Sunday, November 06, 2005

Spring-like Weather Creates Tornadoes, Kills Many


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This same storm is about to hit me here in upstate NY, rising wind all day and according to the lightning sites, lots of lightning in this storm. Very violent. Already has killed many people in Indiana and Kentuky. This is why I have a tornado shelter set back into the mountainside.

From Yahoo:
A tornado tore across western Kentucky and Indiana early Sunday, killing at least 22 people as it cut through a mobile home park and obliterated trailers and houses as residents slept.

The tornado, with winds of at least 158 mph, hit a horse racing track near Henderson, Ky., then jumped into Indiana around 2 a.m.

"It was just a real loud roar. It didn't seem like it lasted over 45 seconds to a minute, then it was calm again," said Steve Gaiser, who lives near the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park in Evansville.

At least 17 people were killed in the mobile home park, according to Eric Williams of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department.

More people were believed to still be trapped in the debris, and National Guard units were called in to help with search-and-recovery efforts. At least 200 people were injured during the storm.

"They were in trailer homes, homes that were just torn apart by the storm, so they're just now getting in there trying to find people," said deputy Vanderburgh county coroner Annie Groves. "It's just terrible."
This same storm front which is acting like it is spring, temperatures here in upstate NY have been in the upper sixties to mid seventies for nearly a week!----the wind outside is kicking up pretty hard, unlike last month's hurricane remnants, the trees are pretty much leafless, my forest has taken considerable damage this fall, thanks to the weather.

Lightning will be blazing here in an hour so I will make this fast: super-violent weather is a feature in global warming!

Here are the pictures of the trailer park that was destroyed. Why does America, a supposedly "rich" nation, a supposedly "first world" nation force masses of people to live in tissue-thin, tiny containers that are woefully inadequet for the climate or sheer survival? I lived for ten years in a tent and survived a tornado forming directly overhead, we did well because the tent was anchored pretty thoroughly, complete with super heavy logging chains, even, and inside, we had a tornado pit which we used more than once!
A side view of the damage. 60 trailers where completely destroyed, about 40 of them totally eliminated, not a stick left, in one spot, the scouring even took up the cement pads! The death toll is nonsense. Predicating that most everyone was sound asleep when it hit, out of the 40 totally missing trailers, if even 70% of the occupants, hard to believe, died, this would be at least 100 people!

Trailers should be outlawed, period. If they must exist, the people running these trailer parks should put in tornado basements under every trailer. Yeah, right. Mine was like Dorthy's in the Wizard of Oz: a deep dirt hole with secure cover. But not ONE trailer park in America has this! Not even a shallow ditch!

So why do we tolerate this? Is this yet another example of fatalism: they were poor so they didn't deserve to live in a properly run place?

More news: FEMA is billing Louisiana $3.5 billion, yes, billion, for their "work" in New Orleans. This is astonishing. And bizarre and note that Louisiana's Congressional delegation just voted with the Repubs to cut the social safety net even further!

This is the "American bankruptcy". We will soon understand why Bush had to flee Argentina empty handed after his head was handed to him by outraged South Americans! They know the battle isn't won by sitting at home in a trailer, waiting for Mother Nature to play nine-pins!

See you after the storm. I hope nothing bad happens to me...especially the lightning....gack.

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