Sunday, November 20, 2005

Startling Pictures Showing Bush Acting Stupid On Chinese TV

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush, in a disheveled suit, tries to go out fake doors after fake speech. When the doors refused to open, he stood there like a cow with mad cow disease, clueless. I drew his face exactly as it is in the photo. Put this man in a mental hospital, please.

From Atrios:See the entire series at Atrios. It would be funny except it is terrible. When Reagan was going obviously insane as well as selling his services to the Japanese as if he were a private citizen, he should have been put away. We are very fortunate Gorbachev was a good man. Reagan went off with him in Iceland and made a deal which was good because Gorbachev had a nice deal for him.

But he was totally senile at that point and would of or could have done anything. As it was, he let Ollie North run riot in the White House basement.

This guy is much worse. He shows all the trademarks of a brain dead drunk. His clueless features when confronted with a door that wouldn't open is a sign he is mentally incapacitated. His goofy behavior after this bizarre episode is just like a typical drunk. To laugh it all off and make a goofy, vacuuous smile. Wave the hand limply, make a lingering exit, unable to comprehend how to be dignified, acting as if he were in some comedy show.

This isn't funny. Everywhere he went, he did stupid things. Luckily for us, the Chinese want America intact right now and were very careful to keep Bush propped up and to keep a straight face when he acted like a clown. Unlike Putin who can barely hide his rage and disgust when he watches Bush blunder about. It takes all his KGB skills to pull a straight face when Bush turns to look at him but the cameras catch his frequent rages and looks that could kill.

The Chinese overlords, Hu and Wen, have totally impassive faces. They smile with the lips. They don't need to gladhand anyone, they make deals. They show courtesy and restraint and keep things moving along. They don't care if Bush is lying on the ground, drooling, so long as he signs on the dotted line.

Which he does, without question.

The diplomatic dance this week was won, hands down, 100%, by the Chinese diplomatic duo. They used all their human resources to corral and capture the Americans. They endured many insults and difficulties and still won. They got their contract by giving a contract. Tit for tat. With the status quo in their favor, ongoing.

If Bush tries to force them into concessions, they can cancel the Boeing deal. It is a great tool for them. They love it.

Meanwhile, we must demand Congress remove this idiot. I don't even want to see him arrested, I want him in a mental ward.

One Fluke Over the Coo-Coo's Nest indeed.

If finding a way out of Iraq is an immediate problem for Mr. Bush, then dealing with China's increasingly assertive tone on economic and military issues, and with Mr. Hu's quiet resistance to Washington's calls for political liberalization, is a challenge that will last far beyond his presidency.

After a day of talks that began with a 90-minute meeting inside the Great Hall of the People, Mr. Bush emerged with little progress to report beyond a $4 billion deal for 70 Boeing aircraft for China.

Even that agreement - to purchase the 737-700 and 737-800 jets as part of a larger order that Boeing officials hope will total 150 airplanes - seemed highly preliminary. One person with detailed knowledge of the negotiations said that the actual contract, including the price tag for each aircraft, was still being discussed. He declined to be identified because of the commercial sensitivity of the pending contract. That strongly suggested that the deal had been announced ahead of time to provide the White House with a concrete accomplishment during Mr. Bush's visit.

Mr. Bush appeared to be tense during much of the day. When asked about that later by a reporter, he said, "Have you ever heard of jet lag?"
Hahahaha. Gads. So, Bush got all snippy, didn't he? Now it seems all the niceties are falling apart because Bush is an idiot. Complaining about clearing out dissidents so Bush can't see them? Hahahaha. Welcome to America, Hu and Wen!

Arrest Bush. Arrest his entourage. Obviously, they are Manchurian candidates here at home. Why do they want freedom in China and can't give it a chance here? Eh?

I can't imagine Hu or Wen being snappy at anyone in public. I suppose any aid who screws up in public gets screwed over in private. Thus, the emotionless faces. I wish I were at their meetings. I remember the Chinese officials who lived with me once. They called me the White Bone Demon in Chinese. One day, I enlightened them as to my knowledge of this. And cackled like her. Hehehehe. Actually, it was an honorific to be called this. It meant they were scared of me.
American officials had set low expectations for what Mr. Bush might accomplish today beyond deepening his relationship with Mr. Hu, a man he had expected would embrace reforms more quickly than his predecessor, Jiang Zemin.

But while administration officials stressed that they felt that the two men had begun to develop a personal chemistry that made it easier to grapple with trade, currency and geopolitical problems, none of that comity was on public display.
Always the low expectations! "He is expected to walk across the room and go out the door, " they say as Bush goes the wrong way and stands clueless at a blank door. Ok. So he is expected to sit and not barf. Wow, he did it! Unassissted!

The NYT twaddle about "personal chemistry" is worthy of a Commedia del Arte skit. Geeze. They are warm and friendly only in public, they are cold and distant! Another low expectation! This is much better than Putin giving muderous looks to Bush's back!
On economic issues that are of major concern to American businesses - letting market forces set the value of the undervalued Chinese currency and protecting intellectual property from rampant piracy in China - Mr. Bush made marginal progress. He secured a public statement from Mr. Hu that he would "unswervingly press ahead" to ease a $200 billion annual trade surplus that wildly outstrips anything Mr. Bush's father faced with Japan in the late 1980's.

But Mr. Hu set no schedule for further currency moves, which are politically unpopular in China because they would make Chinese goods less competitive abroad. An American participant in the meetings in the Great Hall of the People said it was clear that "no Chinese leader was going to act immediately under the pressure" of a request from a foreign leader.
Gods, get Bush outta there now! Each hour that goes by tempts the Chinese. Putin knows how to deal with someone like Bush. The Chinese are even better at the dark arts. They invented much of the interrogation techniques that we are so fond of today! On second thought, let's leave Bush in China. Serves them right.

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