entire planet earth but descend into hell and destroy it, too!

I can easily imagine them doing this. They are that demented.

Meanwhile, the rationalists running China keep their eyes on the prize. Ignoring Bush and Koizumi's rude, lying, ridiculous speeches and actions, they force both men to kiss ass in China. Namely, the big boy talk is ditched the minute both men meet the Chinese. It is for the demented right wing males at home, all this big-boy tough talk. From Xinhua net:
This fact, they predict, will prompt Bush to sound a more positive note while outlining his administration's China policy in Beijing.

Bush was scheduled to fly from Busan, the Republic of Korea, to Beijing on Saturday for a three-day visit, during which he will hold talks with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao.

"The Bush visit is largely symbolic, but it will be of real significance to developing bilateral relations," said Li Xiaogang, a researcher with the Institute of American Studies under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Hahaha. Bush is a symbol. He will do nothing except kiss hands, apologize, kow tow and so on. The blustering cowboy of last week will be the meek nekko cat girl today. Putting on his pretty apron and kitten ears, Bush will serve the Chinese.
Noticeably, Bush, in a major speech on his Asia policy during his tour of Japan on Wednesday, dropped the words "strategic competitor" to describe China, a phrase he often used in the early days of his first term.
Unlike the western press, the Chinese reporters working for the Communists are very good at reading between the lines. Like me, they noticed that Bush's attacks on the Chinese leadership were all fake, silly propaganda solely for home consumption. No Chinese person took it seriously since even Bush left out the important code words diplomats look for.

Bush thinks he will fool Americans. Just look at Congress melting down last night over all the war lies and obfuscations! A great policy, saying one thing and doing the opposite.

Japan's right wing knows that the only way they can dominate Asia and regain power there is to shove the American military into a war with their rivals. Japan has no sons to waste in a war, their population is rapidly imploding, the childbirth rate the lowest in the world. Their children are committing suicide at the highest rate in the world, America's kids running a distant second. Our kids go on murder sprees in school or kill each other's parents such as the homeschooled boy killing the homeschooled right wing girl's parents. They go crazy and spray everyone with bullets. Over and over. No guns in Japan, so the kids hang themselves or jump off of roofs which is why the fences get taller and taller on Japanese buildings where children play due to lack of room in the streets. One can see it in the animes: in the sixties, low railings, seventies, chest high, today, the fence now towers over the student's heads.

This lack of faith in the future, this dark despair, is shown over and over in Japanese anime as characters are rescued from suicide by talking dolls or heavenly agents or aliens or fabulous adult ghosts or brave teachers who get fired. Dealing with this despair by becoming insanely right wing and agitating all of one's neighbors is insane. But look at Bush! Probably the most universally hated man on earth. He has created more ill will for America than anyone in my entire life. Will we let this continue?

I hope we are seeing a sea change here. The right wingers in our government are desperately trying to turn the tide. But I suspect many Americans are getting fed up with war, war, war. Despite Japanese attempts to hide the cost of this war by funnelling the cost into that huge black yen hole they created. This monstrous debt will come back to bite both Japan and America.

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