Saturday, November 12, 2005

Liz Cheney's Crusade for Democracy and Women's Rights Collapses

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Liz Cheney was sent by papa to pretend we want democracy and women's rights in the Middle East (but NOT in America, of course!). She fooled no one. Now her schemes collapse just like our war is falling apart. Maybe she should come home and fight for gay rights!

From Yahoo:
A U.S.-backed summit meant to promote political freedom and economic change in the Middle East ended Saturday without agreement, a blow to President Bush's goals for the troubled region.

A draft declaration on democratic and economic principle was shelved after Egypt insisted on language that would have given Arab governments greater control over which democracy groups receive money from a new fund.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also used the conference to send a message to Syrians chafing under authoritarian rule, saying Washington backs their "aspirations for liberty, democracy and justice under the rule of law."
These clowns don't hesitate to brag about bringing to the Middle East that which they are working day and night to destroy here. Why can't Condi and Cheney's family move to the Middle East and fight for democracy there? And leave us the hell alone. And they can take their Diebold machines with them.
Both initiatives were shepherded by U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Liz Cheney, the vice president's daughter. She accompanied Rice on a Mideast trip to Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.
Geeze, where did this chick get this job? I bet she is happy daddy conspired to thwart the will of the people here in America! No wonder his popularity is around 19% and dropping! Yay, democracy! Where profoundly unpopular VPs rule with iron fist!
The White House had hoped the conference would showcase political progress in a part of the world long dominated by monarchies and single-party rule, and spread goodwill for the U.S.
Well, these clowns can't figure out anything, can they? Actually, as per regular practice, they lie about this as they do about everything. I believe they lie so reflexibly if they told the truth, the earth would open up and swallow them!

Bush and his lunatic co-conspiritors work day and night to create one party rule. The GOP runs America with a bloated mandate due entirely to cheating. They are becoming so unpopular, they will soon be unable to even fake elections. And good riddance to this bunch of bozos!

How dare they yap about democracy after conspiring with the rightwingers, especially the Opus Dei creeps on the Supreme Court to stop simple vote counting! How dare they! And women's rights? Well, go to fricking KANSAS, you loonies, and tell them about the central role of "women controlling their bodies" part that concerns our right to privacy and birth controls! If they want to free women, why was the top woman poet in Afghanistan beaten to death this week? Huh? And Saudi Arabia? I see the women kept in bondage there! Why isn't Rice and Liz stomping over there to yell? Eh? Burn their bras! Whatever.

These fake ipso facto feminists really piss me off. Where are they when the American right wingloons are attacking our civil rights? Eh?

And then there is Mary Cheney. If her dumb psuedo-feminist sister is so hot to trot, she could very well come home and talk about civil rights for Mary. Like, organize and push. And yell. And run conferences demanding rights for gays.

And women. Gads.


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