Wednesday, November 16, 2005

While in Japan, Bush Attacks China's Leaders

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Repeating the diplomatic disasters of his South American trip and Russian tet-a-tet, Bush uses the same hamfisted techniques on China. Can America survive another three years of this bozo bumbing about the planet?

From CNN"
In remarks released from a speech to be delivered later Wednesday in Japan, Bush urges Chinese leaders to allow more freedom in their country, including the right "to worship without state control."

"Modern Taiwan is free and democratic and prosperous. By embracing freedom at all levels, Taiwan has delivered prosperity to its people and created a free and democratic Chinese society," Bush will say according to an advance text released by the U.S. White House.

"By meeting the legitimate demands of its citizens for freedom and openness, China's leaders can help their country grow into a modern, prosperous and confident nation," Bush will say.

"In the 21st century, freedom is an Asian value because it is a universal value."
Cute, coming from the USA who is in a huge row with Europe over secret transporting of Muslims to be tortured in former Soviet state prisons! Cute, coming from the USA which just voted to suspend haebus corpus! Cute, coming from the USA which is butchering Afghanis and Iraqis in a hamfisted effort to suppress them and rule them with an iron fist! What is particularily horrible is that Bush is in Japan and he should be talking about our relations with Japan which are very bad right now as far as we are concerned.

Namely, the Prime Minister is openly worshipping war criminals WE executed. He is reviving militarism after WE defeated Japan! The slap in our faces is severe, worse that with China and the Koreas. Bush should be chiding them about this. Aw, rats. Mr. Dollar was there to shake Bush's hand and to assure him he will work hand in hand with Bernanke to launder the American dollar so the yen stays ridiculously cheap and even depressed, worth so little it earns slightly more than zero interest!----With today's inflation?

Bush did the ritual "China and Taiwan are one country," but went on to praise Taiwan where they have fist fights in their Parliment! This is yet again, an insult to China. After all, Japan and China are at odds right now and doing this sort of thing from Trade Citadel Central is guaranteed to raise hackles.

To knock China about opening their country to trade while standing in the champion of closed trade, Japan, is not puzzling when we think about who is propping up the wild spending in DC: Japan! We think the flood of IOUs are meaningless because the Japanese haven't cashed them in...Wait! They are cashing them in which is why Bush is alienating China, potentially a great market someday if we figure out how to control trade (drop dead, you free trade people!) and petting Japan, the unfreest trade nation on earth! When in Japan, Bush should be pushing relentlessly for freer trade, shouldn't he? But it not only hasn't come up, it is never mentioned by anyone on any level. As if our trade deficit of -$60 billion a year is nothing!

We have a trade deficit with Canada, too. A pretty hefty one. Bush never visits Canada because he has a personal dislike of the Canadian government which stinks because it is rotting an important relationship. Canada is virtually never mentioned in USA news, either. Weird, no?

Here is another take on this same speech: From Yahoo:

Bush's speech was an attempt to follow through on his inaugural promise to predicate U.S. relations with all nations on their treatment of their citizens — a pledge that meets its most difficult test with strategic allies such as China, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Still, the call for change in China was not as tough as some on Capitol Hill and among his conservative supporters might want, as it was accompanied by praise on several fronts.

Bush recognized that economic reforms have resulted in a better-housed, better-fed populace, and he lauded China's leadership in the effort to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons programs.

But while the president said China should allow people to worship without state control — a point he hoped to underscore by visiting an officially recognized church while in Beijing — Bush did not mention China's human rights record.

This careful dance reflects the diplomatic subtlety required with a nation that is a vast and growing market for American goods, has the world's largest standing army and is using its economic might to assert itself on the world stage.

"The Chinese are not going to like being scolded," Adam Segal, who studies China at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. "But if they are of the mind to, they can read it with a positive spin."

Indeed, the response from Beijing was muted.

"Our common points outnumber our differences," said Chinese foreign minister Li Zhaoxing.
I have seen dancing bears with more grace than Bush! Careful dance, indeed! Amazing. This blundering speech that irritates not only the Chinese but much of the world and me too, insulting all of us with balderdash about human rights even as we, the USA, are one of the major violators of human rights! Well! It is like a murderer, dripping with blood, standing on corpses, lecturing us about the need to be nice to each other and not fight.

Like in Russia, the response to obvious pokes in the eye are ignored because like Russia, the Chinese have a goal in mind and will singlemindedly pursue it. Part of this goal is to see the USA destroyed as a world power. The Japanese want to keep us afloat because, like with Saudi Arabia, a notorious religious dictatorship from hell, we are their mercenary military to be used or abused as they see fit.

How many Saudi soldiers died in Iraq? Zero? Heh.

Bush's sleepover in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto was a reward for Koizumi, an unflinching ally who supported the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq by making an unpopular decision to send noncombat troops there in January 2004.

At a joint news conference Wednesday, Koizumi was noncommittal about whether he would extend that mission, which expires next month.

The two leaders glossed over lingering problems, including Tokyo's two-year-old ban on U.S. beef imports and a recent agreement on realigning U.S. military forces in the country.

Instead, they focused on friendship. Bush called Koizumi his "buddy" and gave him a Segway standup motorized scooter as a gift.

"There is no such thing as U.S.-Japan relationship too close," said Koizumi.
Great. We are such real big friends, we can't even start to negotiate open trade, can we? We are such good buddies, we get to ask Japan for nothing, not even confirmation he will continue to support our illegal war in Iraq? Friends like these, one can go about ten inches and no further, eh? He wants to use us but won't do a thing in return except extend us endless IOUs which put us more and more into the control of Japanese finance ministers like Mr. Dollar! Great friend. Like Mafia loan sharks. We will keep the loans flowing only if we become Japan's hit man?

Bang. I see WWIII developing out of all of this.

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