Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Troy, NY 20 Year Old Woman Blown Up in Iraq

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After passing the 2000 dead, 30,000 wounded, It is back to "normal" with Bush pretending he is giving new speeches to only select, military controlled audiences, meanwhile, the carnage rages in Iraq and the political messes grow ever worse. Thanksgiving for one local family was celebrated by rushing to Walter Reed to see they gravely wounded daughter who is at Death's door. Meanwhile, the Bush twins drink and party onwards.

From the Times Union:
Local family members of Marissa Strock, 20, of Lansingburgh, who serves with the 170th Military Police Company, 504th Military Police Battalion, 42nd Military Police Brigade, said Marissa's parents are at her bedside at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington where she is in serious condition.
Used to be, when young ladies such as she were killed or gravely wounded, the press would talk about it. This is a local story, so she is mentioned but I notice over and over again, the debate about women in combat has completely ceased on the right wing front. They really don't care who dies there, it seems.

Now that it isn't theory but real warfare, they are content to have young women die hideous, bloody deaths. It is immaterial to them, they want this war for various reasons and don't care who dies in it.

Women still have no parity in the military, it is just the Pentagon is short on cannon fodder so they don't care who they toss into the fiery furnace.
Family members confirmed that Melissa Strock, a 2003 graduate of Lansingburgh High School, was riding with two other soldiers and was the sole survivor after a bomb exploded beneath their Humvee and flipped it into a canal in Baghdad on Nov. 24. Her unit is based in Fort Lewis, Wash.

Killed were Staff Sgt. Steven Reynolds, 32, of Jordan, Onondaga County, and Pfc. Marc Delgado, 21, of Lithia, Fla.
Lansingburgh is part of Troy, NY. It is a dying industrial town, big manufacturerers clustered along the Mohawk/Hudson river since the Civil War. Now it is nearly deserted. It is understandable that a young woman out of high school would choose this career. There aren't too many others available.

From the Times Union:
President Bush, facing growing doubts about his war strategy, said Wednesday that Iraqi troops are increasingly taking the lead in battle but that "this will take time and patience."

In a speech defending his policy, Bush said that Iraqi forces have not always performed well in combat but have made substantial progress in the past year.

"As the Iraqi forces grow more capable, they are increasingly taking the lead in the fight against the terrorists," the president told a supportive audience at the U.S. Naval Academy. "Our goal is to train enough Iraqi forces so they can carry the fight against the terrorists."
Time=dead people. Each day, several Americans and a host of Iraqis perish. Since 0% Bushes or any GOP leader's children are fighting over there, the parents can take their sweet time dealing with this war. So what if yet another family has to live in travail and grief? It ain't the Bush family! Or Cheneys! The Cheney tot is running around the Middle East talking democracy while people avoid her or boo at her. Whoopee. She is surrounded by armed guards and each speech she makes ups the ante on the young women in Iraq who are exposed to actual danger.
Bush's speech did not break new ground or present a new strategy.
None of his speeches breaks anything aside from gas and the only thing they break are hearts.

The stay at home Pentagon and NPAC strategist's sole solution to this mess is "Vietnamization" which is really civilian victimization. The civil war there is now raging. There is no hope for any compromises. This is a fight to the death that will, like all such battles, spill out into the greater Muslim community as Shi'ites try to take revenge and take over the oil. Alarm that Iran is going to double in size is motivating more than one ruler in the Middle East to try to keep our troops in that hell hole as long as possible for the revolution brewing there will explode across the rest of the Middle East.

Look at Egypt's latest "elections" where the military had to openly prevent people from voting! The Muslim Brotherhood did very well in that election and they represent real political power for they can blow everything up.

From the Arabic News:
The third phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections will be carried out in nine Egyptian governorates which are al-Diqlheyah, al-Sharqeyah, Suhaj, the Red Sea, south and north of Sinai, Aswan, Kafer al-Sheikh and Dumiat.

The secretary general of the ruling national party in Egypt, Safwat al-Sharif, said that the party included in its ranks several independents so that its majority in the parliament stood at 205 of 302 seats.

The two final results of the two phases the Egyptian government announced that independent candidates got 85 seats out of which 76 seats for the Muslim Brothers while the performance of the official opposition came weak and won only 12 seats.

The Egyptian security forces arrested 200 members of the Muslim Brothers in a measure which the group said aims at undermining the opportunity to increase its share in the first phase of the elections.

The police and Muslim Brothers sources said that the acts of detention took place in al-Sharqeyah and al-Dqhelya governorates in the Egyptian Delta, Suhaj in al-Saeed (Upper Egypt) and in North Sinai. Muhammad Habib, the deputy Muslim Brothers Guide (leader) expected more acts of detention acts in the coming days, stressing that the police still have under arrest other hundreds detained in the first and second phase of the elections.
This is nearly as funny as our elections. Mubarak told Mrs. Cheney Jr that there was no way in hell he was going to have real elections. He was going to imitate her damn daddy! Wot a surprize.

Speaking of daddies from hell: Atta's dad belongs to this group. Bin Laden is part of it, the first attack on the WTC broiled out of Egypt, too. The wild fury of the Palestinians has been uncapped and now flows into the Nile Valley to mix with the natives, a toxic brew thanks to European colonialism run amock.

From the Guardian:

n mid-2002, when I first came to the region, extremist and separatist violence was limited to the grey ruins of Chechnya, crippled by two separatist wars in the 90s. But by 2003, the violence had begun to spread to neighbouring Ingushetia, then further west to the tiny town of Beslan in September last year. By the end of this year, months of violence in Dagestan, to Chechnya's east, and the Nalchik attacks in the previously dozy republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, proved conclusively that the Kremlin had failed to keep a lid on the violent radicalisation of an entire region. Moscow may blame foreign fundamentalism for infecting its southern flank, but it is clear that Europe now has its own indigenous Islamist movement with militant teeth, what one analyst close to the Putin administration has called a "Russian Hamas". Extremists within the movement advocate establishing by force an Islamist caliphate across the north Caucasus.

Last Sunday, Russia attempted to complete the political solution it has imposed on the republic by holding parliamentary elections, a final bid to convince the outside world that the conflict is ebbing rather than intensifying. Ahead of the vote, I travelled from Nalchik in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria through five other republics to see how and why Islamic radicalism began to captivate the north Caucasus.
Chechnya: this is what got Putin into power, the tool he used for his palace putsch the night of the millenium. This mess isn't dying, it is killing. Each defeat makes them stronger for the power thrown against them radicalizes everyone around them. This is the cauldron bin Laden is stirring. He understood that the only way to get the revolution rolling was to roil the waters, force America and Russia into overreacting, to force the dictators in all those Muslim countries to crush people and thus, radicalize them.

It is working. The other scheme: to destroy the economy of the great Christian empires, is the other fang on this Beast and it is the most effective. I really am angry that my future earnings will be severely clipped as we struggle to deal with the trillions in new debts all so we can see local girls get blown to smithereens for no good reason.

This farce must end or Bush should be forced to ship his daughters out to replace Marissa.

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