Thursday, November 10, 2005

Repubs Fail To Pass Ugly, Punitive Budget

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After spending like a drunk sailor on wars and $44 billion for spies that fail every test, there is no more money to extract to cover record deficits aside from SS money. So the Repubs decided to cut all social services! This last election shows clearly, this will lead to their defeat in the next election...Good riddance.

From the Washington Post:
House Republican leaders scuttled a vote Thursday on a $51 billion budget-cut package in the face of a revolt by lawmakers over scaling back Medicaid, food stamp and student loan programs.

The development was a major setback for the GOP on Capitol Hill and for President Bush, who has made cuts to benefit programs a central pillar in his budget plan.
They tried twisting arms but the one armed bandit, DeLay, is on the ropes and Cheney is not even a lame duck, he is DOA. Cheney has tried to force America into endorsing hidden prisons run by the $44 billion CIA black ops people put in place by himself. This effort is blowing up in his face, especially with the spectacular explosions making this entire enterprise hopeless as well as ridiculously expensive. How many foreign governments have we bribed so they would help us torture Muslims?

How many attacks does this stop? Obviously, not enough to make the slightest difference.

The GOP has been wanting and eating their cake for quite a while. This month's trade deficit set an all time record, we just witnessed a bond sale of the biggest size in our history, every month, we go to the entire planet, hat in hand, begging for them to buy our debts and they do...Which is why the dollar is very strong against all other currencies again, this is so the final sucking off all our jobs will continue until the Shell of America is Empty and cast aside.

We could see some sanity in all this but we won't, too many Americans make a living working for the military/industrial/security complex and changing course is now nearly impossible since the only factory jobs remaining will be those connected with military stupidities.

Literally, we walk the path of the Soviet Union. Hardly a deviation, not one, nay, we, like them, are spending all our loot on spies and wars. Americans must make choices. We can't have endless wars, total security and prosperity. Either we live miserably in a closed box, a dark cage, surrounded by a sea of blood, or we free ourselves and live real lives, namely, there are hazards and dangers out there and so far, Mother Nature trumps us all by killing with a flick of her dainty wrist. She shows increasing determination in decimating us. Her skin literally is shivering with anticipation. We have to accept the fact that our real battle is within: ourselves. Namely, if we don't do the right things, we will be in true hazard, and the terrors of al Qaeda will be a mere flea bite.

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