Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Social Unrest Flares Into Violence in Many Places


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As in all times of economic problems like 1848, as in this Delacroix painting, riots and insurrections are popping up all over the place, each with its own causes but all a sign of rising tensions often triggered by inadequet or unfair elections.

From CNN:
Violence erupted for a sixth night Tuesday in the troubled suburbs northeast of Paris with police firing rubber bullets and tear gas as they faced down gangs of youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois, according to witnesses.

A store set afire in the nearby suburb of Bondy, France-Info radio reported.

No trouble was immediately reported in Clichy-sous-Bois, where rioting began last Thursday following the accidental deaths of two teenagers.

The latest violence broke out as Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy met in Paris with youths and officials from Clichy-sous-Bois.

An Associated Press Television news team reported confrontations between about 20 police and 40 youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets.
During the summer, it was one fire after another killing immigrants living in squalor. Since most Europeans have ceased producing large families or even any children at all, the resulting vacuum is being filled by people who have many children and are living in environmental conditions that are rapidly deteriorating due to global warming and the pressures of too many humans. The Dafur wars which the NYT and BBC are so anxious about (in odd contrast to the cold indifference shown to Palestinians or Iraqis, for example) are due to the desert being eaten to nothing by vast herds of grazing livestock vs farmers trying to eke some small crops from the dessicated lands.
fFires in Paris, AFP photos.
Like so many American inner city riots, overflowing anger bursts into the open and pitched battles rage. Of course, the increasingly childless nativist French are already very nervous about the filtration of so many "other" people and probably there will be a backlash, most likely, deportations and stricter rules for immigration. Europe is slowly sinking due to being a very comfortable civilization. This is why ancient Rome, as it declined, had fewer and fewer children and the ethnic hordes easily displaced the population. Birth control wasn't needed, indeed, the urge to not have children was very strong and remnants of this is still seen within the Catholic hierarchy which forbids the production of children to this day.

From the BBC:
At least 23 people have been shot dead in a second day of violence in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.
Hundreds of heavily armed police and troops deployed across the city as the sounds of heavy machine guns and loud explosions reverberated.

Doctors told reporters of more than 150 people coming to hospital wounded in clashes between stone-throwing opposition supporters and police.

The opposition resumed protests this week over polls they say were rigged.

They are the worst disturbances in Africa's second most populous country since protests ignited after the May elections when some 36 people died and hundreds were arrested.
Like the Chinese peasants or the peasants in Equador or so many other places, they know if they don't fight physically, they will be crushed so they risk their very lives, openly fighting the state. Sometimes they even win, driving the government out as we saw in so many places this last year, even nasty dictators have to enjoy some basic popularity or they fall.

In Indonesia and Equador, the riots were triggered by oil companies or the rise in the price of oil. Unlike the world's most bloated fuel guzzlers, Americans, in many countries, rising oil prices is very nasty and people react understandably--violently.

Here, we sit open mouthed as Congressional GOPers lecture us that it is evil to tax Exxon/Mobil's $10 billion dollar quarterly windfall. I don't see riots or buildings burning so I suppose this is all just jim dandy for us. Guess transfering all our collective wealth to them is OK with most Americans. All I know is that filling my tanks for winter this year cost a lot of money, much more than normal and I don't use it to heat, either! I cut and chop trees in my forest for that.
From the BBC again:
A riot triggered by the suspension of a train service has left more than 20 people injured in an Argentine suburb.
Passengers and masked demonstrators set fire to their train after being told it would not leave Haedo station, about 15km (nine miles) west of Buenos Aires.

Six police officers were among those injured during the five-hour rioting. More than 80 people were arrested.

The clashes come as the city prepares for the Americas summit, which will be attended by George Bush among others.
Again, rising anger and fear. Concerted action that is very violent occures. It is not accidental that this coincides with Bush's New World Order visit. He is profoundly unpopular there and with good reason. This is a man who can't tour much of America for the same reason, his popularity is dropping drastically, below 34% now. Yet no one burns buildings for gets in slugfests with the cops when he travels here. Occassionally, someone manages to yell at him like Cheney's photo op being ruined by such yelling down in hurricane alley.

But this sort of action is considered feeble and timid in most countries. Of course, I also noted over the years that American police state powers are used more ruthlessly than overseas. They shoot much quicker here and aim for the head. Throw a rock in America and the response if fatal and furious. Because of this, Americans are unlikely to take to the streets except in drunken messes like the riots in Madison, Wisconsin, this Halloween where students battled the police because of their wild party. Note that the police became quite rough quite quickly. Europeans are used to this sort of drunkeness and the police push but don't resort to shooting unlike, say, when the young lady was shot and killed in Boston over a baseball party riot! Real street battles with real rage is what happens outside the American Imperial Heartland. Distracted and fearful, we watch passively as our working conditions deteriorate, Lockheed's machinists want to strike only they can't because there is no protection if you strike, you basically get locked out or the management hires help from overseas. Ford and GM racked up terrible sales this last two months, the unions giving back like crazy and still facing destruction. The last unionized businesses are ruthlessly reducing the livelihood of their employees and no one in the working class in our empire can figure out what to do!

Well, welcome to the New World Disorders! Study others and see why they do what they do which is, to be very vocal and very loud and quite nasty indeed. The ruling class is stupid. Driving the population into this sort of Hobbesian desperation is going to bite back, hugely. If the deracinated workers of America eventually figure out they have been played for chumps, the reaction will be swift and unpleasant indeed!

Or we sit around watching others fight. On TV. If we are lucky. Of course, the commentary of the lapdogs of the media will work hard to discourage Americans from considering being loud and obnoxious about deteriorating conditions. But then, we seem to be resigned to this, aren't we?

Or not? I hope not.

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